Re: How to prevent SVG Image from caching

2005-05-10 Thread Chris Bowditch
Amita Rathore wrote: I am using data scheme to insert an image. like this : fo:instream-foreign-object svg:svg xmlns:svg=; xmlns:xlink=; width=542px height=506px svg:image width=64 height=48

Re: How to force a page break between tables

2005-05-10 Thread Chris Bowditch
Mike Trotman wrote: Your FO code works fine in FOP 0.20.5. I get two tables - and table 2 starts on a fresh page. (and the separator row spans across columns). So - a mystery or something else not yet implemented in 1.0? break-before wasnt working in the HEAD code until recently. If you absolutely

Re: Next realease and watermark

2005-05-10 Thread Chris Bowditch
Zdenek Machac wrote: Halo, FOP is very great and interesting application and is core of our web server (univerzity intranet). I have only two questions: 1) Are there any plans or dates for next release of FOP ? FOP is an open source project and developed by volunteers who dont work to deadlines.

Re: Favorite Bullet characters

2005-04-01 Thread Chris Bowditch
Siegfried Heintze wrote: I want to have nested html or powerpoint style bullets. Solid discs, circles, empty squares, solid squares, double greater thans, etc... What are the favorite fonts and character codes for this? ZapfDingbats is my favourite font for the bullet characters, because it is one

Re: Newbe PCL question

2005-04-01 Thread Chris Bowditch
Charles Griswold wrote: I've been trying an example of generating FO for a PCL printer. I have two printers, a HP 1210 Multifunction and a Canon s820. I get a printer error when I send the pcl stream to the hp and no response from the Canon. I'm guessing that these printers do not support PCL.

Re: Two column index not formatted properly

2005-04-06 Thread Chris Bowditch
Peter Bittner wrote: snip/ There are 2 problems: 1. The second column starts too much up, on the very upper border of the page. This conflicts with the title of the page (which is a rather long word in German: Stichwortverzeichnis) and overwrites the last characters of that word. This

Re: Watermark

2005-04-07 Thread Chris Bowditch
Gang Li wrote: I made an image with Invalid as the red text in it and it seems working now. J Thanks. Another question, does anybody know how can I turn it 45 degrees? You will need to do this in the image itself, using appropriate image editor. Chris

Re: Waht is the dependency list for fop

2005-04-26 Thread Chris Bowditch
delbd wrote: Sorry i thought it was also for people embedding fop too. No. Internal fop development only. By the way, list of jar in lib is not really explicit. There is a batik.jar but the batik maven distribution is splitted in a lot of jars :) You must be talking about the maven distribution.

Re: Uncommon NoClassDefFoundError exception

2005-05-03 Thread Chris Bowditch
Warren Young wrote: The Web Maestro wrote: output went to PostScript Alas, it isn't that simple. I tried that, and I get the same error. Too bad; I could have used ps2pdf from the Ghostscript package to complete the conversion. Since you are using JDK 1.4.x cant you just use the headless

Re: java ClassCastException on external-graphic

2005-05-04 Thread Chris Bowditch
Jeroen van der Vegt wrote: Hi, I'm trying to position an image in a PDF file which is generated using fop 0.20.5. Adding an image to static-content is no problem, but when I try to add it in a block-container, fop crashes. This is the relevant fop code: xsl:template name=foo


2005-06-23 Thread Chris Bowditch
H. krishna wrote: Hi All, The space-before attribute is not working on my stylefile. Anybody advise me? space-before works fine for me. Can you be a bit more specific? What fo are you specifying it on, e.g. fo:block or something else? And by not working do you mean space is not enforced or

Re: FOP default font

2005-06-28 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: snip/ But is it possible to use any other fonts than Helvetica (f.x. Times New Roman) without having to define entries in userconfig.xml ? Yes, there are 14 standard fonts that come with FOP out of the box: Helvetica normal, bold, italic, bold+italic Times

Re: fo:page-sequence initial-page-number

2005-06-29 Thread Chris Bowditch
Daniel Brown wrote: To all, If I set the initial-page-number attribute to 1, I get a blank page before each page-sequence. Is there any way around this? This is a FAQ. See: You have to specify attribute

