Re: 0.90alpha1: content-width=scale-to-fit creates damaged PDF

2005-12-13 Thread JBryant
Hi, Jeremias, Jay, if you'd like to help systematic testing here that would be fantastic. Please note that quite a few test cases already exist in test/layoutengine/standard-testcases (everything that starts with external-graphic and instream-foreign-object). Please note that the size

Re: [POLL] Your experience with FOP 0.90alpha1 so far???

2005-12-09 Thread JBryant
Hi, Jeremias, I have run 0.90alpha1 on a couple of my larger documents, and I have bumped into only two issues (one of which causes real trouble for me): 1. Images are not scaling to fit the space in which they are placed. I can live with that, because I can go scale the images by hand before

Re: [POLL] Your experience with FOP 0.90alpha1 so far???

2005-12-09 Thread JBryant
I did read the upgrading page. It doesn't mention scaling. 1. A content-width=scale-to-fit will do what you want. Well, no, it won't, actually. The trouble is that I don't want images that are less than the width of the page to be expanded to the width of the page. The old behavior of scaling

Scaling images (was Re: [POLL] Your experience with FOP 0.90alpha1 so far???)

2005-12-09 Thread JBryant
Well, now I'm investigating how to get the content-width of the image and see if that exceeds the content-width of the content rectangle that will hold the image. Support for the scale-down-to-fit value for the content-width property would work nicely. If I were to request an enhancement, that

0.90alpha1: content-width=scale-to-fit creates damaged PDF

2005-12-09 Thread JBryant
I wrote an extension function in Java for Saxon that gives me the width (and height, but that's less relevant) of an image. Then, if the width is greater than 5.5 inches (the space I have available for screen shots in this document format), the XSLT adds the content-width=scale-to-fit

Re: [POLL] Your experience with FOP 0.90alpha1 so far???

2005-12-09 Thread JBryant
so I'll let you know more detail soon (later today). I had to add width=100% to my fo:table instructions to avoid a warning message. I'm more than a bit of a purist (and a perfectionist, too), so I don't think I'm done coding until I get 0 warnings. So, 0.90alpha1 worked on most of my files

Re: 0.90alpha1: content-width=scale-to-fit creates damaged PDF - workaround found

2005-12-09 Thread JBryant
An additional update to my testing: After reading the spec, I thought of trying to make the image a fixed width, so I tried fo:external-graphic src=someimage.gif content-width=5.5in/ That makes images less than 5.5 inches wide be 5.5 inches wide, but the PDF file created by FOP still blows up

Re: fo:external-graphic limitation?

2005-11-23 Thread JBryant
(I'm posting again to remove the spam tag, in case Mike's system will block the message because of it. My client's spam filter throws that in just often enough that I forget to check for it. My apologies to the list.) Hi, Mike, src=$logo_path makes the XSLT processor look for a path that is

Re: Pagination handling in FOP

2005-11-17 Thread JBryant
Hi, Leon, If you've got elements (paragraphs, headings, or other document pieces) that must remain together, you can put them in a table and specify keep-together=always on each row. Of course, if the elements are larger than a page, FOP has to put a page break in there anyway. Note: The

Re: Signature Positioning.

2005-11-17 Thread JBryant
Hi, Hari, One approach to this problem is to put that line of text and the signature block into two rows in a table and then specify keep-together=always on both rows. You could also set break-before=page on that line, so as to always have that line and the signature block on its own page (a

Re: Large PDF - Performance

2005-11-11 Thread JBryant
In this respect, it may prove worthwhile to track down whether this difference is really caused by the XSLT processor itself, or merely by the fact that Saxon comes bundled with its own XML parser (AElfred). From the Aelfred web site on Sourceforge: Saxon versions from 7.2 onwards no longer

Re: Saxon8

2005-11-11 Thread JBryant
I have tried to implement Saxon8.6 in place of Xalan but am getting errors. Are there other libraries I require? Regards, Daniel Hi, Daniel, The Saxon distribution is self-contained, so you should need no other libraries. It requires Java 1.5 (or Java 1.4 and some additional package from

