Re: Embed image from database, not from file

2021-03-26 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi, yes you can use data URI to avoid saving it to a file Thanks, Chris On 26/03/2021 13:45, Markus Ruggiero wrote: Folks, I have image data stored in a database, not as a file. It is JPEG data in Base64 encoding. My understanding is that with fo.external-graphic I can only use a proper

Re: TTF->AFP Font | Looking for IBM Type Transformer for Windows

2021-03-16 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi, This utility is provided when you buy an IBM AFP Printer. I have it but it would be a copy right infringement to share it Also, you don't need to do this if the printer supports TTF Fonts as FOP supports TTF fonts in AFP Thanks, Chris On 26/02/2021 13:04, Tino maier wrote: Hi

Re: Using Various Fonts to Achieve Multiple Languages Sometimes Results in Errors

2021-03-16 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi, You shouldn't be seeing that error. If you can share the fonts you configured then please log a bug with XSL-FO attached with fonts and fop.xconf file Thanks, Chris On 16/02/2021 15:43, Martin Furek wrote: I think I didn't explain myself well. I need to support multiple languages with

Re: Visual Debugging using borders or background colors

2021-01-11 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi, Background colours are a more effective way of identifying which part of a document comes from which Formatting object. As you already mentioned using border is less effective as it alters the layout of the objects as borders themselves require space in the document Thanks, Chris On

Re: Does conditionality work for table cell borders?

2020-12-09 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Christian, The borders are actually specified on the table cells, not the table itself. Therefore conditionality only comes into effect when a cell spans the page. Thanks, Chris On 11/11/2020 11:33, Christian Schröder wrote: Hi list, When a table is continued across page breaks, I

Re: FOP Retrieve-Marker

2020-12-09 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Jean-Pierre, Your code snippet is XSLT not XSL-FO, and also incomplete so hard to say why its not working Thanks, Chris On 07/11/2020 12:07, Jean-Pierre Lamon wrote: Hi all, I would like to display a chapter value on each page header (in one language

Re: Repeating Table Captions Across Pages

2020-11-03 Thread Chris Bowditch
Sorry for slow reply, but yes table markers do work and no need for the workarounds you found; they have been superceded The reason for a partial implementation status is that they can only handle a single line of text. Showing (continued) or sub totals will work perfectly. What you can't do

Re: TM text is replaced with superscript - trademark symbol

2020-04-21 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi, Seems like the result of a lookup table in your font similar to ligatures, which convert groups of characters into other characters. Especially since you mention the issue is specific to the font. You can try turning off complex script support if you don't need it, as outlined at [1]

Re: build error in fop-trunk

2020-03-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi, Can you share the errors you are seeing? Also don't forget FOP supports older Java versions so might need to build with Java 7 Thanks Chris On 10/03/2020 19:31, wrote: Hi, I just cloned from git repository with: git clone

Re: Joining the forum

2020-03-02 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Keshor, See [1] for details on how to join the mailing list. Thanks, Chris [1] On 02/03/2020 11:52, keshor karan wrote: Hii, this is keshor.I'm one of the fop users. I'm trying to learn more about fop. I'm willing to join the fop forum.

Re: Surrogate pair error

2020-03-02 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Jan, Indeed this should work since FOP 2.3 thanks to FOP-1969. I suggest you log a new bug if you are able to share your XSL-FO and supporting Font files. Thanks, Chris On 24/02/2020 14:05, Jan Driesen wrote: Hi, If we set the MPH 2b Damas font

Re: Fwd: fo:float not rendering image fop2.4

2020-02-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
engine which renders the float effectively. Regards Alex _ On Thu, 13 Feb 2020 at 15:18, Chris Bowditch>> wrote: Sorry please ignore my first e-mail, I spotted the attachment too late! I b

Re: Fwd: fo:float not rendering image fop2.4

2020-02-13 Thread Chris Bowditch
Sorry please ignore my first e-mail, I spotted the attachment too late! I believe the fo:float needs to be a top level block, and not nested deep within a table Thanks, Chris On 11/02/2020 08:33, Alex Muir wrote: Greetings, I'm having an issue where my images are not displayed within an

