Re: Custom TT Fonts not embedded gives garbage

2003-07-30 Thread Ralf Steppacher
Thanks a lot for your help!
I will embedd the font for now.
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Re: Custom TT Fonts not embedded gives garbage

2003-07-28 Thread Ralf Steppacher
In the meantime, if you like, try cutting some of the jumbled text
from your PDF and pasting it into another application. Is the
underlying text 1) correct, 2) the same as appears in the PDF, or 3)
something else?
The last one is true. If I copy and paste to an other application I get 
only blanks. I can not mark all text in the PDF though. Text on the 
right side of the page seems to be unaccessible.

I generated the metrics file by copying and pasting the command line on 
the FOP font page. I did not get an error message or something 
indicating that the metric file generation process encountered a problem.

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Custom TT Fonts not embedded gives garbage

2003-07-28 Thread Ralf Steppacher
-enc ansi
 With this option you create a WinAnsi encoded font.
 The default is to create a CID keyed font.
 If you're not going to use characters outside the
 pdfencoding range (almost the same as iso-8889-1)
 you can add this option.
The problem is that I need Japanese and Czech glyphs.
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Custom TT Fonts not embedded gives garbage

2003-07-25 Thread Ralf Steppacher
Hello list,
I have a problem using custom true type fonts that I do not want to 
embed into a PDF file. If I do not embed the font acroread displays only 
garbage. The font is standard Arial and is definitively installed, the 
metric file was generated on the very same machine that is used to 
create and display the PDF file.

I searched the archive and found a posting from about a year ago that 
says that not embedding TTFs is not an option. Is this still true or am 
I doing something wrong?

I use FOP version 0.20.5.
Many thanks in advance
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Re: Custom TT Fonts not embedded gives garbage

2003-07-25 Thread Ralf Steppacher
Please be more specific about garbage. Are you getting all #
characters? Are ASCII characters working and nothing else, or is
nothing coming through correctly? Can you see any patterns (like an
a always comes out as a w)?
In my case I get random characters. E.g. where it should say Report 
Konzern Lieferantendatenbank I get 5  H SRUW  . RQ] HU Q / L  HI   H 
U  D  Q W and so on. I do not see a pattern. If there were a pattern it 
would be hard to recognize because of the many spaces in the output.
The type face is correct (Arial).

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Re: How to Center a text in a table cell?

2002-06-28 Thread Ralf Steppacher
 I don't know how I
can center a text verticaly in a cell table.
fo:table-cell display-align=center text-align=center

Re: Generating an Index or Table of Contents

2002-06-27 Thread Ralf Steppacher
Hello Paul.
 Does anyone have any ideas on how one might generate an index at the
 back of a document based on entries contained within the pages of the
 document. These index entries would need to know the page number of
 source of the entry.
Have a look at fo:page-number-citation.
You need all content that should be referenced in your index to have an 
attribute with a unique value. Write a template that matches that 
attribute, gets the value of the element as entry for your index and use 
fo:page-number-citation to obtain the page number.


Re: vertical fo:leader problem

2002-06-25 Thread Ralf Steppacher
 Could some one help me??? I am trying to get the vertical lines...
 fo:leader. when i use the fo:leader it always gives me a horizontal
 line. Anyone has got any clue???
Try to specify a leader-pattern:
fo:leader leader-length=100% leader-pattern=dots/

Re: Hyphenation

2002-06-21 Thread Ralf Steppacher
Is there a way to enforce TeX's behavior?
Not prepackaged. You are invited to hack around in the files
in layout/hyphenation.
OK, I did:
It is all in I altered the 
hyphenation strategie as follows:
If there is a hyphen in a word and the character data before the hyphen 
will fit into the current line, hyphenation will be done at the existing 
hyphen and nowhere else in the word.
If there is a hyphen but not enough space left do not hyphenate at all 
except for the case when this word is the first in a line (-the 
column/cell is not wide enough to hold the word in one piece).
In the latter case fall back to the standard hyphenation strategie.

There is also a bug (I think) in LineArea:
If the word to be hyphenated is the first in a line an additional space 
is put in front of it.
I tried to solve it by not assigning a 'space' as a spacer but a zero 
width space (\u200B) in this case. But I still end up with a visible 
space in the PDF document.