Re: Convert HTML to PostScript or PDF

2005-11-01 Thread JBryant
Your best bet is to use XSLT to go from your source XML to XSL:FO and skip trying to convert HTML into XSL:FO. Jay Bryant Bryant Communication Services (presently consulting at Synergistic Solution Technologies) Leon Pu [EMAIL PROTECTED] 11/01/2005 11:08 AM Please respond to

Re: height of instream-foreign-object

2005-10-18 Thread JBryant
This sounds much like a problem I had some time back, wherein I needed to make a small-caps font without using an actual small-caps font. Recalling that a typographer friend once told me that the small caps is really an all caps font with the lower-case letters set to 5/8 the size of the

Re: marking some elements by same @id

2005-10-13 Thread JBryant
The fix for this is to not use id. You should use an attribute named id only when you plan to assign a unique identifier to that attribute. Otherwise, lots of XML- and XSL-based systems (including but certainly not limited to FOP) will break. So, use some other name instead: myid, groupid,

Re: marking some elements by same @id

2005-10-13 Thread JBryant
(Jay's suggestion just rolled in --I'm not 100% sure, but I think FOP will complain if it encounters attributes in the fo: namespace that are not properties as defined in the Rec. FOP 0.20.5 may turn out to be forgiving... Just to be on the safe side, I'd use a separate namespace.)

Re: determine if block is before page-break

2005-09-27 Thread JBryant
There's no way to detect it, but there is a way to prevent it from happening: Wrap those middle three blocks in a table, with each block going into its own row (and cell). Then specify keep-together on all the rows. Depending on your XSLT code, this can take some extra effort. Sometimes,

Re: more than one fo:flow in fo:page-sequence

2005-09-27 Thread JBryant
Where *is* my head at...? :-S Where it belongs - in the code for the new version. :D My 2 cents: Until 1.1 is a rec (rather than a draft), the FOP team should hold off on supporting it. So, until then, FOP should support only one flow per page sequence. Jay Bryant Bryant Communication

Re: more than one fo:flow in fo:page-sequence

2005-09-27 Thread JBryant
Ok, i want to make a head, a body and a foot part of my site! So i have to implement a xsl-region-before, xsl-region-body and xsl-region-after part on my site! You understand?!? But i can only implement a fo:flow flow-name=xsl-region-before or a fo:flow flow-name=xsl-region-body but not

Re: compressing pdf response

2005-09-19 Thread JBryant
J.Pietschmann wrote: Also, most of the PDF parts are already compressed (and re-encoded as ASCII85). A secondary compression will probably gain something between 15% and 20% for typical PDF files. Significant improvements are only to be expected in case of large embedded BMP images and in some

Re: Poor quality when printing

2005-09-07 Thread JBryant
One possibility is that your printer is substituting fonts. If your printer's fonts are very different from those specified in the PDF, the change can be very noticeable (and often very unattractive). If your printer has a setting to not substitute, try that. If the printer has such a setting,

Re: PDF Header alignment

2005-07-20 Thread JBryant
You can set the alignment properties on the blocks within the table cells, thus: fo:table table-layout=fixed fo:table-column column-width=2in/ fo:table-column column-width=2.5in/ fo:table-column column-width=2in/ fo:table-body fo:table-row fo:table-cell fo:block


2005-06-23 Thread JBryant
The Compliance page (at says space-before.optimum is supported, so you could try changing space-before to space-before.optimum. Jay Bryant Bryant Communication Services (presently consulting at Synergistic Solution

Re: XML2PDF formatting progress

2005-06-02 Thread JBryant
You can do XSLT processing separately, with xsltproc. It's a pretty quick process, compared to the FOP step. The xsltproc step will produce the single FO file you want, which FOP will accept. I haven't been following this conversation in full, but the above paragraph caught my eye. You

Re: Getting Screen Output while Processing?