Re: Fwd: fo:float not rendering image fop2.4

2020-02-13 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi, Can you share your XSL-FO file? Thanks, Chris On 11/02/2020 08:33, Alex Muir wrote: Greetings, I'm having an issue where my images are not displayed within an fo:float using apache fop 2.4 with dita-ot 2.0.1 I created some test output. I was wondering if you see anything wrong with

Re: Fonts in the class path makes fonts listing fail

2016-06-20 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Maxime, You can file a bug using JIRA, see: Thanks, Chris On 17/06/2016 08:24, Maxime Bégnis wrote: Hello, Is there a way for me to file a bug report about this? BR, -- *NeoDoc* *Maxime Bégnis* Tél: +33 (0) 789

Re: ImageInputStream issue when using

2016-05-24 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Michael, Can you generate the XSL-FO File? i.e. the result of the XSLT transform? If you then call FOP from the command line instead of via your embedded program do you see the issue? Can you also elaborate what you mean by "occasionally" is that 1 in 100, 1 in 10? Thanks, Chris On

Re: Is there a way to remove "INFO org.apache.fop.apps.FOUserAgent - Rendered page XXX" logs ?

2016-04-29 Thread Chris Bowditch
You should be able to configure Commons logger to only output Warnings and higher and ignore INFO messages Chris On 28/04/2016 15:02, Julien Lancelot wrote: Hi, I'm using FOP 2.1, and when I generate a PDF, I can see the following logs in my console : 15:52:59.057 INFO

Re: Showing images in PDF embeded in a web app.

2016-03-29 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Sunrita, I note you've not yet received a reply to your questions. Please can you supply the FO File together with the errors observed as I'm not sure I follow the question about the image URL. Also can you paste the actual warning messages you get so we can advise you precisely as to

Re: font-base is ignored in 2.1

2016-03-21 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Adam, I believe FOP Base was intentionally removed when FOP IO was reworked in the v2.0 release. Which version are you upgrading from? I seem to recall the developers couldn't think of a use case where Font Base would need to differ from wildly from Base, and so Font Base was

Re: table-header question

2016-01-21 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi, There is no identical extension to RenderX. However, FOP 2.x supports table markers, which are more powerful. Simply set the marker in the first row to blank, and subsequent rows to the value you want to show in the 2nd page onwards. Then retrieve the first marker in each page. Thanks,

Re: alternate text extension not working in FOP version 2.0

2015-10-20 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Eva, If it works with -a option then this suggests the config file isn't being recognized. You need to specify -c option at command line to use a config file. Thanks, Chris On 19/10/2015 20:43, Eva wrote: Hi Chris, >From FOP's website, it mentions there are 3 ways to turn on

Re: alternate text extension not working in FOP version 2.0

2015-10-19 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Eva, Did you enable accessibility in the fop.xconf, via the tags: true Thanks Chris On 14/10/2015 15:24, Eva wrote: Hi Chris, I've simplify the original XSL with only one image for testing purpose and still found alt-text not showing when running a full check on accessibility.

Re: alternate text extension not working in FOP version 2.0

2015-10-06 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Eva, I've not seen this problem before. fox:alt-text works fine for me and passes acrobat preflight. Can you share your complete XSL-FO File? Thanks, Chris On 24/09/2015 14:48, Eva Chang wrote: Hi, Trying to use xsl-fo to generate a pdf for accessibility compliance. Need to add

Re: Apache FOP 0.95

2015-09-28 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Nikos, FOP is a Java application so it doesn't care which windows version you are using. x86 or x64 should be fine. Also, there are no known security issues. Thanks, Chris On 17/09/2015 11:52, Papaiakos, Nikos (Nokia - GR/Athens) wrote: Hello, I know that this version is rather old,

Re: fop-pdf-images upgrade in line with FOP 2.0

2015-08-17 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Mark, Sadly not. The trunk version of fop-pdf-images depends on PDFBox v2.0.0, and since PDFBox are not releasing v2, it makes it necessary to use a snapshot version. An official Apache release is not supposed to depend on a snapshot version. So we are waiting for PDFBox to release, and

Re: [FOP] Watermark does not overlay over text

2015-07-01 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Puja, Put the block-container into the body region after the text to overlay. FOP renders block-container's in the order it encounters them in the XXSL-FO. region-* are always rendered before the body, so the body contents will always overlay any block-containers placed in region-*

