Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.7 (687) English [76691]

2021-10-19 Tema obsahu tmpad
Every now and then I have the same problem. It's not new, it started a couple of years ago and I can't remember when. I never found a concrete context when it happens. -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.7 (687) English [76688]

2021-10-14 Tema obsahu tmpad
Jumping from a text diff window to the source text does not work. Except when the target file is not already open. -- PSPad freeware editor

Feature request: Bookmark List as dockable window [76432]

2021-08-05 Tema obsahu tmpad
I would like to have the "Bookmark List" (Ctrl-Shift-B) as a dockable window similar to the "ASCII table" or the "Code Explorer". I prefer this over the current implementation as a floating window. -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.7 (625) English [75729]

2021-05-13 Tema obsahu tmpad
pspad: ... But ^ or $ doesn't represent anything, it's only modificatorthat you want to start search on the begin or your expression must be on the end of line. ...

Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.7 (625) English [75726]

2021-05-13 Tema obsahu tmpad
Using ^/$ for begin/end of line has worked that way since I started using PSPad. To be on the save side I tested it with portable version 5.0.6 (589) and it behaves as expected. Perhaps the new editor component? -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.7 (625) English [75723]

2021-05-13 Tema obsahu tmpad
I want to precede each line of a text file with a "{": Search: ^ Replace: { The message is 'Next occurence of "^" not found' Tested Forward, Backward and Entire Scope search. Nothing works. The same happens when I try to append a closing brace "}" at the end of each line: Search: $ Replace: }

Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.7 (625) English [75721]

2021-05-13 Tema obsahu tmpad
Regular expression search & replace is broken in 625. Searching for beginning of line with circumflex "^" finds nothing. Always reports "no occurences found". -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.7 (623) English [75652]

2021-05-07 Tema obsahu tmpad
Where I set to see all line numbers and not only every 5th? -- PSPad freeware editor

Tool Panel - "Edit Link" Dialogue - Proposal [74721]

2021-02-10 Tema obsahu tmpad
In the "Edit Link" dialogue in the "Tool Panel" the usage of context menus (Right Mouse Button) is not consistent: * The fields "Parameters" and "Log File" have a context menu with PSPad variables * The field "Default Directory" has the standard Windows context menu for entry fields with Cut,

Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.5 (549) English [74665]

2021-02-01 Tema obsahu tmpad
When I load a project (.ppr), all files from the last session are loaded, but the "File Tabs" is not shown. "File Tabs visibility" is set to "Always visible". I have to open another file, to make the file tab visible. Neither changing the visibility nor deleting the PSPad.INI file fixed it. The

Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.5 (549) English [74662]

2021-02-01 Tema obsahu tmpad
The text below _Changes to 5.0.5 (547)_ is the same as with _Changes to 5.0.4 (543)_. -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Find/Replace Regular Expression limit [74588]

2021-01-13 Tema obsahu tmpad
The error is in the RE (.*)(b|c)(.*), not in PSPad. The first term (.*) matches the longest part of "a b b c c b b d" until one b or c is left. So the result "a b b c c b ~ d" is correct. A solution to your problem is: Find: [bc] Replace: ~ The same logic applies to the SQL problem. Don't make

Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.4 (539) English [74489]

2020-12-31 Tema obsahu tmpad
Issues with "Highlight all occurences of selected text" active (32 bit version) 1) Double-click behind the last character of a single word, word becomes selected Other occurences are *not* highlighted 2) Single-click inside a selected single word Word becomes unselected, other occurences of the

Saving files before when calling a Tool [73792]

2020-06-19 Tema obsahu tmpad
In the "Project Settings..." I can check "Save all files before external application start". I prefer to run external applications from "Tool Panel | Favourites | Tools" because I use most of them in multiple projects or even independent of any project. In this case, only the *current* file is

Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.4 (507) English [73780]

2020-06-15 Tema obsahu tmpad
The version ignored my PSPad.INI and created a new one, i.e. I would have lost all my settings. I had to secure and rename the previous version to PSPad.INI to restore my settings. -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Text Diff function is broken in x64 version 5.0.4 (395) [73444]

2020-05-13 Tema obsahu tmpad
I also suffer from the text diff issue in the 64bit version. Microsoft stopped shipping Windows 10 32bit to OEMs. 64bit versions of Windows have a (Windows) market share of appx. 97% Perhaps it's time to drop the 32bit version and focus on the 64bit version of PSPad. --

