fo:table margin-left/padding-before not working with RTF

2010-04-14 Thread Glen Mazza
Hello, I'm using FOP 0.95-1. In my RTF document I would like to pad an entire fo:table one inch to the right. If I apply margin-left to the fo:table tag, it ends up padding not only the table (good) but every cell within the table's body (bad)--they also get moved off to the right within their

Re: Problem using attributes with xsl:value-of select=/

2009-11-24 Thread Glen Mazza
J.Pietschmann wrote: Hmm, Transformers can't be reused, perhaps you should get a new instance here? Oh, I did not know that. Thanks for the info. J.Pietschmann wrote: Another possible problem: atts.addAttribute(, , reportId, , 123); The method declaration is: addAttribute(String

Re: Problem using attributes with xsl:value-of select=/

2009-11-23 Thread Glen Mazza
Thanks, Joerg--it turns out using Fop command line (Fop -xml ... -xsl ... -pdf ...) attributes and elements copy over perfectly. It's just within my Java program that I can get only elements. I'll need to look more into this issue. Glen J.Pietschmann wrote: Both approaches work for me

Re: Problem using attributes with xsl:value-of select=/

2009-11-23 Thread Glen Mazza
I could use assistance here. Given an xml such as: report reportId=123 animalcat/animal /report My embedded FOP transformation is handling elements but not attributes. Here is the code as a Nabble attachment: -- if

Problem using attributes with xsl:value-of select=/

2009-11-20 Thread Glen Mazza
Hello, I'm having difficulty getting xsl:value-of select=/ to work with attributes--it must be something obvious but I can't figure out the problem. (I'm using FOP 0.95-1.) For this XML snippet: batch myattval= aaadog/aaa bbbcat/bbb ... and this XSL template: xsl:template

Maven repo for FOP 0.95?

2009-01-24 Thread Glen Mazza
Hello, I can't find the Maven Repository for FOP 0.95--the most up-to-date I see[1] is for FOP 0.93. Does anyone know of a repository for the latest release version? I can type up a JIRA item if one is needed for this. Thanks, Glen [1] -- View this

Re: Maven repo for FOP 0.95?

2009-01-24 Thread Glen Mazza
/Maven Use or similar. Glen Glen Mazza wrote: Hello, I can't find the Maven Repository for FOP 0.95--the most up-to-date I see[1] is for FOP 0.93. Does anyone know of a repository for the latest release version? I can type up a JIRA item if one is needed for this. Thanks, Glen [1] http

[ANNOUNCE] Warthog Reports Framework 1.0 now available

2007-11-21 Thread Glen Mazza
Hello All, I created a Google Code open-source (Apache license) framework to help with querying and production of multiple SQL-XML-XSL-FO-PDF reports in a servlet environment. It uses FOP 0.93 internally. It is here[1] in case it can help anyone, and [2] provides more information on the

Article for using FOP in a Web Service

2007-11-03 Thread Glen Mazza
Hello, I recently figured out how to use FOP as part of a web service that returns PDF documents. In case this might be of help to others who would like to do something similar, I have blogged it here: Regards, Glen -- View this message in

Re: FOP supports the Japanese characters?

2007-01-18 Thread Glen Mazza
FOP handles Roomaji very well. For the other writing scripts, possible sources of help are: Glen

Re: Running FOP as a Java Stored Procedure on Oracle

2007-01-15 Thread Glen Mazza
Perhaps this would be a good skeleton for what you want to do: Of course, the Java API between FOP and RenderX are different and will need changing, etc. But the basic principle should be the same. HTH, Glen Luciano Belotto wrote: I use Apache

Re: fo:table-row is missing child elements

2007-01-02 Thread Glen Mazza
strict validation (where available) now generates a PDF without the error described below :-))) Thanks and happy new year. Best Regards, Leeloo */Glen Mazza [EMAIL PROTECTED]/* schrieb: [EMAIL PROTECTED] escribió: Trying to convert an FO-File which was generated by FOP 0.92beta

Re: fo:table-row is missing child elements

2006-12-21 Thread Glen Mazza
[EMAIL PROTECTED] escribió: Trying to convert an FO-File which was generated by FOP 0.92beta to an PDF just stopped with following Error Message: javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: file:///test/ Error(1/43655): fo:table-row is

Re: How to process xhtml form data into pdf document?

