error with repeat search [56906]

2011-07-24 Tema obsahu idefix2
When you have made a backward search for something and you hit f3 to search for the next occurence backward, pspad makes a forward search - this is a somewhat annoying. apart from that - really great software, thank you. --,56906,56906 PSPad freeware editor

error with split screen mode [56907]

2011-07-24 Tema obsahu idefix2
When you close pspad while a file is displayed in split screen mode, this always makes pspad crash (as the file is correctly saved, this bug is not very serious, still it should be fixed sometime). --,56907,56907 PSPad freeware editor

Re: error with split screen mode [57032]

2011-08-20 Tema obsahu idefix2
Hi, I just downloaded the latest version 4.5.6 (2419) from the developer forum, the problem is still present. If it is not a specific problem on my computer, it should be very easy to reproduce: Open a file, enter split screen mode, then close pspad - pspad crashes. --

Re: strange error messge when PSPad starts [65401]

2015-06-16 Tema obsahu idefix2
Thank you - removing the readme file helped. --,65384,65401 PSPad freeware editor

strange error messge when PSPad starts [65384]

2015-06-16 Tema obsahu idefix2
First, thank you for this really great editor! Since a week or so, everytime I load a file into PPPad from the browser context menu, I get an error message box showing: --- Fehler --- Line: 0 Pos: 0 Description: --- OK

Highlight matching parentheses [68925]

2017-05-27 Tema obsahu idefix2
Is it possible to highlight matching parentheses while editing by placing the cursor on one of the parentheses? I have not found that feature in the documentation, but it would be very helpful sometimes. -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Highlight matching parentheses [68928]

2017-05-28 Tema obsahu idefix2
Stefan: See menu "Settings > Program Settings... > Editor (Part 1)" Thank you. I had overseen this option, because I have looked for

File opens in hex mode [70307]

2018-06-07 Tema obsahu idefix2
Hi! I have to edit a textfile that is in the old MSDos format. When I try to open this file in PSPad, PSPad opens the file in hex mode. How can I persuade PSPad that that file is a normal textfile? -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: splash screen [71181]

2019-03-02 Tema obsahu idefix2
Thank you, that is great. Now pspad start is as quick as one can wish :) -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: MSDOS Character Set [71150]

2019-02-20 Tema obsahu idefix2
Oh, now I see the status bar, it's a separate bar for every editing window, not for pspad as a whole. But there also, there is no code page displayed. The rightmost item of that status bar says: Kodierung: DOS(OEM), but a click there does nothing. BTW: I had not noticed the features of this

Re: MSDOS Character Set [71148]

2019-02-20 Tema obsahu idefix2
This would be very helpful, but I don't see how to switch the code page menu. I don't see a statusbar and I have not found a menu entry to turn it on. And I have tried all entries in the format menu without success - is it possibe to add needed code pages to the menu, or am I looking in the

Re: MSDOS Character Set [71165]

2019-02-21 Tema obsahu idefix2
It looks like I got completely confused by some files which were already partly corrupted. I rechecked the files and corrected the already wrong codings, now it seems that they work fine in PSPad when format OEM is selected. Sorry for the mess I created here. Thank you for your good work! --

Re: MSDOS Character Set [71160]

2019-02-20 Tema obsahu idefix2
Not 100% sure. As I have edited these files sometimes using pspad and most of the special characters are only in comments (just a few are in actual strings, and none in the code, because the special characters were not allowed in identifier names in turbo pascal), I may already have corrupted the

Re: File opens in hex mode [71080]

2019-02-13 Tema obsahu idefix2
Great! -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: File opens in hex mode [71076]

2019-02-13 Tema obsahu idefix2
This automatic detection makes sense in most cases, turning it off generally is not such a good idea, and turning it off for just one file and back on afterward is a very unconfortable workaround. It would be great to have a "mode change button" that switches between text and binary mode. If the

MSDOS Character Set [71145]

2019-02-19 Tema obsahu idefix2
I have to work on file that use the old MSDos character sets, german "Umlaute" included: äöüÄÖÜß It is possible to correctly show these characters using "Ansicht - OEM Zeichen (DOS Zeichensatz)" (sorry, I dont know what the menu entry dispays exactly in the english vesion), but there are two

splash screen [71144]

2019-02-19 Tema obsahu idefix2
When starting pspad, a splash screen is displayed, and the start of the editor is somewhat delayed. Is it possible to turn this feature off? While it is not a problem when I open a file for a longer editing session, is annoying when you just want to make a small change to some configuration file

remove eol in search and replace [71012]