Re: AW: Missing glyph error, but font contains glyph

2015-06-26 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Daniel, The built in Times Font is embedded within the PDF Viewer. You can't adjust it. All you can do is tell FOP to use a different Font to render your XSL-FO. This is done via your fop.xconf file. If you believe you've done that already, then can you post your fop.xconf file here for

Re: FOP2.0 taking more time format complex script documents

2015-06-24 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Sripathi, Not much we can do to help without at least the following: 1. XSL-FO file. Please attach your file. Please don't send XSLT/XML 2. fop.xconf. Please send the configuration file you are using. 3. The version of Java and Operating System you are using. Thanks, Chris On 24/06/2015

Re: floats

2015-06-11 Thread Chris Bowditch
XSL 1.1 is finalized. There was a draft v2.0 XSL specification written but then the working group shutdown due to lack of interest. Its not up to the FOP community whether something is in or out of the XSL specification. All we can say is that this feature doesn't exist in the current

Re: FOP 1.1 to 2.0 Migration Guidance?!?

2015-06-11 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Jesse, The only difficult part of that code is the Font Base URL. Do you really need a font base URI that's different from the global base URI? Assuming you can just set Base URL instead, there is a sample on the embedding page that's quite similar to below, i.e.

Re: PostScript trays for printer Xerox 7835

2015-02-10 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Christian, Thanks for pointing this out. Can you log a JIRA entry for this issue? It sounds like the original author of the ps:set-pagedevice extension assumed the variable would always be the 2nd operand, but that is not a fair assumption with Postscript. Make sure you include a sample FO

Re: Encoding problem with one specific letter and postscript

2014-10-27 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Lembit, Sorry for slow reply, I've been on holiday. You really need to add optimize-resourcestrue/optimize-resources element to your fop.xconf file in the Postscript Renderer section. Without that FOP can't accurately judge which characters can be subset or not. Adding encoding-mode

Re: FOP: unable to locate servlet-api

2014-08-21 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi, Are you running FOP from the command line? If so, then you shouldn't need the servlet. That's just for testing FOP from a web application. It would be helpful for us to understand the issue if you could provide the full console output rather than just the error line. Thanks, Chris On

Re: Loading fonts problem

2014-08-07 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Martin, There is no way to fully embed the font in FOP 0.95. If upgrading is not possible, It may be you can avoid the preflight error another way, e.g. by using a different Font. The error says that a CID subset is incomplete. Since you have to use a subset in 0.95, you could try to use

Re: Loading fonts problem

2014-08-04 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Martin, The preflight warning occurs because the font is only subset, instead of fully embedded. In later FOP versions you can specify embedding-mode=full attribute on the font configuration, but that's not available in FOP v0.95. Thanks, Chris On 04/08/2014 16:55, MartinKl wrote:

Re: FOP 0.94 showing Error with opening URL...Connection Reset and - Image Not Available

2014-07-07 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Terence, Sorry for slow reply. Just spotted your e-mail. The issue sounds like this one discussed in 2008; If it is the same issue, then the solution is to add the following system property to the JVM:

Re: replace commons logging with slf4j

2014-05-21 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Jason, Understood, but there have many other logging frameworks that supposedly offered the same thing. Commons Logging for example can handle JDK logging and log4j. S:F4J is newer than commons-logging, but other than that I see no compelling reason to move to it. Before changing the

Re: replace commons logging with slf4j

2014-05-10 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Jason, What's the motivation for doing so? I had a quick glance at the slf4j website and it just looks like yet another logging framework. What problem does it solve, and what benefits does it have over commons logging? Thanks, Chris On 24/04/2014 01:10, Jason Harrop wrote: Any chance

Re: My xslt file does not work with a Servlet but it works with a Java Application, Why?

2014-04-08 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi, To help you we need more information; 1. FOP version 2. XSL-FO File, which is the real FOP input. XSLT file is no use on its own. 3. Example of good versus bad output Thanks Chris On 07/04/2014 21:26, edi4988 wrote: Hi. I have a Web Application and I have my xslt file and xml file. I

Re: Funding for Float support in FOP?