2006-11-01 Thread Glen Mazza
Oh, by the way, you want to ask these types of questions on, *many* more users there. Glen Glen Mazza wrote: Jeremias provided a solution[1] to a similar question I had. Also, I wonder if XForms might be a better option for you--there are some open source

Re: How to make directives look better? Customizing/defining elements and formatting...

2006-10-19 Thread Glen Mazza
Jay Bryant wrote: Hi, Dan, That's either not DocBook or it's a customization of it. You can achieve the same look by writing a transform that turns those elements into standard Docbook and then styling the DocBook output accordingly. For now, remember that DocBook contains content. You'll

Re: fop with oc4j

2006-10-16 Thread Glen Mazza
On 16.10.2006 14:26:51 Onur Senturk wrote: hi, i'm trying to use fop with oc4j but i think the xml parsers are conflicting. when i try to use xerces, the application doesn't start. When i use the xml parser of the oc4j, i cannot make fop work. what should i do? does anyone have an idea? thanks.

Re: Barcodes in fop 0.92 - Batik

2006-10-09 Thread Glen Mazza
Richard King wrote: Thanks for that. I appreciate it and the jar looks good. Downloaded and updated my jar ... unfortunately now have a new problem! Running the fop.bat or via java I get a FATAL. The message of concern I believe is: The attribute width of the element rect is required

Re: Barcodes in fop 0.92 - Batik

2006-10-09 Thread Glen Mazza
Richard King wrote: Heya, What I'm doing is trying to implement a barcode via barcode4j. Oh! This is a Jeremias question then. My knowledge of barcodes is limited to finding them on products so I can use the self-serve checkout at the grocery store. I did not realize that the rect/ was

Re: conversion of xml data to pdf

2006-10-08 Thread Glen Mazza
Andreas L Delmelle wrote: On Oct 8, 2006, at 15:45, Andreas L Delmelle wrote: snip / It appears that either these bugs simply get ignored by Oracle (*), or no-one takes the time to file them and supply the Oracle-devs with the information they really need to address these problems. It

Re: node() and text() problem

2006-10-02 Thread Glen Mazza
This issue does not appear to be XSL-related, and I am not certain it is even XSLT related. Perhaps the XML-DEV mailing list could be of help--be sure to give more background information over which XML-processing technology you are using. Also note your My problem sentence below is missing

Detecting page breaks (Was Re: Creating FO DOM directly)

2006-09-28 Thread Glen Mazza
Shubhrata Tewari wrote: Hi, Greetings. Be careful not to hijack threads (i.e., remember to change the subject title in your email to help with searching the mailing list archives.) Is it possible using xslt and xsl:fo to detect a page break? No, not XSLT (xsl: namespace) because that

Re: Creating FO DOM directly

2006-09-27 Thread Glen Mazza
Lars Ivar Igesund wrote: I need to create PDF from the information contained in some Java objects. The standard way to do this according to the FOP docs, is to create XML from the objects, then transform to XSL-FO using XSLT. Yes. Learning XSLT (like Ant) is Time Very Well Spent. But

Re: xml to pdf converstion(generic xsl-fo)

2006-09-18 Thread Glen Mazza
I would recommend using XSLT to do the transformations that you need. Unfortunately you will need to learn XSLT first before you can use it. Check the Xalan website for more details. The Mulberry XSLT mailing list (google) is best for specific questions you may have. Glen vijay wrote: Hi

Re: How to get the text be flowed to the next column

2006-09-14 Thread Glen Mazza
Susanta Dash wrote: Hey guys, I can't wait for XSL-FO 1.1 and can't see any alternative. Can you guys just guide me to accomplish my need; I'm trying to get the exact point where to break the text, so that I can just move the rest of the text to the next column. I'm thinking to use AWT renderer

Re: How to get the text be flowed to the next column

2006-09-13 Thread Glen Mazza
count is an issue. Thanks. -Original Message- From: Glen Mazza [mailto: [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2006 12:03 AM To: Subject: Re: How to get