I will post my as soon as I have it cleaned up a bit. :-)

Re: FOP build fails

2002-06-21 Thread Ralf Steppacher
I try to build FOP 0.20.3 via the build.bat script on win2k, 
jdk1.4.0_01 but the the build fails because some xml files can not be 
This *should* be fixed with Fop 0.20.4rc
(I would be happy if you could test it)
Yes it is. But acutal compilation fails with
[javac] Compiling 717 source files to 
[javac] Note: has been deprecated.
src\org\apache\fop\svg\ nested class 
PDFGraphics2D. PDFGraphicsConfiguration is an abstract class. It can't 
be instan
[javac] return new PDFGraphicsConfiguration();
src\org\apache\fop\svg\ nested class 
PDFGraphics2D. PDFGraphicsConfiguration must be declared abstract. It 
does not d
efine java.awt.image.VolatileImage createCompatibleVolatileImage(int, 
int) from
class java.awt.GraphicsConfiguration.
[javac] static class PDFGraphicsConfiguration extends 
ion {
[javac]  ^
[javac] 2 errors, 1 warning


FOP build fails

2002-06-20 Thread Ralf Steppacher
I try to build FOP 0.20.3 via the build.bat script on win2k, jdk1.4.0_01 
but the the build fails because some xml files can not be found.

javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: 
vetica-Oblique.xml not found.

The file uri is incorrect but I can not find where this broken path is 
generated in build.xml.
Everytime I build again the error moves on to the next font and 
linenumbers where the error occurs in build.xml change.



2002-06-19 Thread Ralf Steppacher
Hi everybody.
Is FOP supposed to behave the same as (La)TeX does when evaluating the 
hyphenation patterns?

The problem I have is with words already containing a hyphen character. 
Such words are hyphenated in TeX at no other position. For example 
'Leinfelden-Echterdingen', 'Leinfelden--Echterdingen' and 'Leinfelden 
Echterdingen' are hyphenated: Leinfelden-Echterdingen; 
Leinfelden--Echterdingen; Lein-fel-den Ech-ter-din-gen.

FOP seems to ignore the hyphen in 'Leinfelden-Echterdingen' and 
hyphenates like 'Leinfelden-Echter-dingen', for example.

Is there a way to enforce TeX's behavior?
Ralf Steppacher

Re: page-number-citation and break-before

2002-06-14 Thread Ralf Steppacher
I encountered a problem using a break-before=page in a block that is 
referenced by a page-number-citation in my TOC.
This is a bug. Use
 fo:block break-before=page/
 fo:block id=...
as a workaround.
Thanks! That works fine.

(bonus points for describing what mechanisms are broken
by this approach)
I am sorry, but could you elaborate in that? My English is not that good 
... :-(

Thanks for your help.

page-number-citation and break-before

2002-06-13 Thread Ralf Steppacher
Hi all.
I encountered a problem using a break-before=page in a block that is 
referenced by a page-number-citation in my TOC.
My document contains several chapters and inside every block element 
containing a Headline I set the break-before=page attribute. These 
blocks are referenced by a page-number-citation and everything works 
fine but for the last chapter where no no page number shows up in my TOC.
If I leave out the break-before or use a break-after=page in the last 
block of the last but one chapter the page-number is present.

Is this a bug or are there some deeper reasons why the page number can 
not be calculated in the case of the last page enforced by a break-before?

Thanks in advance.
Ralf Steppacher

Re: wrong namespace??

2002-05-31 Thread Ralf Steppacher
So looking at what you just said this
xsl:stylesheet version=1.0
should be right..

But i´m still getting the same error..
any ideas?
No, sorry. Perhaps someone else?
Could you post your stylesheet?
- Original Message -
From: Ralf Steppacher [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2002 4:46 AM
Subject: Re: wrong namespace??

xsl:stylesheet version=1.0

 xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl=;
 xmlns:fo=; version=1.0

 wich one is right?...
If you write a stylesheet that contains formatting objects you have to
include both the Transform and Format namespace.
 i seem to get the error anyway with both namespaces... =(
The version attribute has nothing to do with namespace declarations.
The version attribute is the only mandatory attribute of the stylesheet
element. Be sure there are no typos.

Re: wrong namespace??

2002-05-31 Thread Ralf Steppacher
I´ve copied your xsl and tried doing a transformation...
unfortunately i´m still getting the same error...
Have you tried to do the transformation on the command line?
How does the code you use look like?