Re: Resetting PageNumber in a single report

2005-07-04 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I need to Reset the page number(i.e. start from 1 again) after the completion of each report. Can someone please suggest how to achieve this?“ create a new page-sequence for each report and specify initial-page-number=1 on the page-sequence element. Chris

Re: FOP and Avalon

2005-07-08 Thread Chris Bowditch
Welcome back from the wildnerness :-) Jeremias Maerki wrote: On 05.07.2005 16:48:57 Chris Bowditch wrote: Yes, the logging part of avalon has been replaced by Apache Common Logging in the development version. However, there are some pieces of code that still require avalon. I'm not sure how

Re: FOP 0.20.5 and PNG

2005-07-25 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello List, I know this topic has been discussed several times, and I've so fare figured out, that I need Jimi in order to get my PNG graphics displayed in the result PDF file. So I downloaded Jimi 1.0. What I got was a collection of java files. Being quite a Java

Re: Keeping fo:block with the page's end

2005-08-05 Thread Chris Bowditch
Frank Lorenz wrote: Hi, is it possible to keep a fo:block with the end of a page? In the example below i have a page with 2 columns and 9 fo:block elements. The 9'th element should be shown at the end of the page. Have you looked at fo:footnote? It may help you achieve what you need. The

Re: Pdf version support

2005-08-12 Thread Chris Bowditch
Styrman Igor wrote: I actually thought you could use pdf as source and then use the pcl-renderer on it. I got this idea from sun-forums where an other guy brought it up misleadingly. Thanks anyway, Igor Well you can import PDFs using RenderX's XEP, but that doesn't have a PCL Renderer. FOP

Re: how to deal with the patch at Bugzilla 25900

2005-08-17 Thread Chris Bowditch
Thomas Winkler wrote: Hello, I am currently working with Apache FOP for creating PDF reports. Therefore, I need tables with dotted rows. However dotted borders are not supported by the Apache FOP 0.20.5 distribution. I searched the web and found that a patch exists.

Re: how to deal with the patch at Bugzilla 25900

2005-08-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
Thomas Winkler wrote: Hello Chris, Thanks for your fast reply ! I downloaded the latest sources and compiled them. However I get an error message (the collapsing border model on an fo:table is currently not supported by FOP) while running FOP for the following FO file. This message is a

Re: FOP 1.0dev text-align=justify custom font

2005-08-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
Martin Valkanov wrote: Hello, Hi Martin, we recently migrated from fop 0.20.5 to 1.0dev (rev232979) and can not get text-align=justify to work with custom fonts embedded in a pdf. It works ok with fop 0.20.5. Using the built-in font-family=Helvetica or font-family=Courier text is

Re: Ant: Re: how to deal with the patch at Bugzilla 25900

2005-08-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
Thomas Winkler wrote: Is there any possibility to do dotted bottom borders on a whole row ? It works for solid case in that 0.20.5 package. Sure just specify border-bottom=dotted on fo:table-row. Ooppss. I didn't write that very well. Should be specified like this:

Re: how to deal with the patch at Bugzilla 25900

2005-08-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
Thomas Winkler wrote: Hi Chris, Really strange, it still doesn't work on fo:table-row. However border-after-style=dotted and border-bottom=dotted works well on fo:table-cell. I suspect borders on table rows/columns aren't yet implemented because they can causes problems in a separate border

Re: FO - Adding Filler Pages for page count multiple of 16

2005-08-22 Thread Chris Bowditch
Jeremias Maerki wrote: I don't think such a thing is directly possible with XSL-FO. Your best chance is probably to do a two-pass approach, noting the number of generated pages in the first run and then injecting additional blank pages in the second run. Jeremias is right, you can't do want

Re: FO - Force Pages on same spread

2005-08-22 Thread Chris Bowditch
Prakash R wrote: Let me try to explain this with an example. I have a document which has say 10 pages. Within this document somewhere in between I have 2 pages(page number not known until the PDF is generated) which are consecutive and are someway related. So I would like for these two pages

Re: SVG rendering without border?