Re: docbook-xsl Stylesheets packaged in a WAR

2006-09-12 Thread Glen Mazza
Don Adams wrote: Hello, Has anyone successfully packaged the docbook-xsl stylesheets into a WAR and used them with JAXP? I'm unsure what the relevance of the WAR file to your problem is. Upon deployment, wouldn't the servlet container expand the WAR file into its various folders and

Re: How to get the text be flowed to the next column

2006-09-12 Thread Glen Mazza
Susanta Dash wrote: Here is the problem I'm facing while rendering it in FOP. I've two rows, first one has 3 columns and the next has 2 columns. The text within these rows need to be flowed to the next column. Why wouldn't having one column for each row and letting the text flow normally

Re: formatting tables

2006-09-06 Thread Glen Mazza
paul wrote: Hello I'm trying to format a table, and it would be useful to apply formats like padding, background-color to entire rows or columns (which, according to my book, should be possible). If I try to do so, nothing happens. I always have to set these attributes in the individual cells

Re: number-page-citation math...

2006-09-01 Thread Glen Mazza
Just my $0.02, but I dislike usage of the deprecated XSL-FO. The difference between XSL and XSLT are pretty well-understood today. Glen Jeremias Maerki wrote: XSL-FO doesn't provide anything that would let you do that.

Re: PDF Destinations

2006-08-25 Thread Glen Mazza
I would prefer avoiding the use of fox:destination, as the XSL WG did not see a need for a separate FO for this when they placed bookmarks into 1.1. Instead, I think it would be better to implement it the way the commercial processors handle them, which is I believe is relying either on the

Re: [Poll] Expectations regarding side-floats

2006-08-11 Thread Glen Mazza
Vincent, in considering this, you may wish to also keep in mind: what do you see as the usage difference between side-floats and the xsl:region-start and xsl:region-end regions? I mention this, just to make sure that use cases actually intended for side regions do not move into side-floats,

Re: User Types

2006-08-09 Thread Glen Mazza
We use XSL/XSLT for reports and for Docbook. Docbook: Tech Writer creates the XML documents that will be fed through the Docbook stylesheets. Uses Eclipse WTP for this. The developer creates an Ant script that automates all of the tech writer's doc generation and publishing-to-web-server

Re: marker value to variable

2006-07-19 Thread Glen Mazza
pat wrote: Hi, Well, the template is for kind of bill for Czech postal service and they require to split payment to integer part and the fraction (don't ask me why). Yes, the Czech postal service is a constant source of problems on this ML. ;-) So, the creation of two markers is

Re: marker value to variable

2006-07-18 Thread Glen Mazza
pat wrote: Hi all, I have a problem and I'm not able to solve it :-( I'm using marker to generate subtotat (it works) and for retrievng the subtotal I'm using retrieve-marker (that works too), but I need to split subtotal to part before decimal point and after decimal point ant this is the

Re: FO2PDF without validation

2006-07-12 Thread Glen Mazza
If it's not compliant, then it is not an FO file, and expected output would have to be undefined as a result. I'm unsure why you would want to code your stylesheets in an invalid way. If you have no data, better to code your XSLT not to generate a fo:table to begin with. Glen Navanee

Re: XSL Optimization

2006-07-04 Thread Glen Mazza
[Happy Independence Day fellow Americans!] Manuel Mall wrote: Looking at the stylesheet you seem to simply generate a table. IMO if this is all you want to do FOP may not be the best tool for the task at hand. For example storing your test results in a database and using a report writer may

Re: Error when customizing title fonts etc.

2006-05-13 Thread Glen Mazza
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am using xsltproc and fop 0.92b to generate pdf output from docbook sources. I am trying to customize my section titles by changing the attribute-set in my customization layer. The error message I receive from FOP is:

Re: crash

2006-05-13 Thread Glen Mazza
Matthew East wrote: Hi all, and sorry to bother yet again. Fop is now working nicely on my home computer. Then I tried to run it on another pc, with basically the same setup on the same files, with the same version of java installed, and I get this error: Any

Re: Error when customizing title fonts etc.