2014-02-13 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Aaron, Implementation of fo:float is one of the most trickest algorithms within the XSL-FO specification. Vincent H worked on a prototype layout engine that could accomodate fo:floats in 2008, but after 12 months we had to abandon it as it was still some distance from being finished. Thats

Re: Rendering issue in image output when setting BufferedImage.TYPE_BYTE_BINARY

2014-01-16 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Frank, The problem is caused by lack of support for dithering when converting to B+W output. This is mentioned in the documentation at [1] Thanks, Chris [1] On 15/01/2014 18:10, Frank B wrote: I'm creating a barcode using

Re: Floating an image (block right and wrap text)?

2014-01-06 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi David, Thanks for pointing this out. I've logged a bug to capture this as I agree its a poor show to put an example on the homepage that can't be achieved by FOP: In future, please report such issues on the FOP User Mailing list rather

Re: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.fontbox.cff.CFFFont.getGIDMappings()Ljava/util/ArrayList;

2013-11-19 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Gonzalo, It is our intension to update the dependency on fontbox to be a specific version. In order to do that we need to wait for a release of fontbox containing the changes necessary to support OTF CFF Fonts to be released. Until then we must rely on snapshot releases. Thanks, Chris

PDF Controls was (Re: Floating an image (block right and wrap text)?)

2013-11-15 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Jennilee, Unfortunately the XSL-FO specification does not provide for injecting PDF specific items such as AcroForms or XFA into the generated PDF. Apache FOP doesn't have an extension for it either. Thanks, Chris On 05/11/2013 04:24, Adams, Jennilee JC wrote: Good day, Do you

Re: Floating an image (block right and wrap text)?

2013-11-15 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Jeff, The XSL-FO Working sub group categorized XSL-FO features into basic, extended and complete. This is not something the FOP developers decided. Image support is indeed a basic feature, no one is disputing that, and inserting an image is possible today. Flowing text around an image is

Re: Getting a list of font names without the memory hit...‏

2013-08-01 Thread Chris Bowditch
The auto-detect feature creates the font cache, to save time on sunsequent calls to FOP, you can disable the cache using the setting: use-cachefalse/use-cache in your fop.xconf. I suspect the reason for the high memory consumption is your use of auto-detect feature. Though I've not replicated

Re: RTF - Only simple-page-masters are supported on page-sequences

2013-06-26 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi, Thanks for the sample FO File. Since it appears to be a bug can you log a bug in JIRA and attach the test FO File there. Otherwise this issue may get forgotten. Thank you! Chris On 23/06/2013 00:27, Bonekrusher wrote: Hi Robert, Below is a small repo. Thanks for looking into this.

Re: FOP 1.0 Wrap text in table cell

2013-06-03 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi, This is an FAQ, see: Thanks, Chris On 28/05/2013 16:48, anotherguy wrote: Hi all, I already tried wrap-option=wrap,keep-together.within-column=always but still can't put the text wrapping in the table cell. anyone know what to

Re: Doubling result when sorting in FOP not in XSL

2013-05-22 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Jean-Pierre, On 22/05/2013 09:04, Jean-Pierre Lamon wrote: Hi all, It's the first time I'm posting here and I'm newbie in both XSL and FOP. So, sorry for the horrors you'll find in my code :-) I just would like to congratulate all the developers and contributors of FOP, it's an amazing and

Re: FO to PDF conversion failing for the new Turkish Lira Symbol.

2013-05-14 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Ashok, Can you let us know which version of FOP you are using? Would you also be able to send us the full FO File? Can you confirm the font you are using is the one at [1]? If not, send us the correct URL so we can replicate this issue. Thanks, Chris [1]

Re: Use of Type1 fonts without metrics information

2013-04-29 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Luca, Yes that is correct, FOP needs the PFB plus the AFM or PFM File in order to be able to process the Type 1 Font. The metrics XML File isn't needed though. What problem are you facing? Thanks, Chris On 29/04/2013 11:04, Luca Bellonda wrote: However, even when disabling the kerning

Re: Adding image to PDF File : Error

2013-04-19 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 18/04/2013 11:23, javakthar wrote: HI Hi, I get the following error when processing my agent to convert xml to PDF. THe PDF document gets created but the image does not get created. pr 18, 2013 3:51:04 PM bind SEVERE: Image not available: The file