2005-08-23 Thread Chris Bowditch
Martin Honermeyer wrote: Hello Jeremias, I am sorry but I don't know how to get the (intermediate?) FO file. I am directly converting from an XML docbook file via XSLT DocBook stylesheets to PDF using Fop. You need to run XSLT on your docbook and input XML to generate intermediate FO file.

Re: orphans and widows

2005-08-23 Thread Chris Bowditch
Willy Reinhardt wrote: Hi, I am using fop version 0.20.5 and according the compliance page properties widows and orphans aren't supported. But after looking over the net I found some messages which said the orphans,widows properties are implemented (version 0.17.). Version 0.17 is very old.

Problem running FOP in servlet (was Re: .FO outout)

2005-08-26 Thread Chris Bowditch
Madhavi Kumar wrote: Hi all, Hi - please don't hijack other people's threads - start a new one. Im using Jakarta's FOP , to convert xml to PDF Actually its Apache's FOP. Jakarta is just a project within the Apache community. at run time im getting following exception.

Re: Endless Loop in PDF

2005-08-31 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sorry, I forgot to post the fo:external-graphics : fo:block text-align=center padding-after=15pt fo:external-graphic content-type=image/bmp src=../Publikation/Images/HS_Einfaechern.gif inline-progression-dimension.optimum=auto

Re: Tabs in FOP

2005-09-15 Thread Chris Bowditch
Christian Loock wrote: Hi everybody, Is there any way of making tabulators in fop? I mean like \t eg. No, XSL-FO has no concept exactly the same as Tabs. However, tabs are merely a convenience for putting data into tabluar format. This is also the purpose of a table. In some situations it

Re: Tabs in FOP

2005-09-16 Thread Chris Bowditch
David Harrison-Jones wrote: Hi Christian, I had to find a solution to this myself recently. In the end I used a fo:leader/ tag without any attributes. It seems to default to approximately the length of a tab space (which could be extended as required). Not exactly a simple ' \t ' but it

Re: hyphenation-dir with withespace on win-xp

2005-11-02 Thread Chris Bowditch
M. Kohnen wrote: Hallo, I'm running fop-0.20.5 on win-xp and in the config file I have the following entry entry keyhyphenation-dir/key valuec:/java and xml/fop-0.20.5/hyp Is this a typo? There should be a closing value tag, e.g. valuec:/java and xml/fop-0.20.5/hyp/value snip/ Chris

Re: extra blank page

2005-11-02 Thread Chris Bowditch
QIU Meng wrote: Hi all, I am trying to print a report by rendering PDF(using a XSL FO file), but a extra blank page is printed at the end everytime. it isn's a real blank page, there are only the header/footer. This is a FAQ. See:

Re: FOP doesn't refresh the picture in PDF

2005-11-03 Thread Chris Bowditch
Rafal Markut wrote: Hi, I generate PDF which has a picture (GIF file). Then I copy other GIF file with this same name (overwrite). I generate PDF (this same PDF, with this same name, data etc.) and ... PDF has a old picture. When I restart the application server then it displays correct

Re: Large PDF - Performance

2005-11-14 Thread Chris Bowditch
Danny wrote: Nothing else changed that I am aware of. I'm working with it now, I'm sure it is something obvious, I just don't see it yet. I am using fop 0.20.5. I read in some of the mail list messages that there is a fix for some memory leak? problems in fop trunk involving tables. The

Re: Error: / by zero

2005-11-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
Ail Sahin wrote: snip/ When I fire up the transformation I get an error: [INFO] building formatting object tree [INFO] Parsing of document complete, stopping renderer javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero at

Re: Wrapping text

2005-11-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
Ail Sahin wrote: Hi there, if I have followed XML entity contactperson Prename Surname Telephone Number /contactperson snip/ it's in the resulted PDF like that: Prename Surname Telephone Number. Bud I'd like to have a wrap after Prename Surname. You need to use whitespace-collapse and

Re: fo:external-graphic limitation?