2006-05-13 Thread Glen Mazza
Matthew East wrote: Glen Mazza gmazza at writes: Main problem: If any of the fo:flows have a flow-name that map to something other than xsl-region-body, or if any of the fo:static-contents have a flow-name that map to xsl-region-body, then this error message will occur

Re: fox:outline to fo:bookmark-tree help

2006-05-11 Thread Glen Mazza
Geldersma, Matt (AGRN) wrote: But when I try to use it I get this error Error(unknown location): For fo:root, fo:layout-master-set must be declared before fo:bookmark tree. In this case, either you declared an fo:bookmark-tree before the

Re: Extending fox:outline

2006-05-04 Thread Glen Mazza
Vijay Yellapragada wrote: The current problem I am trying to solve is the following :- I am trying to generate subsections numbers in my final PDF document. So I have chosen a scheme where each h? tag in html maps to a corresponding section level. For eg : h2 - 1 h3 - 1.1 h4 - 1.1.1 etc

Re: Java Result: 2 Why?

2006-05-04 Thread Glen Mazza
David wrote: Dear members, I am getting problmes when getting generating the PDF file from using FOP. I am using DocBook, vía Ant: More detective work seems needed. Have you tried to create the absolutely most minimal Docbook document possible, to see if the error still occurs? This

Re: Height of region-after

2006-04-17 Thread Glen Mazza
I wonder if what he actually wants to use are footnotes. Won't those grow in the manner that he desires? Glen Jeremias Maerki wrote: Chapter 6.4.15 (region-after) in XSL 1.0 says: The block-progression-dimension of the region-viewport-area is determined by the extent trait on the

[Fwd: [docbook-apps] FOP 0.91 : trying to remove a non-trailing word space]

2006-04-06 Thread Glen Mazza
Hello FOP Team, This is from the Docbook-Apps list. I think there is a stray debugging comment in the 0.91 version that can probably be removed--it seems unrelated to anything wrong that the user might be doing, but rather just a debugging note added in during algorithm development. See

Re: Java/POJO based FOP transformation (instead of XSL) like in JasperReports

2006-03-16 Thread Glen Mazza
The SAX processing model (instead of constructing DOM trees to subsequently feed FOP) would probably be much faster for you. No JSP needed for this. I would take a look at Jeremias' ExampleObj2PDF[1] and corresponding model[2] to get an idea of the process. I've been using this method at


2006-03-07 Thread Glen Mazza
Andreas L Delmelle wrote: In the latter case, however: fo:instream-foreign-object svg:svg ... ... /svg:svg /fo:instream-foreign-object Note that the i-f-o now contains two text nodes (= #PCDATA): '#x0A;#x20;#x20;' and '#xA0;' I think they call that insignificant white space, and

Re: 0.20.3 to 0.91b migration log messages

2006-02-28 Thread Glen Mazza
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: 10:01:48,302 WARN [FONode] Warning(Unknown location): fo:table-column, In the separate border model (border-collapse=separate), borders cannot be specified on a fo:table-column, but a non-zero value for border was found. The border will be ignored. I don't like

Re: porblem running new fop-0.91

2006-02-16 Thread Glen Mazza
Jeremias Maerki wrote: Actually, this message refers to the fo:region-before element in the single-page-master. The specification dictates that border and/or padding must not be specified on a region-before which seems to be the case in your example. Well, technically you can specify any

Re: The id x already exists in this document - Headers and Footers

2006-02-06 Thread Glen Mazza
Marcel Hoffmann wrote: Hi, I have a problme with the id already exists issue that has - to my knowledge - not been discussed in this group. The fo file I use carries a fo:wrapper node in the header section. The wrapper node appears only once. Nevertheless FOP is not able to process the fo file

Best way to adjust spacing between rows in an fo:table?

2006-01-22 Thread Glen Mazza
Hello, I'm using FOP 0.20.5 and I would like to adjust the vertical spacing between rows in the fo:table-body/ of an fo:table/, but am having trouble doing so. (The rows contain text only and currently are too close together.) What is the preferred property (padding/space -before, -after?)

Re: Best way to adjust spacing between rows in an fo:table?

2006-01-22 Thread Glen Mazza
Clay Leeds wrote: I always used either the padding-bottom attribute on fo:table-row, or margin-bottom on fo:block. I occasionally had problems w fo:table-row padding attributes, in which case I would apply padding-bottom to the fo:table-cell element. Thanks, that did it!

