Using user defined variables in Macro Definition [73875]

2020-06-25 Tema obsahu Milton
I am writing a macro to create script/procedure header to look something like this: # # Procedure:FooBar # Author: John Smith # Written Thursday, 25 June 2020 # description: Create foobar object # Function FooBar { [CmdletBinding]

Re: Interactive clip order [73521]

2020-05-21 Tema obsahu Milton
Thanks Jan -- PSPad freeware editor

Interactive clip order [73499]

2020-05-20 Tema obsahu Milton
I am writing an interactive clip which has a number of fields which I want displayed in a specific order. It does not seem to matter which order I build the [macro definition] section, the questions are never asked in the order I want. [Macro definition] %args%=@E Arguments: %autor%=@E Author

Powershell typing and PSPad labels, preprocessors [73447]

2020-05-14 Tema obsahu Milton
Recently I have found myself doing more and more powershell scripting. Some of the things PSPad seems not to be able to recognise are: 1. Variables which start with $ 2. Strongly typed variables named like [array]$var 3. Function attributes and arguments With 3, these are as follows Attributes -

Powershell string continuation [71835]

2019-09-08 Tema obsahu Milton
In Powershell you can have the following code: $StraightAddr = 'Google LLC|1600 Amphitheatre Parkway|Mountain View, CA 94043|USA' You can also have the same address in a string put together like this: $FormattedAddr = 'Google LLC 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 USA' In the

Re: Thank you, Jan [69774]

2018-01-19 Tema obsahu Milton
I too would like to wish you a prosperous year Jan. I have been using PSPad for so many years I have lost count. I have used other editors which were available in environments I've worked however where ever I can I have always come back to PSPad. Well done sir. --

Re: ASCII character table vs ALT+num keys do not match [69672]

2017-12-14 Tema obsahu Milton
Using 0167 and not 167 did it. Thanks Jan :-)) -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: ASCII character table vs ALT+num keys do not match [69665]

2017-12-13 Tema obsahu Milton
Regional settings are English (Australia) Location is Australia Keyboard and Languages -> Text Services and Input Languages settings are: General Tab Default input language is English (Australia) - US Installed services are English (Australia) and English (United Sates) in that order

ASCII character table vs ALT+num keys do not match [69661]

2017-12-12 Tema obsahu Milton

Re: Definition file macros and other commands [69611]

2017-12-06 Tema obsahu Milton
Thanks very much Jan -- PSPad freeware editor

Definition file macros and other commands [69514]

2017-11-08 Tema obsahu Milton
I am sure this has been raised before however I am unable to find anywhere that clearly outlines all the things you can do in the definition (.DEF) files. Examples: 1. Adding a pipe (|) instructs PSPad to place the cursor at that location. How do I tell PSPad to put a pipe character on the line.

PSPad Script Reference Language [61451]

2013-11-04 Tema obsahu Milton
As far as I can tell the hyperlink below pointing to the script reference language is the same as that in the help structure. Both seem to be getting a little old and I am sure I have seen over the time new commands stated as being added. However I am unable to locate any mention let alone

Re: Print with current font size [61392]

2013-10-28 Tema obsahu Milton
My bad - it was staring me in the face :-/ --,61352,61392 PSPad freeware editor

Re: PSPad unicode 4.5.8 (2462) English [61389]

2013-10-27 Tema obsahu Milton
Thanks for fixing the VBScript class issue - much appreciated. I may have missed something however since updating to 2462 Auto Complete now pastes the currently selected item with the spacebar. Is there a way to revert this to the previous behaviour where the spacebar ends auto complete and

Re: Code Explorer and vbscript class Property Get code blocks [61094]

2013-08-20 Tema obsahu Milton
see sample below Class employeeclass Private m_first Private m_last Private m_salary Public Property Get first first = m_first End Property Public Property Let first(value) m_first = value End Property Public Property Set first(Value) set

Code Explorer and vbscript class Property Get code blocks [61077]

2013-08-14 Tema obsahu Milton
It seems PSPad does not recognise the Property Get construct in a class construct. --,61077,61077 PSPad freeware editor

Interactive clips Sufix option [59617]

2012-09-10 Tema obsahu Milton
I have the situation where I want to include a comma after text and combo entries in my clip. However these commas are only required if the fields was used (the fields are optional). What I need is something like the _Text_ field except in this case I need the additional data to be added after

Re: PSPad unicode 4.5.7 (2449) English [59578]