2005-11-23 Thread Chris Bowditch
mike wrote: Hi all, I would like to load an external graphic through a parameter value? Because it does not seem to work for me ;-( For example, the following produces the error: [ERROR] Error while creating area : Error with image URL: $logo_path (No such file or directory) and no base URL

Re: region-body problem

2005-11-29 Thread Chris Bowditch
Ail Sahin wrote: Hi there, I have an stylesheet with a region-before and a region-body. The region-before extents at 8cm, because it's an area where the reveicers address is written. the region body has a margin-top of 7cm. When there is a page-break, the region-body starts at 7cm. Is there a

Re: template parameters

2005-12-05 Thread Chris Bowditch
Johan wrote: Hi all... I'm having trouble getting parameter values into my templates. I specify the parameter like this : xsl:apply-templates select=profile xsl:with-param name=customerId 1234567890 /xsl:with-param /xsl:apply-templates snip/ But I always get 'unknown'.

Re: Page Sequences

2005-12-06 Thread Chris Bowditch
Glen Mazza wrote: No doubt. But 0.90alpha1 will be getting better. Very few if any committers really understand 0.20.5 anymore, the committers who worked on it are mostly gone today. I reckon Joerg is a bit of an expert at 0.20.5 ;) Chris

Re: Error with fo:instream-foreign-object and SVG

2005-12-06 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, I have the following error, but no ide on how to fix it! You don't say which version of FOP you use, 0.20.5, or 0.90alpha1?? (...) Intrinsic dimensions of instream-foreign-object could not be determined (...) The message seems to say that you must

Re: Page Sequences

2005-12-08 Thread Chris Bowditch
Clifton Craig wrote: snip/ J, So the only time tables are realeased are at the end of a page sequence? That would explain my dilemma. Even though I use multiple smaller tables per row instead of one big table all of the smaller tables are held until the page sequence ends? That sux. Non

Re: Page Sequences

2005-12-08 Thread Chris Bowditch
Clifton Craig wrote: Chris, My apologies as I didn't mean those comments to sting. What I should have said was, that sux for me. Or even better, it sux to be me. I was only venting from my current situation and I wasn't attempting to trash talk the product at all. FOP is the perfect fit for

Re: Problem with svg

2005-12-12 Thread Chris Bowditch
Sascha Iseli wrote: hello i use the fop version 0.90alpha1 and i like to use the same fo-file for generating pdf- and rtf-files. and now i have some problems with svg-images. I don't think SVG support has yet been implemented for the RTF renderer. snip/ does anybody knows a workaround for

Re: FOP and threading

2005-12-19 Thread Chris Bowditch
Jeremias Maerki wrote: On 17.12.2005 13:40:47 Andreas L Delmelle wrote: With FOP 0.90, it shouldn't pose a problem AFAICT, to instantiate multiple FOUserAgents each linked to a different configuration. When constructing Fop instances, you can rather easily decide which FOUserAgent to

Re: Strange combination of fo:inline and fo:block produces text to disappear when page breaks

2006-01-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
J.Pietschmann wrote: [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm using fop 0.20.5 and I noticed a strange behaviour when certain combination of fo:inline and fo:block tries to print to pdf. ... Note that text disappears only when page breaks. That's a known bug. Is there any way I could go around

Re: Dynamic charts issues in batch PDF generation

2006-01-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
vijay visu wrote: snip/ These servlets should be called for each PDFs generated since each chart will be unique. My problem is that the servlets which builds the dynamic charts are called for the first time only. On the subsequent calls the old charts are only built in PDF and the servlets

Re: Gaining OutOfMemoryException during transforming

2006-01-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
Ail Sahin wrote: Hi guys, I got a strange problem during transforming XML and a XSLT to PDF. Using Version 0.20.5 of FOP. First, I create accountstatements, i.e. for GL accounts, Debitor accounts or Creditor accounts. The XML output for all GL accounts in one month is nearly 10 MB large.