Re: no runtime java--how to install

2006-01-21 Thread Glen Mazza
Paul Tremblay wrote: I am trying to run fop from a CD (or other removable device). I am at a different place every day and at a different computer. At some of the places java is installed, so I can run fop no problem. I'm assuming you're running fop by calling fop.bat. However, at other

Re: Dynamic charts issues in batch PDF generation

2006-01-20 Thread Glen Mazza
Clay Leeds wrote: On Jan 20, 2006, at 6:28 AM, Jeroen van der Vegt wrote: I'm not sure I correctly understand the problem anymore, but this might be relevant: Can't you let the JPEG servlet indicate that its output should not be cached? I use this code to disable various cache mechanism:

Re: Dynamic charts issues in batch PDF generation

2006-01-19 Thread Glen Mazza
Jeremias Maerki wrote: On 18.01.2006 09:44:57 Chris Bowditch wrote: vijay visu wrote: snip/ These servlets should be called for each PDFs generated since each chart will be unique. My problem is that the servlets which builds the dynamic charts are called for the first time only. On the

Re: Dynamic charts issues in batch PDF generation

2006-01-19 Thread Glen Mazza
Clay Leeds escribió: On Jan 19, 2006, at 10:30 AM, Glen Mazza wrote: Jeremias Maerki wrote: Or you need to simply make sure that the URLs are unique. You can use a dummy parameter in the URL to fake uniqueness: http://localhost/MyChartServlet?dummy=1234 guess is that for any

Re: problem with FOP 0.91.beta and gif images

2006-01-10 Thread Glen Mazza
Jeremias Maerki wrote: If I'm thinking about it, it is probably a bad idea to use the XML file as base URL source when a stylesheet is used. Normally, you'd place the resources for a stylesheet relative to the stylesheet, not the source XML file. fop-devs, what do you think? It would be easy to

Re: OT: How to send report directly to the printer.. Sorry thought it was obvious but haven't found... please give a clue :-)

2006-01-10 Thread Glen Mazza
David Gagnon wrote: Hi all, I have a web application with a background thread that check for a condition and then this condition is meet needs to generates a report with fop and send it directly to a printer. snip/ Any help, or code example will be appreciated ..

Re: How to pass input of xml tranfs. to xslt transf. ?

2005-12-07 Thread Glen Mazza
Don't use XSLTInputHandler. Use JAXP[1] instead. Glen [1] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I struggling to create a webapps that creates pdf's for xml documents. The problem is: I can't pipe the output of my SAX transformation

Re: Apache Question

2005-12-06 Thread Glen Mazza
No, FOP doesn't need Apache HTTP Server to run. FOP is a Java program, while the HTTP Server is in C (or C++) anyway. FOP needs just a Java Runtime Environment and the JARs kept in the FOP lib directory that comes with its download. Glen Charles Murphy wrote: I have successfully installed

Re: Page Sequences

2005-12-05 Thread Glen Mazza
Clifton Craig wrote: I'm writing a report transform usinf XSLT for XSL-FO and I have some basic questions. What's the best way to code for multiple page sequences. For example I have some static content that I like to keep in the header and footers and I guess it doesn't matter but I'd like

Re: Page Sequences

2005-12-05 Thread Glen Mazza
David Frankson wrote: However, if you were to take the latest source and put it into a 20.5.1, we'd probably enthusiastically take it, and it might solve a lot of the performance/memory issues that are posted to the list. No doubt. But 0.90alpha1 will be getting better. Very few if any

Re: Fw: Using Docbook stylesheets in FOP

2005-12-04 Thread Glen Mazza
Simon Pepping wrote: Another issue I have with FOP and Docbook is that FOP out of the box does not use catalogs. ignorance/ I'm unsure what you mean by catalogs. I think we should do something about this. It is unrealistic to expect Docbook users to write their own startup Java file. They

Re: Long Table repeat header

2005-11-22 Thread Glen Mazza
There's a nice new critter in XSL 1.1, fo:retrieve-table-marker[1][2], that appears to be the legal way of doing what is wanted here. But that will need to wait for implementation in the new version. Glen [1] [2]

