OutOfMemoryError on IntermediateFormatTestSuite

2009-10-16 Thread DELCROIX Guillaume
Hi, I've got an OutOfMemoryError running IntermediateFormatTestSuite on the FOP trunk ( Rev ID : 825646 ) junit-intermediate-format: [echo] Running intermediate format tests... [junit] Testsuite: org.apache.fop.intermediate.IntermediateFormatTestSuite [junit] Exception in thread

RE: OutOfMemoryError on IntermediateFormatTestSuite

2009-10-22 Thread DELCROIX Guillaume
never seen that exception before. My question remains open: what JVM are you using? Something is still not right. On 22.10.2009 14:39:38 DELCROIX Guillaume wrote: It works ! Thanks Jeremias. Now I've got a SAXParserException : [junit] Testcase: filename.xml