2020-06-10 Tema obsahu lgk
pspad: But what I need is general concept. I will think about it. While I can't give you a technical concept in detail, I can give you


2020-06-09 Tema obsahu lgk
I think if you can solve it technical, it can be of good use. I am not sure how many others would use this feature when it is there. I am sure some people will not mind having this feature. And I am very certain that it can be implemented not that difficult. Worst case with a text file saving


2020-06-09 Tema obsahu lgk
pspad: No, it doesn't. All is about the work style. If you don't want to lose your work and you want to have file on the place you want, you need: If I want to add new file to existing project, I open new file, save


2020-06-08 Tema obsahu lgk
pspad: This feature is there years. What you need is activate it. Program settings / Backup But it won't work for unsaved files, will


2020-06-08 Tema obsahu lgk
maki: You probably cannot restore unsaved data if any BSOD occurs,... What you could do is to implement auto save ever 5 minutes for


2020-06-04 Tema obsahu lgk
Professor Bernd: I wanted to help you, I didn't mean it personally, and I apologize if it sounded that way. Oh, thanks. Apologize


2020-06-02 Tema obsahu lgk
Professor Bernd: Ask yourself: If you made changes to a document, close the editor and do NOT want to save the changes, what would you say if the editor saves the document without asking you?


2020-05-25 Tema obsahu lgk
pspad: PSPad doesn't save it? When you close the program it will ask to save it. For some users it is more convenient, if it will just


2020-05-25 Tema obsahu lgk
It's a question of convenience. For a user it usually makes no big difference if: - He closes the laptop - He must restart the computer - The computer restarts itself - etc. What makes the difference is, whether he has the documents after that incident and weather he is bugged with questions to


2020-04-25 Tema obsahu lgk
Thanks for your reply pspad! The behavior you describe is when you suspend the computer. But that will not work when you close the app. My proposal would be that following happens when you close PSPad: - No question if you want to save new unsaved files (configurable) - After opening PSPad again,


2020-04-23 Tema obsahu lgk
Well, why should I give it a crazy name all the time? Then I need to select a folder and later I need to delete the file too in most cases.. Why PSPad can't do that for me? -- PSPad freeware editor https://www.pspad.com


2020-04-22 Tema obsahu lgk
I know this topic is old, but I want to add my point of view: I use text editors not only for sophisticated stuff like programming, but also for things like quick notes and quick text changes, that wouldn't work within other programs. So I might write a quick shopping list, some ideas, reformat