Re: v5.06 - won't start from text file double-click [75293]

2021-04-12 Tema obsahu joemarfice
No idea. That's not really visible to users, since the rev was the same, and the download site doesn't list the build # AFAICT. -- PSPad freeware editor

v5.06 - won't start from text file double-click [75276]

2021-04-12 Tema obsahu joemarfice
When launching PSPad by double-clicking on a text file in File Explorer (with PSPad set as the default text editor, obviously), I get the following error in a popup: cite: Error reading StatusBar.Left: Cannot create

Re: Multi-Line Search Testers Needed [75274]

2021-04-12 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Installing 5.06 fixed the problem, without reinstalling the driver at all. -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Multi-Line Search Testers Needed [75118]

2021-03-31 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Installing the latest version of PSPad (5.05 (533) 2/7/2021) broke phReplace for me. The script won't bring up its window, whether I use the key combination or directly choose it from the Scripts menu. Other scripts still work. When I try to register the dll from the PSPad folder using the

PSPad crashes upon opening 2 files [74447]

2020-12-03 Tema obsahu joemarfice
If I select two text files, and then hit Enter, I expect PSPad to launch and open both. It tries to.. but then crashes repeatedly with an application error. Tested on various text files, including empty ones. Version 5.03 (377). Error dump follows. cite:

Re: Multi File Name Find [73796]

2020-06-19 Tema obsahu joemarfice
@pspad, I would support banning this user. Every single thread I've seen from them is rude, unintelligible, and uncooperative. You don't need the heartburn. We don't need the noise. -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Swap with Line Above/Below gets confused [73745]

2020-06-10 Tema obsahu joemarfice
OK, by coincidence I just booted a new computer with Windows 10, so I installed the PSPad dev version you mentioned, recreated the file:| cite: 123456789-123456789-

Swap with Line Above/Below gets confused [73707]

2020-06-07 Tema obsahu joemarfice
If I use the shortcut Ctrl+Up to move the current paragraph upwards, but Wrap is on, it treats the soft-wrap as a paragraph end. So, if the editor wrap is off, it originally looks like: cite: 123456789-123456789-

Re: Find Files - Exclude [73163]

2020-03-29 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Never mind, I'm an idiot. It's XYCopy that's giving me problems... a program I like almost as much as PSPad. Thanks. -- PSPad freeware editor

Find Files - Exclude [73160]

2020-03-29 Tema obsahu joemarfice
I was able to figure out how to exclude files matching a pattern, by using the Add current button. I expected "*.zip" to exclude all zip files, but instead it's "file:*.zip". OK. Got it. But I still can't figure out how to exclude folders matching "Archive". "*\Archive\" won't exclude them, for

New (developer's) Build - yay! but request... [72460]

2020-01-16 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Thanks for rushing out the fix to some bugs and requests - especially when you are under stress at your "real" job as well. :) 5.0.3b363 seems to fix the program crashes I was having. However, probably because it's not a full release, scripting support is struck-through (not available, even if

Re: PHReplace & PSPad bugs on PSPad v5.02 [72303]

2020-01-06 Tema obsahu joemarfice
1. I finally realized the PHReplace developer is on another site, so I'll take the issue there. 2. Thanks! 3. Thanks! 4. With the hotkey problem of #3 corrected, the only issue is the slight real estate it takes up. Maybe someday I'll learn to use it. --

PHReplace & PSPad bugs on PSPad v5.02 [72290]

2020-01-04 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Since upgrading, I've noticed the following: 1. PHReplace addin often does not work (and I realize you didn't write this addin). Sometimes it highlights the correct text, but doesn't replace. Sometimes it can't find obvious examples at all. Sometimes it finds one example out of hundreds - but


2020-01-04 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Maki, the author is correct. You've posted many questions without adequate explanation, and it looks like you are not bothering to learn the software before coming here and asking for help. This is not a tutorial forum. We are not mindreaders. And, while you cannot help this, your very poor

Re: Many fonts are missing from PSPad. [72288]

2020-01-04 Tema obsahu joemarfice
To expand on this topic: Because PSPad is a text editor, not a WYSIWYG editor with lots of formatting like Word, people use it to create format-free documents. The text you select in PSPad ONLY affects how the files look here; Notepad and Word will continue to use their own defaults. There are

TextDiff dropbox only with Code Explorer Window [72285]

2020-01-03 Tema obsahu joemarfice
I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but the handy "TextDiff" dropbox that pops up in the upper right when you drag a new file over PSPad only seems to appear if the Code Explorer Window is visible (Ctrl+Shift+E). I can't find it documented anywhere... so maybe this question at least will