Re: PSPad unicode 5.0.4 (381) English [73103]

2020-03-21 Tema obsahu tmpad
The text diff function in the 64bit version is not working at all. This has been reported several times in the past. Is there a chance that it will be fixed soon? As I rely on that feature, I have to switch back to the 32bit version for the time being. --

Re: Only two recent projects in menu [63470]

2014-10-07 Tema obsahu tmpad
PSPad had been installed using an account with admin rights, no portable installation and multiuser was enabled. This was not the root cause. After I have deleted the section [Recent Projects] from the Recent.ini file, I can now see three recent projects. Problem solved :-), but not understood

Only two recent projects in menu [63456]

2014-10-06 Tema obsahu tmpad
I have added a third project to PSPad. The list of recent projects still has only two entries, with the new project missing. I have saved the project again, I have restarted PSPad, no change. Any idea? --,63456,63456 PSPad freeware editor

Re: BOMs for UTF-8 and UTF-16 [61840]

2014-01-30 Tema obsahu tmpad
I create a UTF-8 encoded text file with another program. I load that file into pspad; the status line says UTF-8. I switch to View | Hex Edit MODE. The status line still says UTF-8, but the hex display starts with a UTF-16 LE BOM. In Hex Edit MODE, the status line must read UTF-16 LE and should

Re: BOMs for UTF-8 and UTF-16 [61838]

2014-01-29 Tema obsahu tmpad
To be frank, it's not really clear from the help, that there are two _different_ modes. 1) You say, that when I choose View | Hex Edit MODE, I will see the content in UTF-16LE. When I do so with a UTF-8 encoded file, the status line still reads UTF-8, not UTF-16LE. 2) The hex code starts with a

BOMs for UTF-8 and UTF-16 [61802]

2014-01-18 Tema obsahu tmpad
I searched the forum for BOM related issues but did not find a sufficient answer. Config: Default CP for files opening: Menu format settings Ident bytes in UTF-8 coding: Checked. Check Menu | Format | UTF-16 LE Create a new file and the status line says UTF-16 LE. In Hex Edit Mode the BOM is

Re: Getting a specific syntax highlighting regardless of the file extension= [61081]

2013-08-16 Tema obsahu tmpad
1) View - Change Syntax or 2) Activate look toolbar via View - Toolbars - Look. Click the 4th entry Change document syntax highlight --,61078,61081 PSPad freeware editor

Re: Expression search in all opened files (tabs) [60931]

2013-06-28 Tema obsahu tmpad
Menu - Search - Search/Replace in Files... Then set the Search Scope --,60928,60931 PSPad freeware editor

Re: Searching for paragraph marks [60051]

2013-01-14 Tema obsahu tmpad
MS Word or word processors in general distinguish between paragraphs (hard return) and lines (soft return). Pure text editors don't do this. As far as I understand your question, you're asking how to find/replace the newline character \n. --,60050,60051 PSPad

Re: PSPad unicode 4.5.7 (2449) English [59744]

2012-10-03 Tema obsahu tmpad
Why do I have to double-click an item in the code explorer to make the mouse wheel affect the code explorer and _not_ the code window? A click in a window should move the mouse focus to that window by any means. --,59546,59744 PSPad freeware editor

Re: Correction/Improvement proposals [58033]

2012-01-04 Tema obsahu tmpad
cite: 11) It isn't true. There is one compiler + 5 external application for each highlighter. It can be different for each project. And you have possibility to definy unlimited count of external tools on favourite

Re: File Name is absent on the tab [57274]

2011-10-17 Tema obsahu tmpad
Under Settings | Program settings | Program (part 1) check the value for File Tab caption format:. It should read %name% or something similar. BTW: Your OS is rather old. --,57273,57274 PSPad freeware editor

Re: File Name is absent on the tab [57276]

2011-10-17 Tema obsahu tmpad
It looks as if you use a limited colour set. Also, it looks as if you have changed the colour palette. Try a standard 32 bit windows colour set. --,57273,57276 PSPad freeware editor

Re: Insert Line number in code [57192]

2011-09-20 Tema obsahu tmpad
MoMann: TCL does not support processioning like in Perl or C. Tcl is an interpreted language. Information like this can be determined