VS: FOP and DOM Success

2002-01-21 Thread Teemu . Talja
Thank you, I think this code really is useful! I really have reported a bu to bugzilla about the DOM input. the bug number is 5075. Should someone add this code there too as it really has to do with the reported problem? -Teemu -Alkuperäinen viesti- Lähettäjä:Lakshmi

RE: FOP and DOM Success

2002-01-21 Thread Solange Desseignes
Thank you for this example !!! But how can I add an userconfig file in the transformation ??? -Message d'origine- De : Lakshmi Anantharaman [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Envoyé : vendredi 18 janvier 2002 21:26 À : Fop-User (E-mail) Objet : FOP and DOM Success I tried for long and with the

AW: AW: FO: German Word Separation?

2002-01-21 Thread Skladov, Victor
Hi Marc! Thanx, I've found them. They stand in WEB-INF/lib/fop-0_20_1-dev.jar. Thanks for your help!!! Regards, Viktor -Ursprungliche Nachricht- Von: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Gesendet: Freitag, 18. Januar 2002 16:52 An: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Betreff: Re: AW: FO: German

RE: FOP and DOM Success

2002-01-21 Thread Lakshmi Anantharaman
HI Solange , I do not know much about the userconfig file . I understood it as a way to specify additional command line options . I think changing the userconfig file and building the FOP should be enough . Please looks at Options class in org.apache.fop.apps.Options for more details !