Persistent R/O mode after changing attribute [71917]

2019-10-24 Tema obsahu joemarfice
I have read on the three possible "modes" for PSPad to handle read-only files, but none of them seem to address this problem. It's either a bug, or I'm missing a setting... If I open a R/O (r-o) file, a marker to the left of the tab filename shows me why I can't edit. If I then close that file,

MS VBScript files not highlighted [71783]

2019-07-11 Tema obsahu joemarfice
The highlighter function works fine for other files, like *.bat and *.bas, but the *.vbs and *.asa files are not recognized. WSH scripting is turned on. The VBS extension is only assigned to MS VBScript. Can someone suggest what I'm missing? --

Re: Feature request: "list" function with extra-lines in "find" options [71= 347]

2019-04-02 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Agreed! -b and -a should be in every text-filter/list tool in the world. It's so useful! -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Feature Request - Native Multi-line Search/Replace [71346]

2019-04-02 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Alternatively, adding a special character that matches CR/LF/CR+LF (each, or all) as Word has would be equally useful, IMO. So, the Find string "ABC DEF" would match in a line that ends with "ABC" followed by a line that begins "DEF" - just in case I wasn't clear. --


2019-03-11 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Thanks! You are truly the best! -- PSPad freeware editor


2019-03-11 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Two things have recently changed in my PSPad installation, and I have no idea why. First, there's a gray box to the upper-right, in the text area, that reads "TextDiff". I can't move or close it. Dropping a file there doesn't start a text comparison. No idea why it's there or how to get rid of


2018-08-20 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Jan, I'm afraid 5.0 is even buggier than OP suggested. First, there's no such thing as a "System" group in Settings - at least, not in the English version. There's "System integration", but it doesn't offer an option for "Allow Scripts Menu", as you suggest. In fact v5.0's Direct Edit of


2017-09-08 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Given this text: a{b () c}d If you press Ctrl+Shift+M (select everything between matching brackets), you will get the following selections, depending on where your cursor is when you press the key combo: After 'a': whole {..} section (correct behavior) Before 'b': whole {..}

Re: PSPad's autonaming of new files doesn't work [66346]

2015-12-13 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Thank you - upgrading fixed it! -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: PSPad's autonaming of new files doesn't work [66340]

2015-12-12 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Yes, you have correctly tested what is supposed to happen, which I described as the desired behavior. That's not what happens on my installation, however. -- PSPad freeware editor

PSPad's autonaming of new files doesn't work [66334]

2015-12-10 Tema obsahu joemarfice
New install on a new machine, and whereas before PSPad would nicely suggest a filename from the first text line on new files, now I just get "New1.txt". What checkbox/system integration trick am I missing? Also, the Program Setting > Files and Dirs > "New Default: Text" / "Always use this type"

Re: New file autonaming [63159]

2014-09-17 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Yes, that's what I was doing. I create a new text file. I type Bob. I hit Ctrl+S. On my tower: The Save dialog comes up with a suggested name of Bob.txt. On my laptop: The Save dialog comes up with a suggested name of File1.txt. --,63122,63159 PSPad freeware

Re: New file autonaming [63142]

2014-09-15 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Nope, that wasn't it. I also removed txt from the registered file types; no effect. Thanks for the speedy reply, though. --,63122,63142 PSPad freeware editor

New file autonaming [63122]

2014-09-14 Tema obsahu joemarfice
In one installation of PSPad new files have a suggested name based on the first line of text. In another installation, new files default to names like New1.txt. How do I trigger the first-line autonaming feature? TIA. --,63122,63122 PSPad freeware editor

PSPad won't save settings [61187]

2013-09-15 Tema obsahu joemarfice
No matter what I do, PSPad won't save settings, such as: SettingsProgram Settings...Editor Part 2Real Tabs I've tried it while logged in as both standard User and Administrator on Windows. Before reinstalling the OS and then PSPad, it worked fine. Windows 7, SP1 PSPad v 4.5.7 build 2450 --

Re: TextDiff with other tabs [50228]

2009-06-21 Tema obsahu joemarfice
Thanks, _vbr_, but the problem was I didn't know this existed! I discovered it by accident when I right-clicked an inactive tab, which I almost never do. Right-clicking the active tab does not show such an option - even one greyed out. --,50203,50228 PSPad

Re: TextDiff with other tabs [50229]

2009-06-21 Tema obsahu joemarfice
pspad: New PSPad shows you line differences under textdifs panels What does this sentence mean? --