Re: XSL Question

2005-11-21 Thread Glen Mazza Read the Notice that the select attribute... blurb at the end of the b discussion here. Glen Dirk Bromberg wrote: Hi, i've a short xml-xsl-fo question. my xml is: textHere is some textB with bold B/Iand italicI/BI and

Re: generated pdf page is in iso-8859-1

2005-11-16 Thread Glen Mazza
What happens when you open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat directly, and not using the browser? Are you getting the same result opening the PDF with both IE and Firefox? Is this just an annoying message, or is a corrupted/unusable PDF returned? It very well could be, but I was unaware that

Re: Compiled FOP versions

2005-11-16 Thread Glen Mazza
Without servlets and JSPs, what will your provider allow you use to execute programs on the server--ASP, PHP, or cgi? A pure HTTP server will not be able to activate programs, regardless of what you can compile FOP into. Is the provider using IIS or Apache as the web server? My thinking,

Re: Running FOP using shell command yields Permission Problems

2005-11-14 Thread Glen Mazza
Sash Wiener wrote: Hi, Running FOP Successfully for years on Windows servers using Shell Command to execute from client side ie. shell(fopString) However according to hosting company the new security updates in Windows Server 2005 are causing this error message. To better isolate

Re: FOP PDF content height calculations

2005-11-02 Thread Glen Mazza
Rachel C. Rusinski wrote: I need FOP to render a dummy PDF upon save of a question group and return to me the exact height in inches of that question group. FOP doesn't do that. It returns documents as its output. You may wish to send a suggestion to the W3C's XSL Editors list to have

Re: Convert HTML to PostScript or PDF

2005-11-01 Thread Glen Mazza
This article may be of help: Glen Jimmy Dixon wrote: no - you would need to have your HTML in XHTML format so you can convert it to XSL-FO using XSLT, FOP can then be used to convert XSL-FO to PDF or (I think) Postscript. Leon Pu

Re: Convert HTML to PostScript or PDF

2005-11-01 Thread Glen Mazza
to HTML. Is the result HTML ok for FOP? Or there is other shortcut to generate PostScript or PDF from XML directly? Thanks for your reply. Best regards, Leon --- Glen Mazza [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: This article may be of help: Glen

Re: Alternating Header/Footer on Odd and Even pages

2005-10-31 Thread Glen Mazza
Ross Nicholls wrote: Hi there, Maybe this is an easy one, in which case I apologise! I have an alternating page sequence that simply switches the left and right hand margins (for binding). However, I also need the header (a 2 cell table placed in xsl-region-before) to be mirrored on

Re: odd-or-even AND page-position in fo:conditional-page-master-reference

2005-10-28 Thread Glen Mazza
-alternatives /fo:page-sequence-master *Glen Mazza [EMAIL PROTECTED]* 10/28/2005 02:35 PM ASTPlease respond [EMAIL PROTECTED] To cc bcc Subject Re: odd-or-even AND page-position in fo:conditional-page-master-reference I think all you need is to set

Re: RTF output

2005-10-22 Thread Glen Mazza
I wonder if setting the margins on the fo:region-body (instead of the fo:external-graphic) would also have solved this. The example you gave had an empty fo:region-body/ without dimensions, but you may have been just abbreviating the sample by removing those dimensions. Glen Tony Morris

Re: Problem with fox:outline in FOP Trunk (was: Hello)

2005-10-21 Thread Glen Mazza
Jeremias Maerki wrote: XSL 1.0, 6.4.19, fo:static-content says: Contents: (%block;)+ So you must at least have one block as a child for fo:static-content (It can be empty). The redesigned FOP is much more strict about the interpretation

Re: marking some elements by same @id

2005-10-14 Thread Glen Mazza
Andreas L Delmelle wrote: (Jay's suggestion just rolled in --I'm not 100% sure, but I think FOP will complain if it encounters attributes in the fo: namespace that are not properties as defined in the Rec. FOP 0.20.5 may turn out to be forgiving... Just to be on the safe side, I'd use a

Re: getting rid of collapsed border painting warning

2005-10-14 Thread Glen Mazza
Instead of full, make that the simplest... ;-) Glen Jeremias Maerki wrote: Ok, so now that we know that you're really on FOP Trunk and not FOP 0.20.5 (it's always good to tell what version you're working on!), please send a full FO sample file that allows us to reproduce your problem with