Re: Gaining OutOfMemoryException during transforming

2006-01-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
Ail Sahin wrote: Chris Bowditch schrieb: snip/ Well the actual FO size is not stricly directly proportional to memory usage. It's slightly more complex than that. Memory usage depends on the exact FO used. For example, fo:table and nested tables in particular are very expensive in terms

Re: Printing on HP Unix using FOP

2006-01-25 Thread Chris Bowditch
Gosselin, Michael wrote: Hello, We have installed FOP on our HP/Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1A (Rev. 1885) operating system. We've done this so I can develop a java program to print a PDF (or other similarly rendered file) to a printer. What version of FOP are you using? The documentation for

Re: FOP Postscript layout portrait, should be landscape

2006-01-26 Thread Chris Bowditch
Ian Chris wrote: Thanks for the help, What we have done in this instance is by using some other java code and another product to read the PDF and make that into a PS stream that is sent to the printer. The reason for doing this is so we don't have to run the FOP process twice, i.e. once for

Re: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError processing fairly large table to PDF

2006-02-07 Thread Chris Bowditch
Nige White wrote: snip/ The problem is, that FOP is blowing up with an Out of memory exception. OK. Looks like you have missed out the most important piece of information here. What version of FOP do you use? I'm not asking it to process *that much* data. It should really be able to

Re: Body overlapping over the footnotes

2006-02-08 Thread Chris Bowditch
Florent Georges wrote: Hi I have a problem with the 'xsl-region-body' that overlap with the 'xsl-region-after'. I tried to reduce the problem, but I was not able to identify precisely the problem. The problem appears obvious to me, look at your simple-page-master: fo:region-body

Re: Problem on use of more pages

2006-02-10 Thread Chris Bowditch
Moreschi Lucio wrote: Hi all, I am using FOP 0.20.5 in order to create PDF documents ( for example invoices) I have this problem: When the line number of my document is higher than the one that can be included in the page of PDF document, Apache doesn’t change page and the

Re: difference between fop and xep: which is right?

2006-02-14 Thread Chris Bowditch
Jeremias Maerki wrote: On 14.02.2006 04:38:18 Paul Tremblay wrote: Thanks. This is good to know. FOP is more compliant in one area than the closed-source XEP. Hehe, I could give a nice list of things FOP does in a more compliant fashion than XEP. Yes I know, but not all of them enable

Re: FOP-PDF not opening

2006-02-14 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, We have used FOP for generation of PDF reports in our application. PDF reports opens in IE browser. The reports are working fine in our environment but at our client site PDF does not open. Screen hangs and all system resources are used by AcroRd32.exe*.*

Re: convert from XSL-FO to MSWORD

2006-02-16 Thread Chris Bowditch
Mohamed, Amgad wrote: Dear All, Is there is any way to convert from XSL-FO to MSWORD? I guess you could convert XSL-FO to RTF, as Word can open RTF files. FOP has an RTF Renderer which you can try, although its not as complete as the PDF Renderer. Chris

Re: verdana

2006-02-20 Thread Chris Bowditch
Jimmy Dixon wrote: What do I need to do to use the verdana font with fop? You need to generate some font metrics and register the Font in FOP's configuration file. The exact details of how this is done varies depending on what version of FOP you are using. For 0.20.5, see:

Re: FOP - Keeping blocks together

2006-03-02 Thread Chris Bowditch
Andreia Oliveira wrote: snip/ I need to always keep the contents of the list-item-body together. Both blocks with title and contents must be together. And of course the 2.4 - Number of the section must also be together. Tried to implement it using the code presented. It does not work. This

Re: FOP - Keeping blocks together

2006-03-03 Thread Chris Bowditch
Andreia Oliveira wrote: Thanks Chris. I was hoping that I could solve my problem without migrating to a new Fop version. Can you please give me some instructions on the steps to perform this migration? From were it can be downloaded and what do I have to properly install it? Andreia, FOP

Re: Problem with multiple font-family values

2006-03-06 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: snip/ The first listed font appears to get used. In the above example the English is OK and the kanji glyphs display as squares in the output pdf. With font-family=ArialUni, ArialNarrow the kanji displays OK but the English is also using ArialUni glyphs. I've

Re: Table border and background behaviour

2006-03-09 Thread Chris Bowditch
Christian Loock wrote: Hi, recently i encountered an interesting phenomenon. I rendered a table using fop 0.20.5. The table itself got '1 solid 1 px black' border. One of the table cells which touches this border has a coloured background. The problem is: Where the cell touches the border

Re: External-graphic in CDATA rather than URI?

