Re: Access Violation [73926]

2020-07-08 Tema obsahu ppetree
Sorry... I was at 5.0.3 (377). Last time I checked it was the latest! LOL -- PSPad freeware editor

Access Violation [73916]

2020-07-07 Tema obsahu ppetree
Sorry, I couldn't report this through your tool but I kept getting the alert() popup. How I got there: Had several files open in a project, created a new file (unsaved) and pasted two lines of xml code into it. Saved the project without saving the XML file. Switched to another project, I was

macro command - F3 (find+next) [70179]

2018-04-30 Tema obsahu ppetree
Is there a way to insert the F3 (find next) into a macro? It doesn't get recorded (for some reason) and I can't find a key or command reference I can manually insert into a macro. P. -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: regex question [70178]

2018-04-30 Tema obsahu ppetree
Thanks for that guys... searching backwards did work. :-)) -- PSPad freeware editor

regex question [70018]

2018-03-22 Tema obsahu ppetree
I have a file that is one very long line. Each section of the line starts with _0:_ like this: 0: text 0: more text 0: still more text 0: error 0: console.log 0: more text I want to replace the _0:_ with a newline _ _ I've turned on regex, tried searching for 0:,

Regex problem with $ [56287]

2011-03-30 Tema obsahu ppetree
I'm doing a regex search for ,$ and I want to replace this with , I'm doing the search backwards I have tried doing the search with ,\n I have tried doing the search with ,\n\r I have tried doing the search with ,\r I have tried doing the search with ,\x0d I have tried doing the search with ,\x0a

Can't edit [47782]

2008-09-29 Tema obsahu ppetree
I just downloaded and installed version 4.5.3 and I can open the program and create a new text file just fine. However, when I open a php file I can move the cursor around, I can highlite text but I can not enter new text or delete any old text. No alpha-numeric letters and the delete and