2019-01-25 Tema obsahu idefix2
Is there a way to remove linefeeds in search and replace I have a file that looks like this (about 400 lines of that kind): ... (Code:'KUN_FIBU'; Typ:'S'; Laenge: 10; Format:''; Belegvar: true; MhngVar: true), (Code:'KUN_KREDIT'; Typ:'R'; Laenge: 0; Format:'###.###.###,##'; Belegvar:

PSPad crash (access vioation) [71027]

2019-01-31 Tema obsahu idefix2
On the disk, the file I edited had been changed by another program. After that, in PSPad, I clicked the close file button in the upper right corner of the edit window of the file. I got the message File has been changed, and was asked if I want to reload the file to see the changes. I clicked

Re: Use tab character [74314]

2020-10-17 Tema obsahu idefix2
I am sorry, it does not seem to work. Here are my settings for ini-files. Still, PSPad inserts spaces when I press tab. (viz ) (viz ) -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Use tab character [74251]

2020-10-01 Tema obsahu idefix2
I have tried to activate the feature through Program settings - tab instead of spaces but pspad still inserts spaces when I press tab. -- PSPad freeware editor

Use tab character [74250]

2020-10-01 Tema obsahu idefix2
Is it possible to insert a tab character in a file when the tab key is pressed, instead of spaces? -- PSPad freeware editor

Autocomplete [73814]

2020-06-22 Tema obsahu idefix2
Hi! Have you ever thought of an auto-complete feature? i.e. offering sets of words, (depending on the programming language or even from an individual dictionary) after having entered maybe the first two letters of the word, to complete by clicking on the word from the list. Ideally, variable

Re: Autocomplete [73871]

2020-06-24 Tema obsahu idefix2
That is really great, I did not realize it's there already. The only remaining question: The PsPad help says the words are only taken from the document itself. It would be great if it was possible to supply a list of words from the start, even for an empty document: When I create a new program

Autocompletion Wishlist [74471]

2020-12-27 Tema obsahu idefix2
1. Please exclude numbers from being added to the autocompletion list, when they are used in the text (at least as an editor option, but I think, usually you don't want to autocomplete numbers. It is somewhat irritating, especially in languages like Autohotkey, where the command ends with the lin

find next/previous word [74470]

2020-12-27 Tema obsahu idefix2
Find next/previous word would be an very useful feature, and it often is. But the Word is found even if it is part of another word, and that makes it much less useful: When my cursor is positioned on the variable "p" and I want to see the next or the previous occurrence of the variable, it will

Re: Preserve Bookmarks [74464]

2020-12-21 Tema obsahu idefix2
Thank you. pspad is really a great software -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Preserve Bookmarks [74465]

2020-12-22 Tema obsahu idefix2
Now another question in this context: Would it be possible to make bookmark setting an "undoable action". It happens to that instead of ctrl-number, by mistake I click ctrl-shift-number, which moves the bookmark to the cursor position, instead of moving the cursor to the bookmark position. It

Preserve Bookmarks [74462]

2020-12-20 Tema obsahu idefix2
Is it possible with PSPad to preserve bookmarks for a file from one edit session to the next? This would be VERY helpful. :) -- PSPad freeware editor

Another wishlist, [74545]

2021-01-05 Tema obsahu idefix2
[b]Move lines up/down: [/b]If I mark a block, I can move the whole block up and down in the source file. That is great. But if the last line of my block is an empty line, this empty line does not move together with the rest of the block, it remains at the place it was. _Autocomplete:_ if the

Re: Another wishlist [74564]

2021-01-07 Tema obsahu idefix2
Another minor autocomplete problem: Quite often, autocomplete adds spaces to the word it autocompletes and the cursor is positioned some spaces away from the end of the word after autocomplete is done. -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Autocompletion Wishlist [74527]

2021-01-02 Tema obsahu idefix2
pspad: Hello This feature in PSpad is called as code clips. You can add your own easily from text selection. Autocompletion is general function, it works for anything from the text in file.