2006-03-13 Thread Chris Bowditch
Noll, Jeffrey T HS wrote: Is this possible? This has been done before. A check search of the list archives revealed this thread: snip/ Chris - To

Re: Infinite loop with FOP 0.20.5

2006-03-13 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: snip/ The problem: When a long text string is inserted into a cell nead the end of a page, it overflows the end of the page and continues on the next one. Under these conditions FOP starts an infinite loop printing Does the row containing the offending cell have the

Re: Infinite loop with FOP 0.20.5

2006-03-15 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: snip/ fo:table-cell number-columns-spanned=10 number-rows-spanned=2 brd.006 fo:block xsl:use-attribute-sets=blk.007 fo:inline xsl:use-attribute-sets=blk.font.006 xsl:value-of

Re: AW: Infinite loop with FOP 0.20.5

2006-03-15 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Yes, I removed them for a test. Eventually I have succeeded to generate the PDF wih 0.91:) The reason why we are still using 0.20.5 is that it is marked as stable and the bank has some special policies... but maybe we can try to push 0.91 if it works with the old FOs.

Table Borders (was Re: AW: AW: Infinite loop with FOP 0.20.5)

2006-03-16 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Chris, There are no border-collapse attributes inside the FO - I have just checked it. A Screenshot is attached. Well in that case, the lack of border-collapse=separate on fo:table is your problem. You should have seen a bunch of Warning messages on stdout when

Re: fo:region-start, align text at bottom of region

2006-03-16 Thread Chris Bowditch
Johannes Becker wrote: Hi, sorry, missed youre follow up mail. But unfortunately display-align also doesn't work with fop 0.91beta either. I think the TODO on the compliance page means the current behaviour needs to be worked out and the

Re: TTFreader not able to convert barcode font into XML

2006-03-16 Thread Chris Bowditch
Pardha Paruchuri wrote: Hi, FOP TTF reader is not able to convert the barcode font into XML metrics file. It was able to convert other fonts like TIMES and COUR etc., In addition to the information Clay has already asked for. We are going to need to see the error message you get when you

Re: arabic font support in FOP

2006-03-17 Thread Chris Bowditch
Babar Ismail wrote: Hi, I am getting problem in rendering Arabic characters in FOP. Attached is the XSL-FO file I use. Can someone help? What is the problem?? And please say which version of FOP you are using. Thanks, Chris

Re: arabic font support in FOP

2006-03-17 Thread Chris Bowditch
Babar Ismail wrote: The font information, etc is shown in the XSL-FO file attached. But fyi.. font-family=Times New Roman,any. This is not what I meant. You need to create the metrics.xml file and register it in the userconfig.xml file. I can get any font to work but the only problem I

Re: Keep-together.

2006-03-20 Thread Chris Bowditch
Andre Groeneveld wrote: Hi All, Can some-one please help me, I have a table with two rows, then I’ve got a table in each of these rows, the reason why I did it this way, is to keep the two rows together using “keep-together.within-page=”always”, but when I got to work today, they told me

Re: How to Create an SVG File.

2006-03-20 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: How to create an SVG file, Can anybody show some example, or any tool is available ?? We use Adobe Illustrator to draw the graphic and then export it to SVG. Chris - To unsubscribe, e-mail:

Re: Performance issue in generating PDFs for Custom Fonts in UNIX env.