Re: Image source

2002-05-28 Thread Ralf Steppacher
i would like to know is how can i tell xsl that i want an image whose 
name is in a xml tag? For example:
in the xml...
in the xsl...
fo:external-graphic src=(here should go the name of the 
image above/
You could do something like:
xsl:template match=img
xsl:attribute name=src
xsl:value-of select=./name/

Re: Border a row?

2002-05-15 Thread Ralf Steppacher
I'm trying to border a row in a table by using following properties :
fo:table-row border-color=silver border-width=0.5mm
But, It doesn't work ? What I miss?
Did you set border-collapse=collapse or 
border-collapse=collapse-with-precedence for your table? If you have 
not, border properties can not be applied to table-rows and you have to 
generate your border on the cell level.

See the specification at
Only the background properties from this set apply. If the value of 
border-collapse is collapse or collapse-with-precedence for the 
table the border properties also apply.


Re: page-masters for different 1st page

2002-05-14 Thread Ralf Steppacher
From what I can gleam from the examples all this allows me to do is have
different margins for the first page.  My first page needs to have different
content in the region-after only for the first page.
Is there a way of doing this?
You are nearly there... You can name your region-after within the two 
simple-page-masters differently and assign different content to them.

fo:simple-page-master page-height=297mm page-width=210mm
margin-top=40mm margin-bottom=10mm
margin-left=25mm margin-right=25mm
fo:region-body margin-top=40mm margin-bottom=45mm/
fo:region-after extent=40mm display-align=after
fo:simple-page-master page-height=297mm page-width=210mm
margin-top=25mm margin-bottom=10mm
margin-left=25mm margin-right=25mm
fo:region-body margin-top=30mm margin-bottom=25mm/
fo:region-after extent=20mm display-align=after
fo:page-sequence-master master-name=PageMasterOne
fo:page-sequence master-reference=PageMasterOne
!-- Static content for page 1 --
fo:static-content flow-name=footerTOC1
fo:blockContent of footer for first page./fo:block
fo:static-content flow-name=footerTOC2
fo:blockContent of footer for all other pages./fo:block
!-- Content for page sequence. --
fo:flow flow-name=xsl-region-body
fo:blockContent of the page sequence./fo:block

Re: Attribute's effect in nested fo:inline

2002-05-14 Thread Ralf Steppacher
I am using FOP 0.20.2. I am having a problem while
applying 'text-decoration' and 'vertical-align'
attributes to a nested fo:inline. I have some text
content in the inner fo:inline where the effect of the
above attributes is not being seen, when they are
specified in the outer fo:inline. If content is in the
fo:inline where the attributes are specified, things
are working fine.
The XSL spec says that both text-decoration and vertical-align are not 
inherited (
So FOP just sticks to the rules...


Re: what are the other third party softwares needed ?

2002-05-10 Thread Ralf Steppacher
Yes, this list would not be half that usefull without his contributions.
Peter B. West wrote:



 P.S: A special thanks to J.Pietschmann for all his time and help
 with various topics.

Re: Basic-link problem in JSPs

2002-05-07 Thread Ralf Steppacher
First of all: Thank you very much for your help!
 fo:basic-link internal-destination=addressListHeading
 fo:page-number-citation color=blue ref-id=addressListHeading/

 This is the real problem. You probably noticed that the link area is
 not the whole page number, in particular with multiple digit page
Yes, that is right. I will follow your advise and use the headline text 
as link area.

 Your style sheet appear to be a bit more convoluted than usual. Some
 other hints:

 xsl:template match=address_list/row/* mode=address_list
 xsl:choose  xsl:when test=local-name()='ZIP_CODE_CITY'
 xsl:call-template name=plzOrtRow

 If this comes directly from your original style sheet, you should
 better use matching precise templates instead of piping everything
 into a match-all and then use a choose in it.
Is this just a matter of style or do exact templates perform better?
 There is not all that much value in abstracting
 really low-level stuff like table cell generation.
Hm, I generate quite a lot of cells (the document contains only tables) 
and thought that a template for generating cells would reduce filesize 
and improve readability of the stylesheet.

Thanks for your hints!!!