Re: line-height.conditionality

2013-03-26 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi John, Sorry I didn't appreciate the full scenario you were looking at in your previous e-mail. Please do submit a patch if you have one, as I'm sure it will come in handy for others. Thanks, Chris On 26/03/2013 08:11, jsolutions wrote: Thanks Chris, That is not really the scenario I'm

Re: line-height.conditionality

2013-03-25 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi, If you want to get rid of half leading on areas containing images or other non text items then specify font-size=0pt If the area contains text then you can specify line-height=1.0 (default is 1.2x font size) HTH, Chris On 20/03/2013 12:17, jsolutions wrote: I'm trying to get rid of

Re: Change bars support in FOP?

2013-03-14 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Alexey, Reading the JIRA entry its clear that we are still waiting for some test cases. That is why the bug is in NEEDSINFO status. If they are provided then the patch could be reviewed again to check it is still compliant with the trunk code. Thanks, Chris On 11/03/2013 16:45, Alexey

Re: how to merge PDFs

2013-01-31 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi, A better approach to merging multiple PDF files together is to use the Intermediate Format. So instead of transforming each separate File FO-PDF directly, tranform FO-IF and then once you have all the separate IF Files you can merge them into one large PDF File. If you try to do that

Re: Suppress output to screen

2013-01-23 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Stephen, On 18/01/2013 21:28, Stephen McCracken wrote: I'm trying to suppress output to the screen. I'm using FOP version 0.95 in a bash script and use the -q option and redirect stdout and stderr to /dev/null, but still get messages printed to the screen: Can you copy and paste an

Re: fop-ttfreader - output bounding box information for characters?

2013-01-09 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Alexey, On 08/01/2013 18:12, Alexey Neyman wrote: Hi Chris, On Tuesday, January 08, 2013 12:10:36 am Chris Bowditch wrote: Sounds like we need a FOP plug-in for pMML2SVG to replace the ageing JEuclid one. Pardon my ignorance, but what is FOP using for the XSL transformation? Is it Xalan

Re: fop-ttfreader - output bounding box information for characters?

2013-01-08 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 08/01/2013 07:52, Alexey Neyman wrote: Hi Chris, Hi Alexey, On Monday, January 07, 2013 11:44:46 AM Chris Bowditch wrote: Patch from pMML2SVG, slightly modified to apply to FOP 1.1 sources, attached. Thanks for the patch. To get this added to the code base please raise

Re: fop-ttfreader - output bounding box information for characters?

2013-01-07 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Alexey, On 04/01/2013 19:41, Alexey Neyman wrote: snip/ Interesting workaround. We are trying to tackle this issue by providing an alternative implementation of GVTFont in Batik that uses FOP's Font Library to load the font metrics. First, as I was told on the list previously, it is not a

Re: fop-ttfreader - output bounding box information for characters?

2013-01-04 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Alexey, Apologies for the slow reply. I'm just catching up on e-mail after the holidays. On 28/12/2012 05:56, Alexey Neyman wrote: Hi all, As I mentioned in another email, I am trying to constrain FOP to use only local fonts (i.e. ones described in fop.cfg). For SVGs, I have a

Re: How to find out why fop needs a certain font?

2012-12-21 Thread Chris Bowditch
Hi Alexey, On 21/12/2012 03:07, Alexey Neyman wrote: Yes, I want to understand how FOP treats the fonts in SVG (and, if you know that, how fonts are selected in embedded MathML via JEuclid plugin - we use that, too). We've had some font discrepancies in the past depending on the fonts

Re: Omitting Bottom table border on page-break

2012-12-17 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 14/12/2012 10:48, Bonekrusher wrote: Hello, Hi, I have the following requirement for my xsl:fo : When a table is continued on more than one page.. The closing rule is omitted at the foot of a continued table; the opening rule is continued at the head of the continued portion along with

Re: Omitting Bottom table border on page-break

2012-12-17 Thread Chris Bowditch
that is exactly the behaviour you get; absent on all pages except the last. Thanks, Chris Chris Bowditch wrote Your requirement sounds similar to the conditionality component of border property properties. By default this is set to discard, so I would expect border-bottom to be absence on the bottom