2006-03-24 Thread Chris Bowditch
Ganji, Jithendra wrote: Hi, We are using FOP 0.20.5 for PDF conversion. We registered “Courier New” custom font by following the steps given at _ We generated appropriate font metrics file(cour.xml) for cour.ttf file using

Re: Unicode or font problem using Fop Trunk

2006-03-27 Thread Chris Bowditch
Benoit THIERRY wrote: Hi, I am trying to generate a pdf file from a 'fo file' which content is in Greek. This file was working using version 0.20.5 but is not working anymore. So I guess you are using 0.91beta then? Indeed, the greek characters are replaced by a # character except for the

Re: Unknown Error

2006-04-05 Thread Chris Bowditch
kralik wrote: Please HELP! I tried to use FOP Trunk version, but I always get following message: *Exception in thread main java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/fop/cli/Main* This is a classpath problem. Look into FOP.bat and you will see that it references some files with .jar

Re: Gif and RTF

2006-04-05 Thread Chris Bowditch
Ian Boston wrote: Hi, I noticed a post on GIF RTF on Jan 09, 2006. (reporting it isnt supported as yet) Are there plans to fix it, or has it been fixed ? I don't think anyone has done this yet. If not can I submit a patch to make it work (transcoding GIF to PNG or JPG) ? Yes please :)

Re: Couldn't find hyphenation pattern

2006-04-05 Thread Chris Bowditch
kralik wrote: Hello! I have a problem with FOP Trunk. If I run FOP, it transform my document, but without hyphenation. Statement of FOP always ends with following message: *Couldn't find hyphenation pattern cs* Did you download the fop-hyph.jar available separately from OFFO? The hypenation

Re: FOP 0.20.5: preserving preformatted text

2006-04-06 Thread Chris Bowditch
Diego F Guillen wrote: I have been trying to display pre-formatted text in FO, unsuccessfully. I tried: fo:block linefeed-treatment=preserve white-space-treatment=preserve [preformatted text goes here] /fo:block How do you do it? I think you also need white-space-collapse=false on

Re: external-graphic size in PDF

2006-04-07 Thread Chris Bowditch
Will Peterson wrote: snip/ fo:external-graphic height=300px src=myImage.jpg/ Using FOP .2 the image comes out perfect, resized to a width of 300 pixels. The newer FOP, however, does not resize the image causing (in my case) the image to be bigger than the virtual PDF paper it is rendered

Re: Urgent:Special characters in PDF

2006-04-10 Thread Chris Bowditch
khalid wrote: Hi, In our webapplication java-servlet-jsp based we are using fop to generate PDF.We are using ArialUnicodeMS font for generating the PDF with special characters by loading it through the Options.every thing is fine we are able to get the required special characters. but the

Re: Rtf Problem

2006-04-11 Thread Chris Bowditch
Alessio wrote: Hi, i've a problem with nested trable in rtf, the question is that nested table fop's rtf format doesn't resolve. Is it a bug ? I don't think nested tables are supported in the RTF Renderer yet. FOP's RTF Renderer is not yet as mature as the PDF and PS Renderers. Chris

Re: table border irregularity

2006-04-21 Thread Chris Bowditch
Peng Zuo wrote: snip/ Can anybody please give me any hints how to fix this? Is there anything wrong with the FO file? Please help. In order to help you I need to know which version of FOP you are using. The way table borders works is very different in 0.20.5 versus 0.92. I did look at

Re: PsUtils

2006-04-21 Thread Chris Bowditch
Andre Groeneveld wrote: Hi, does anybody know a email address where I can get help on Psutils? Use google. Your question is a bit off topic for this list. Chris - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional

Re: embedded font for PCL

2006-04-26 Thread Chris Bowditch
Camilakill wrote: Hi, I am trying to use embedded fonts. When I run the class to render into PDF everything works fine. But when I run the class to render PCL it doesn't. Thats right. The PCL Renderer in FOP 0.20.5 has not been developed to the same extent as the PDF Renderer. There are a

Re: how to avoid page break after span=all

2006-04-26 Thread Chris Bowditch
Manuel Strehl wrote: Hi. I'm using FOP 0.90 and am just about to despair on that one: FOP 0.90 is alpha quality. There have been 2 builds since then which fix a wide range of bugs. I recommend you upgrade to the latest release 0.92beta. Out of interest what problems are you having? My