Re: Blank pages

2002-05-04 Thread Ralf Steppacher
I wasn't precise enough in my first posting. Next try...
 I wonder how I can procude legal empty pages (and then suppress

 Forced blank pages are mainly created by page count constraints, for
 example a break-before=odd-page will insert a page break [..].
My empty page results from missing content in the source XML file if the 
user does not select at least one topic on the web page to be rendered 
as pdf.
The cover sheet with (an empty) TOC is generated OK by the stylesheet. 
Now the main content should be selected and put into the flow of a 
second page master:

  fo:page-sequence-master master-name=PageMasterTwo
fo:page-sequence master-reference=PageMasterTwo
  ... static content ...
  fo:flow flow-name=xsl-region-body
xsl:apply-templates select=company_info/
xsl:apply-templates select=address_list/
... other templates ...
The problem arises if there are no nodes company_info, address_list, 
etc.: The FO produced is an empty flow.
fo:flow flow-name=xsl-region-body/

I thought this would result in an empty page and my page master with 
condition blank would be selected.
Instead I get the error message from FOP (see my first posting). I 
played a bit with the fo and got the results stated in my first posting.

Thanks again!

Re: Problem after generating PDF

2002-05-03 Thread Ralf Steppacher
  Driver driver = new Driver();
  InputHandler inputHandler = new XSLTInputHandler(xmlFile, xslFile);
  XMLReader parser = inputHandler.getParser();
/ changes start here /
FileOutputStream fos = FileOutputStream( outFile );
driver.setOutputStream( fos );
  driver.render(parser, inputHandler.getInputSource());
/ changes end here /
Is that what you need?

Re: Basic-link problem in JSPs

2002-05-02 Thread Ralf Steppacher
The problem: When I generate the PDF with the JSP my fo:basic-links 
don't make it into the PDF. If I dump the FO DOM tree to a file and 
use fop from the commandline the links are present in the PDF.
Are you, by any chance, using disable-output-escaping somewhere?
Yes, but somewhere else in the stylesheet producing the fo document.
Behaviour does not change if I comment out the two lines (that do not 
work with embedded fop either).


Re: Spaces and precedence

2002-04-26 Thread Ralf Steppacher
Here is the (pruned) FO I get as an result of my xsl transformation.
What I wanted to do was suppress additional space between two headlines 
that directly follow each other.

fo:flow flow-name=xsl-region-body
!-- preceeding blocks --
!-- block one --
fo:block break-before=page id=h1_6 space-before=50pt
 space-after=20pt space-after.precedence=1
!-- block two --
fo:block space-before.minimum=0pt space-before.precedence=2
 id=h2_1 space-after=20pt space-before=50pt
7.1 Einzelplatzscanner
!-- succeeding blocks --
Block one := A
Block two := B
My understanding of the spec:
A and B are stackable areas, have no borders or padding and are not 
reference-areas (block-progression-direction inherited from parent, no 
indents specified).

A and B have a block stacking constraint S according to rule 3a. in 
chapter 4.2.5

Space Resolution:
S1 := space-after=20pt precedence=1
S2 := space-before=50pt precedence=2
S'' := S1 and S2
In this case: S' == S'' because S'' does not contain line-area traits.
The resolved space-specifier S would suppress S1 because it has a lower 
precedence than S2 (point 3 in 4.3.1).

Do I get that right? FOP would not suppress anything and just add all 


Re: multiple page table

2002-04-24 Thread Ralf Steppacher
 I have a table that spans several pages in my document. I want to
 have the table header repeated on every page that the table spans.
 How is it done?
Use a fo:table-header.

Spaces and precedence

2002-04-17 Thread Ralf Steppacher
Hi all.
I have a short question about spaces and precedences:
What I want is to suppress additional space if one headline directly 
follows another.

To achieve this I wrote the template with FOs below but it does not work 
(I played a bit with attributes and values and could not find any other 
working solution using precendences). Could anybody please tell me 
whether my FO is wrong or this is a limitation of FOP?

Thank you in advance!
PS.: I know that I might just leave out the space-after of the top level 
headline. :-)

xsl:template match=products
fo:block font-family=serif font-style=normal font-weight=bold
font-size=16pt space-before=50pt space-after=20pt
space-after.precedence=0 space-after.minimum=0pt
xsl:number count=//[EMAIL PROTECTED] format=1./
xsl:value-of select=./prolog/title/
xsl:for-each select=./product
fo:block font-family=serif font-style=normal
font-weight=bold font-size=12pt
space-before=30pt space-after=20pt id=[EMAIL PROTECTED]
xsl:number count=//[EMAIL PROTECTED] level=multiple
format=1.1. /
xsl:value-of select=./prolog/title/
xsl:apply-templates select=product_info/
!-- etc. ... --