2005-05-18 Thread JBryant
Hi, Luke, If I gather correctly, the fellow with the problem is looking for a way to customize the output of the [INFO] tags or (more precisely, I think) generate his own [INFO] tags. He's processing a large number of tables, which is going very slowly (tables being FOP's slow spot, after all)

Re: problems with docbook term

2005-04-28 Thread JBryant
Hi, Luis, I have not bumped into the situation of a null value causing this error, so I can't offer any direct advice about that. However, I can think of a fix for it that you can do in your XSLT - something on the order of: xsl:apply-templates match=xref xsl:choose xsl:when

Re: Basic help needed

2005-04-21 Thread JBryant
Well, FO doesn't have any sense of breaking at an arbitrary number of characters. The FO idiom is to fill the line until the end of the line or the end of the text is reached. If you really want to break the text every eighty lines, you can do it with XSLT and then put each chunk in its own

Re: Generating table of contents using FO and FOP?

2005-04-20 Thread JBryant
Hi, Mike, I decided to give a non-mode method a go. I also decided to use XSLT 1.0. Here's the result: Given this toy XML source file: book front id=1 !-- Title, copyright, etc. -- chapter title=Known and Suspected Contributors id=11 !-- Content here somewhere! -- /chapter

Re: Generating table of contents using FO and FOP?

2005-04-19 Thread JBryant
Take a look at the author of that message - proof that what goes around comes around. Jay Bryant Bryant Communication Services (presently consulting at Synergistic Solution Technologies) Mike J Boyersmith [EMAIL PROTECTED] 04/19/2005 11:43 AM Please respond to

Encryption and bookmarks (was RE: FOP - -noannotations)

2005-04-18 Thread JBryant
I went through the same ordeal, and when I finally got the encryption to work I discovered that my pdf bookmarks became unreadable. So, if you have bookmarks in your pdf that you want to keep, you may want to skip trying to get the encryption installed. Me, too. It'd be very nice if

Re: Generating table of contents using FO and FOP?

2005-04-18 Thread JBryant
The only trouble is that tables of contents aren't generally rendered as tables. Each is generally rendered as a series of paragraphs. Jay Bryant Bryant Communication Services (presently consulting at Synergistic Solution Technologies) Luke Shannon [EMAIL PROTECTED] 04/18/2005 01:27 PM

Re: Need info

2005-04-15 Thread JBryant
I can think of three ways, each one successively more painful than the previous: 1. Draw it in a drawing applications and pick it up with fo:external-graphic. 2. Create an SVG. 3. Create a table. More about doing this as a table. Provided your data is pretty simple, you can create a bar

Re: Can tables be nested within one another...

2005-04-15 Thread JBryant
No worries. I'm enough of a control freak to not rely on automatic layout of anything, even in systems that let me do it. Besides, I'm making plenty fine documents with FOP as it is, so anything more is just a bonus anyway. Jay Bryant Bryant Communication Services (presently consulting at

Re: Best Practices for Images and FOP 0.20.5

2005-04-13 Thread JBryant
Hi, Dave, I can't point you to a guide, but I can share my experiences. Being a technical writer, I've had occasion to embed lots of screen shots in lots of documents and then render PDF versions of those documents with FOP. In the process, I've learned a couple things. Naturally, you need to

Re: Spam:HTML tags in XML with XSL-FO

2005-04-07 Thread JBryant
Bear in mind that, when you put HTML tags into XML source files, those tags aren't HTML tags. They are XML elements, same as everything else in the document. By coincidence, they happen to have the same names as some HTML tags. In other words, HTML tags are just like other elements until an

RE: How can I rotate text for a 90o sidebar?

2005-04-04 Thread JBryant
I hadn't really looked at this because the huge indentations put me off, but now I've gotten around to it. You can do this without disabling escape characters and by using literal result elements. I'm inserting the whole stylesheet because the named template needs to be called with certain