Re: Maven dependencies for fop 1.1

2012-12-04 Thread Chris Bowditch
Thanks for the suggestion Stephen. I have changed the POM template so that the avalon dependency will be fixed in the next release. Committed in revision 1416937 Thanks, Chris On 02/12/2012 21:29, Stephen More wrote: avalon 4.2.0 artifact is already loaded in repo, it just has a different

Re: Cell border rendering error (thicker) with number-column-spanned

2012-11-02 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 02/11/2012 13:55, reevev wrote: Hi, Hi Reeve, Thanks for your reply. While I can confirm that disabling Enhance thin lines corrects the display it doesn't solve the issue that the same templates rendered correctly even with this option enabled when we use 0.20.5 to generate the pdf.

Re: Does FOP-1.1rc1 change handling of RGB values?

2012-09-03 Thread Chris Bowditch
. I was about to switch over to using rgb-icc since we have two colour profiles in play. If you're suggesting that string-replace is preferrable, then I really have to get the correct(ed) strings from somebody. Thanks, Chris Chris Bowditch wrote Definitely the right way to use FOP though

Re: using cmyk() in fop-1.1rc1 SOLVED

2012-08-28 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 27/08/2012 17:07, Rob Sargent wrote: Hi Rob, Bingo. I was completely off-base in thinking it was an xslt function. Your suggestion works like a charm. This helps clean up local colour-guessing a lot. BTW, I strongly recommend using rgb-icc function instead of cmyk. The rgb-icc function

Re: next stable version for FOP?

2012-07-23 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 23/07/2012 14:59, Danut Clapa wrote: Hello, Hi Danut, I seen that the latest version of the FOP is 1.1rc. Taking in consideration that is an release candidate. Do you have any information when will be next stable release after 1.1rc? You don't need to cross post your question to

Re: Small error to the documentation

2012-07-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 14/07/2012 22:14, Glenn Adams wrote: Hi Glenn, I've moved this discussion to fop-dev as its now more relevant there. the source for this file is under src/documentation/content/xdocs/compliance.ihtml; you can create a bug attaching a patch, or if it is a simple change, just send the diff

Re: AFP Renderer

2012-07-16 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 12/07/2012 13:48, Imad Bougataya wrote: Hi everyone, Hi Imad, i just started experimenting with fop to generate afp files, and i would like to know how to go about including an overlay in the output afp file. i'd like to embed ressources as a general rule. You sent your e-mail to the

Re: fox:destination is it obsolete with FOP 1.0 ?

2012-07-10 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 09/07/2012 19:59, polymorphisme wrote: Hello, Hi, at this time, I use the links for write a PDF book, with FOP 1.0 In the FOP's site, I have read the section Anchors or Named Destinations . Too, when a test the

Re: Table continuation headers

2012-06-29 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 28/06/2012 14:21, Stefan Hinz wrote: Hi Luis, Hi Stefan, Incidentally I started looking at this recently but it will be a couple of months before I am able to show some code. I haven't written anything so far but I found there is already some code in FOP for table markers. So we don't

Re: Chinese PDFs and non embedded fonts

2012-04-25 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 24/04/2012 19:16, Luis Bernardo wrote: Hi Luis, Just by itself the embed-url attribute does not imply that the font will be embedded. I know that the attribute name is confusing, and the documentation may not be up to date, but I believe that is the case. Fonts are subset embedded by

Re: Chinese PDFs and non embedded fonts

2012-04-23 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 20/04/2012 18:54, Glenn Adams wrote: Hi Glenn, it is best you create a bug at [1] to track this; you can upload attachments on the new bug; file it under the Fop product; I'm not happy to encourage users on this list to open bugs before confirming there is a defect. Everything I've

Re: Is it possible to embed .swf file into PDF and dynamically pass parameters to it (through XML string)?