Re: NullPointerException while trying to run FOP servlet

2005-10-05 Thread Glen Mazza
Jeremias Maerki wrote: Was there a nested exception further down the stack trace? If not, this is not enough information for us help you. Please run this document through FOP from the command-line. This might help you track down the problem. Maybe it's not even caused by FOP. If your FO (or

Re: border-bottom not working

2005-10-05 Thread Glen Mazza
IIRC these properties don't work in 0.20.5 at the table-row level. Try placing the properties on each fo:table-cell instead. If needing to duplicate each of these properties on every fo:table-cell becomes overly irritating, using XSLT templates to create the fo:table-cells or XSLT attribute

Re: hide header/footer

2005-10-04 Thread Glen Mazza
Prakash R wrote: Is there a way to hide the header/footer for a particular page within a page-sequence? I just want to hide the header/footer for a particular page not the last or any alternate page. I know there are ways to do that. But is there a way to hide header/footer for a random page in

Re: watermark

2005-10-04 Thread Glen Mazza
Daniel Brown wrote: How can I create a watermark? I've read the documentation/FAQ about watermarks. I need an Image which will fit being the center of the text on the page in the body and continue to remain centered on all the following pages in that sequence. I'm not sure of FOP's

Re: more than one fo:flow in fo:page-sequence

2005-09-27 Thread Glen Mazza
Andreas L Delmelle wrote: Sorry, but I disagree. The content-model of fo:page-sequence is: (title?,static-content*,flow) Or maybe you're referring to the XSL-FO 1.1 Rec, which FOP currently does not implement. There indeed, more than one flow may be put inside a page-sequence, and

Re: more than one fo:flow in fo:page-sequence

2005-09-27 Thread Glen Mazza
Matthias Treitler wrote: Ok, i want to make a head, a body and a foot part of my site! So i have to implement a xsl-region-before, xsl-region-body and xsl-region-after part on my site! You understand?!? But i can only implement a fo:flow flow-name=xsl-region-before or a fo:flow

open-source eXtremeTable: combined HTML, PDF, and Excel output

2005-06-07 Thread Glen Mazza
FOP community, Jeff Johnston has developed an open source (Apache License) eXtremeTable [1] that combines HTML, PDF (using FOP), and Excel (using Jakarta POI) output for the same data. I have not used it yet, but the U.S. Presidents table example [2] on the companion site looks quite good,

Re: XML2PDF formatting progress

2005-05-28 Thread Glen Mazza
I would think, in order to give a progress indicator, FOP while running would need to know where the end of the input is (how else could FOP declare itself to be 25% done, 50% done, etc.). But FOP does not do such preprocessing, it processes the data as it gets it (well, starting at the end

Re: area contents overflows area in line

2005-05-17 Thread Glen Mazza
Luis Cañas wrote: Hi all, I'm trying to compile[1] a valid [2] Docbook document (it works fine with docbook2pdf). But after a while appears this error eternally: [INFO] area contents overflows area in line [INFO] area contents overflows area in line [INFO] area contents overflows area in line

Re: Uncommon NoClassDefFoundError exception

2005-05-01 Thread Glen Mazza
Thanks for the information. Glen Peter B. West wrote: Glen Mazza wrote: (BTW, does anyone know if FOP runs--or runs well--on Gentoo[5]? That distribution is becoming increasingly of interest to me.) Glen, An ebuild of fop 0.20.5 is available on gentoo. Peter

Re: Uncommon NoClassDefFoundError exception

2005-04-30 Thread Glen Mazza
Looking at the source file in question[1, line 1520], it is complaining that it can't find the (graphics-related) java.awt.Rectangle class. [2] is the Sun error description (indeed, the exception means it can't find a class), the bottom of [3] indicates that the problem may be with your X

RE: FOPException: The id N1056F already exists in this document

2005-04-05 Thread Glen Mazza
I don't know about the 0.20.5 code base, but the upcoming 1.0 code base raises the duplicate-id error message only while parsing the input stream (before any breaking up the formatting object into blocks occurs) so this error should not occur in future releases. In 1.0, ID's can (and are)