2012-08-21 Tema obsahu Milton
Shadeclan: Thanks for continuing to support PSPad. It really is the best. Just for giggles and squirts, I looked at Notepad ++ because I wanted better code completion. PSPad code completion is much better, much

User highlighter - added possibility to switch off string escaping [59013]

2012-04-09 Tema obsahu Milton
Fantastic! Thanks Jan --,59013,59013 PSPad freeware editor

Re: Feature Request: save search text [58861]

2012-03-26 Tema obsahu Milton
pspad: This functionality is planned. I will add possibility to save search/replace dialog settings and recall it. Has this ever been

Re: User Highlighter and UAC [58412]

2012-02-07 Tema obsahu Milton
Thanks Jan I look forward to the Win 7 update in the future. --,58387,58412 PSPad freeware editor

User Highlighter and UAC [58387]

2012-02-05 Tema obsahu Milton
I recently upgraded to a new machine with Windows 7. I now find with UAC turned on, I am unable to save changes to my user highlighters. Is there a way to move the Syntax folder to the ProgramData folder or provide PSPad with elevated privilidges? --

Re: Correction/Improvement proposals [58100]

2012-01-10 Tema obsahu Milton
pspad: 12) Why should do it? Consider this: You replace notepad with pspad. From explorer you right click a script and select print.

vbscript escape sequence [57699]

2011-12-06 Tema obsahu Milton
I have been having this issue for some time now and have just downloaded 2433 which stll presents the issue. When you use [color=#00]wscript[/color][color=#ff].[/color][color=#00]echo[ /color] [color=#A52A2A]Drive:[/color] [color=#ff][/color] [color=#A52A2A]\[/color]

MS Access 2003 and SQL dialect [57264]

2011-10-13 Tema obsahu Milton
I am trying to decipher some sql queries in MS Access 2003 and am finding how Access presents the text is disgraceful. I then copy the sql statement to PsPad but am not sure which dialect to set for Access code. If anyone is able to advise that would be most appreciated. --

Re: Post clip text selection [57105]

2011-08-31 Tema obsahu Milton
I am sorry but I do not understand the term anchor code clip. From what you are saying Jan I understand there is a way for me to write a clip that will run when the template is opened. What I do not understand is how to craft that clip. I have done a search for anchor code clip and only come

Re: Post clip text selection [57031]

2011-08-20 Tema obsahu Milton
I am using ctrl+space however can not figure out a way to do it. Any assistance would be appreciated. --,57025,57031 PSPad freeware editor

Clip Chaining [57009]

2011-08-16 Tema obsahu Milton
I have an interactive clip to create the header of my scripts. I also have a number of clips which insert standard constants and so on. What I want to do is to have the clip that creates the header with the interactive clips then call the required other clip(s) and insert the constants they

VBScript Date literal [57003]

2011-08-15 Tema obsahu Milton
VBScript allows you to assign a date to a variable like this: Mydate = #01/01/2011# It would be nice if PSPad recognised this and was highlighted in some way. Currently the digits are highlighted as numbers and the rest as identifiers. --,57003,57003 PSPad


2011-08-15 Tema obsahu Milton
Has the possibility changed since this original post? I too would like to add some additional key word categories. --,39923,57004 PSPad freeware editor

Re: User highlighter number definition [56887]

2011-07-19 Tema obsahu Milton
pspad: The correct is highlight whole form as number, cause H is part of number. OK thats sounds fine. pspad:

Re: Multihighlighter and user defined highlighters [56888]

2011-07-19 Tema obsahu Milton
I have had some minor success here by putting a %code% around the code in the .wsf file before the scipt language=VBScript statement. With this in place, the required user highlighter is used. This however presents anouter problem in that the script engine does not recognise the %..% construct

User highlighter number definition [56875]

2011-07-16 Tema obsahu Milton
I am in the process if creating my own VBScript definition file with many new additions. One of the problems I have come across is there seems no way to tell pspad the statement const HKLM = H8002 is assigning the constant HKLM the *hexidecimal number* _8002_. There needs to be a way to

Re: Multihighlighter and user defined highlighters [56721]

2011-06-18 Tema obsahu Milton
pspad: In program settings / Multihighlighter check: Open files: [x]%..% in multihighlighter This has been done. The problem has been

Multihighlighter and user defined highlighters [56666]

2011-06-07 Tema obsahu Milton
I am in the process of creating a totally revamped VBScript user highlighter which will include many constants and common object names, properties and methods I use on a regular basis. I would like to use this highlighter inside the Multi Highlighter so that I can use it against .WSF files. My