2012-04-23 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 23/04/2012 11:21, Denys wrote: Hi - Hi Denys, I am looking for a good Java library which gives the opportunity to create PDF files from Java application. These files are some kind of reports. Part of them are graphical reports (FusionChart reports) and I need to embed .swf files into my

Re: Chinese PDFs and non embedded fonts

2012-04-23 Thread Chris Bowditch
with '#': Hello Am I doing something wrong with the configuration or is this issue due a FOP limitation or bug? Thank you all in advance for your help Best regards, JP On 23 Apr 2012, at 10:08, Chris Bowditch wrote: On 20/04/2012 18:54, Glenn Adams wrote: Hi Glenn

Re: Fonts in config file

2012-04-12 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 12/04/2012 14:00, froglander wrote: If I haveauto-detect / in the userconfig.xml file this line fo:inline font-size=8pt font-family=Symbol•/fo:inline Ends up displaying as a # symbol in the resulting pdf file print. If I takeauto-detect / out of the userconfig.xml file, then the above

Re: Keeps and multicolumn text

2012-04-11 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 05/04/2012 13:59, Amick, Eric wrote: Hello, Hi Eric, I have some data that I am displaying on a two-column page that is intermixed with data that spans the columns. I want to have the two-column data listed in balanced columns, but occasionally a page break occurs immediately after

Re: OCRB fonts are not rendered in PCL output

2012-03-20 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 15/03/2012 16:03, Luis Bernardo wrote: Hi Luis, At the moment that is not possible... The only fonts that can be rendered as text right now are the first 12 standard fonts (F1 to F12). I'm not sure that's true. The Base Fonts are rendered as text, but custom fonts installed in the

Re: Event feedback logging

2012-03-01 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 24/02/2012 15:03, Steve Ebersole wrote: Hi Stevem I develop a library (jDocBook) that does DocBook related tasks as part of Maven or Gradle builds. Initially, the output from FOP was so verbose that I ended up redirecting all console output to a file for a variety of reasons. On

Re: Shipping fop with complex script support

2012-03-01 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 27/02/2012 18:34, Jonathan Levinson wrote: Hi Jonathon, We are looking to bundle fop with its new complex script support with a reporting package that will be deployed at many institutions and many hospitals. We support many hospitals in the Middle East and they will be affected. I’m

Re: Different Page Layout every xx document sheet

2012-02-27 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 26/02/2012 16:01, Rob Sargent wrote: Hi Rob, OK, you've convinced me that you cannot do what you're hoping to accomplish in apache FOP. You cannot have a zero-sized flow on a page far as I know and that's what you would need to get the address only on those pages (in some static region).

Re: Different Page Layout every xx document sheet

2012-02-27 Thread Chris Bowditch
left with having to find an alternative, no? I'm not suggesting it does help the OP, I just wanted to correct your point. Thanks, Chris On 02/27/2012 07:58 AM, Chris Bowditch wrote: On 26/02/2012 16:01, Rob Sargent wrote: Hi Rob, OK, you've convinced me that you cannot do what you're

Re: Cell border rendering error (thicker) with number-column-spanned

2012-02-10 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 10/02/2012 09:14, zhangwei wrote: Hi, I've met with a problem with thicker table border with number-column-spanned on FOP 1.0. The copied text exactly describes the same problem I have. When zoomed to 100% or 200% in Adobe reader, you can find the thicker line. What about when you zoom to

Re: Problem that could lose me my job

2012-02-08 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 08/02/2012 09:51, Theresa Jayne Forster wrote: Hi Theresa, But it is still not creating a valid PDF I am getting image errors in the info log still where it can’t find an importer or convertor. What jars do I need for jpg files? I have batik and XMLGraphics-Commons-1.4 Is there any

Re: is xmlgraphics-commons-1.4.jar compatible with FOP0.95

2012-02-06 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 02/02/2012 19:56, vijay kumar wrote: Hi Experts, Hi Vijay, I would like to check, is it ok to say, xmlgraphics-commons-1.4.jar is compatible with FOP0.95 by default FOP0.95 is packaged with xmlgraphics-commons-1.3.1.jar FOP 0.95 requires xgc v1.3.1. v1.4 introduces some incompatible

Re: ERROR: endElement() for fo:root where there is no current element

2012-01-25 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 23/01/2012 17:27, Nathan Schoenroth wrote: I am getting the following error when trying to run fop on an xsl-fo template Full Trace: [xmlserver] [INFO] [XMLConnectionHandler] Processed XML document. [xmlserver] [INFO] [XMLConnectionHandler] Sending preview. [xmlserver] [INFO]

