FOP Paid Support

2020-02-18 Thread Moser,Nicholas
Hello all, I'm interested in using FOP but was curious if any developers or companies provide commercial support for it. Please feel free to email me if you are interested or can recommend someone to contact about this. Thanks CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE This message and any included attachments

Forced Line Breaking

2020-06-12 Thread Moser,Nicholas
Hello all, I have a question about line breaking. I'm working in an environment where text going off the page should be avoided at all costs. Even when using hyphenation in FOP, it seems like some strings (e.g. only numbers) cannot be broken and therefore can go off the page[1]. This seems

RE: Forced Line Breaking

2020-07-20 Thread Moser,Nicholas
? I think in the past this approach was not favoured as strict adherence to the spec was preferred. However, I know you are not alone in not liking this behaviour, so others may benefit from such an improvement Thanks, Chris On 12/06/2020 22:41, Moser,Nicholas wrote: > Hello all, > > I ha