UTF-16 NOT supported

2002-04-26 Thread Matthew Huggett
Hi, Yesterday I posted a questionregarding Fop not recognizing the root node of my FO doc. The problem was with the encoding. So, if anyone is using the MSXML 4parser, rememberit encodes UTF-16 by default.

Re: Absolute positioning

2002-04-30 Thread Matthew Huggett
Hi Ricardo: Regarding references for FO elements and attributes. I guess you have already checked the W3C recommendation? The pdf version has an easy bookmark to a FO properties summary. If you check the xml cover pages site http://xml.coverpages.org/ there might be something else. I know

Anything for a non-programmer to do?

2002-05-01 Thread Matthew Huggett
Hi: Is there anything that a non-programmer can do to help the FOP project? I'm a technical writer. Is there anything involving documentation that needs to be done? Matthew