Re: POstScrit Fonts

2012-01-20 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 20/01/2012 01:59, Craig Ringer wrote: Hi Craig, On 19/01/12 19:54, Chris Bowditch wrote: That's true of FOP trunk, but we have developed advanced font support for Postscript in a branch named TTFinPostscript, which we've successfully used to generate Chinese and Thai output. If you

Re: POstScrit Fonts

2012-01-19 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 19/01/2012 02:39, Craig Ringer wrote: Hi Craig, On 19/01/12 01:10, Chris Bowditch wrote: On 18/01/2012 13:13, Robert Eberhardt wrote: Hello Craig, Hi Robert, as far as i know a pfb, a afm and a pfm file is needed. At least under fop 0.95. Did this change under fop 1.0. FOP v1.0 does

Re: POstScrit Fonts

2012-01-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 18/01/2012 13:13, Robert Eberhardt wrote: Hello Craig, Hi Robert, as far as i know a pfb, a afm and a pfm file is needed. At least under fop 0.95. Did this change under fop 1.0. FOP v1.0 does not introduce support for OTF CFF glyphs. This is a feature we would like too! You mwill

Re: Duplicate fonts in PDF when Distiller processes fop PostScript

2012-01-16 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 11/01/2012 04:46, Craig Ringer wrote: Hi all Hi Craig, I'm struggling with font embedding in fop's PostScript output - it's embedding multiple copies of fonts, just like pdf output with fop-pdf-image, and this is causing some big problems with our RIP. As a workaround for the issues I've

Re: Generating TIFF

2012-01-16 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 16/01/2012 14:27, Jonathan Levinson wrote: Hi, Hi Jonathon, We are unsuccessfully trying to generate TIFF files using FOP. We are on Windows 7 64 bit with JDK 1.6. I looked at the following: It talks about using the JAVA

Re: pdf-image: Handling size blow-out caused by fonts, any way to coalesce/merge multiple subsets of same font?

2011-12-13 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 09/12/2011 06:57, Craig Ringer wrote: Hi all Hi Craig, With pdf-image, is there any way to coalesce or merge multiple different subsets of the same font into a single font subset with no duplicate glyphs? Eg 50 different Helvetica (subset) instances into a single font in the output

Re: PDF-image extension

2011-12-08 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 07/12/2011 14:54, Pascal Sancho wrote: Hi, Hi Craig, Pascal, Le 07/12/2011 15:18, Craig Ringer a écrit : Hi folks I've just found out about Jeremias's PDF-image extension for fop. It's ideal for my purposes, as I need to include pre-produced PDFs from desktop publishing software inside

Re: Fail to insert png image into pdf

2011-12-05 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 05/12/2011 10:30, Luis Bernardo wrote: Hi Luis, Benjamin, Probably a jar that is missing or not being found in the classpath. If you search the archives you will find that this error has been discussed in the past. There is no single solution but reading past discussions may help you fix

Re: Question about PDF API used in FOP v0.95

2011-11-16 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 15/11/2011 15:27, 刘寅 wrote: Hi Liu, Hello,now I am doing a research about document format transformation and I have got a lot of help from FOP. But there is a problem that I can't distinguish the PDF API from FOP source v0.95. I want to know how many PDF APIs used in FOP v0.95, who are

Re: Using PCL renderer on Unix

2011-11-16 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 16/11/2011 04:28, Mrutyunjay wrote: Hi, I am trying to generate PCL output using FOP 1.0 on a Unix (HP-UX 11.23 Itanium) system. I also need to use custom fonts in the PCL output, but the generated PCL does not use the custom fonts. The Custom fonts that you want to use with PCL need to

Re: Change Colorspace to CMYK

2011-11-08 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 04/11/2011 11:34, Michael Seeberger wrote: Hi, Hi Michael, i'm trying to change the colorspace of my PDFs to CMYK but don't know exactly how to do it. In the Special Settings for the PDF Renderer i read about the output-profile-Tag but i don't know where to get an *.icc-File or is

Re: Help: XSL-FO to PCL

2011-08-30 Thread Chris Bowditch
On 26/08/2011 19:37, Everson Rogério wrote: Hi, thanks for the tips... Hi, Excuse me if I'm wrong, but I have not found another place to post my message. I need your help again. I generated a PCL from But the problem now is with the image. JPEG file that exists in the

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