Re: embedded font for PCL

2006-04-26 Thread Chris Bowditch
Camilakill wrote: I now tested it using png and it doesn't work. [ERROR] Error while creating area : Error creating FopImage object (file:C:/Project/D42/workspace/FOPProject/xml/image/img.png) : Jimi image library not available It works with bmp... I am trying to find out how I convert a

Re: fo:page-number in SVG

2006-04-28 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: snip/ But it seems that FOP ignores content inside a SVG :( SVG is procedd by Batik. Does anybody know how I can output tha rotated pagenumber? Upgrade to FOP 0.92beta and you will be able to rotate text without using SVG. Just put the page number into a Block

Re: Background image in fo:region-body not coming

2006-05-02 Thread Chris Bowditch
saurabh chaudhary wrote: Hi, I am trying to attach a background image to a pdf using the following tag: fo:region-body margin-top=20mm margin-bottom=35mm margin-left =1mm margin-right=1mm border=0.2pt solid black background-image='WaterMark.jpeg '/ Atlhough the path is correct it is

Re: table-footer

2006-05-02 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello List, I'va a table that uses a table-footer. I want the table-footer always at the bottom of a page. My problem is, that the tables content is lets say for example only 3 rows height. In this case the footer is placed under the third line of the table. How can I

Re: bug fo:footnote with FOP ?

2006-05-12 Thread Chris Bowditch
Philippe Drix wrote: At 10:12 12/05/2006, you wrote: snip/ Then just rework your stylesheets to use the separate border model on tables (border-collapse=separate). This border model is fully implemented in 0.92beta and generates better-looking output than the somewhat strange

Re: FOP 0.92 : Text Rendering problem

2006-05-16 Thread Chris Bowditch
Debasish Jana wrote: Hi: While trying to render a XSL-FO document to PLAIN_TEXT, the text rendering output shows lots of extra line breaks and spaces. FOP is not the best tool for generating plain text because FOP works internally with precise coordinates, placing Text at exact

Re: fo:block in Fop092 beta

2006-05-17 Thread Chris Bowditch
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello List, I've a block using the white-space-collapse attribut set to false: Inside the block is a whitespace character only. fo:block white-space-collapse=false fo:block Once I render this, FOP025 gives me an empty line what is exactly what I want. FOP092 beta some

Re: disable-output-escaping in xsl

2006-05-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
Edward McMasters wrote: snip/ paramString=fo:block/fo:block and then in my XSL: xsl:value-of select=$paramString / but I see the fo:block and /fo:block in my PDF. I tried setting the value-of to disable-output-escaping (this works in HTML) but this did not help: This is really a pure

Re: space-after at 0.92b

2006-05-18 Thread Chris Bowditch
Dirk Bromberg wrote: Hi all, when i need some space after some fo elements i set a space-after=x mm to these elements. but at 0.92b there are no spaces in output. (like says...) spaces will be collapsed if they

Re: Hello world test with fop

2006-05-22 Thread Chris Bowditch
Mathieu Malaterre wrote: Hello there, I have just started with XSL-FO and I have the following problem. I am not able to produce the proper pdf file. Here is what I have: here is what I should have:

Re: Need help with Continued Overpage...

2006-05-22 Thread Chris Bowditch
Adam Davies wrote: Hi, Question: How can I put Continued overpage at the bottom of the first page of a sequence if the sequence happens to produce 2 or more pages but not supply when it only produces 1 page? Any help or insight into this would be greatful? I've tried using markers but

Re: Specifying table width in percentage

2006-05-24 Thread Chris Bowditch
Suresh Koya wrote: Hi, I am using FOP 0.20.5. I am facing a problem creating table by specifying width in percentage. Even though I specify the width as 75% it takes the whole width of 100%. Could anyone let me know what I am missing here. Nothing. Its a bug in FOP 0.20.5. Upgrade to

Re: Specifying table width in percentage

2006-05-25 Thread Chris Bowditch
Suresh Koya wrote: I could not get this to work with the beta build also. Should I file a bug to this respect. What couldn't you get to work? A table with width=75% ??? Note, that table-layout=auto still isn't implemented in 0.92beta. Chris snip/

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