Re: Autocompletion Wishlist [74521]

2021-01-01 Tema obsahu idefix2
@pspad First, I would like to tell you that I am sincerely impressed by the quality of the support you provide here. I would like to add a thing to my wishlist (maybe it's already possible, but in that case I havent found out how): I would like to have the opening and closing parentheses added

Re: Autocompletion Wishlist [74522]

2021-01-01 Tema obsahu idefix2
One more detail: Of course, the brackets have to be treated somewhat differently than normal characters. No other character than a corresponding closing bracket must be added to the autocomplete word after an opening bracket. So, if somewhere in the text I use the function call abc(xyz) the

Re: Another wishlist, [74637]

2021-01-28 Tema obsahu idefix2
Well, now I tried to reproduce the problem, but it does not appear anymore, not even in AHK files. If the problem appears again, I will try to isolate it, so that it becomes reproduceable. -- PSPad freeware editor

Autocomplete [74647]

2021-01-30 Tema obsahu idefix2
Thank you for improving the autocomplete function! The new handling of parentheses in autocomplete is already a big improvement, because it doesn't just save typing, it's also a valuable reminder that a word is a funtion name which needs a parameter list (which can be easily forgotten when the

Start split screen mode in sync [76093]

2021-06-14 Tema obsahu idefix2
Split screen mode is a very useful feature, especially when working with big files. But it would even be better if the split screen mode would start with the two file windows in sync, i.e when I start the split screen mode, the file display and the text cursor on the new file window should be at

Re: Start split screen mode in sync [76103]

2021-06-15 Tema obsahu idefix2
No, I mean Split screen mode, when you show the same file in both screens. It's a feature I use very often, and in most situations, I want to start off with the same screen on both sides. -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Start split screen mode in sync [76108]

2021-06-16 Tema obsahu idefix2
Yes, exactly. Thank you. -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Indentation and autoreplace [76009]

2021-06-07 Tema obsahu idefix2
The problem seems to be solved, thank you -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Blind key ` don't work properly [76086]

2021-06-13 Tema obsahu idefix2
Ok, now I understand at least where that comes from. In autohotkey, however, ` is used as escape character. inside a string, `n for example meens linefeed. So, while I find character completion useful, just for the character ` I'd rather like to turn it off. It' not a very big deal, though, as I

Re: Blind key ` don't work properly [76088]

2021-06-13 Tema obsahu idefix2
That's great. but don't you think it would be better (and not much more work to program) if there was an entry in the context specific .def file? so that in pspad.ini, you have a standard entry, like Autocompletechars=()[]{}""''`` and in every contextspecific file for every programming language

Re: strange characters replace brackets or even "else" [76030]

2021-06-08 Tema obsahu idefix2
It happended to me just after installing the latest version. I am not sure, though, if these strange characters were already in the file before. It was an ini-file, and the corresponding program just ignores such lines, so I can't say for sure how long they have alresdy been there. It may be an

Re: Frequent crashes in newest version [76032]

2021-06-08 Tema obsahu idefix2
Exception description: Now I wanted to change the language from german to english, because there is a new page labelled editor Part 2 in the menu though it is editor part 3, which displayed the chech text that I don't understand at all. Not even google translate was helpful, so I hoped to find a

Frequent crashes in newest version [76031]

2021-06-08 Tema obsahu idefix2
I recently installed the newest developers version 5.0.7 (647), the program raises exceptions all the time, sometimes it crashes completely. There is also another really unwanted change: Since I installed this new version, matching parenthes are not highlighted anymore. The last crash happened

Blind key ` don't work properly [76065]

2021-06-11 Tema obsahu idefix2
That's a minor problem that exists maybe since I use AHK. With Autohotkey, I often have to use the key sequences `n and `r. After hitting the ` key, nothing happens, as the input system waits if the next character will be an vowel - in that case, it produces an single character with an accent,

Re: 5.0.6 crashing [75639]

2021-05-07 Tema obsahu idefix2
Think of switching to Lazarus/Free Pascal :) -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Strange characters insertion [75761]

2021-05-16 Tema obsahu idefix2
Similar problem with AHK extension. But very rare, it happened just two times, no chance of reproducing it. -- PSPad freeware editor

Matching brackets [75762]

2021-05-16 Tema obsahu idefix2
Very useful feature, but I feel it would be better if matching brackets were only shown when the cursor is on a bracket (to the left of a bracket). Currently matching brackets are also shown when the cursor is placed behind a bracket, that is somewhat confusing, because due to the coloured

Indentation and autoreplace [75966]

2021-05-31 Tema obsahu idefix2
It still happens that after an autoreplace, the indentation gets partially lost. This is the screen before I hit the enter key: (viz ) ANd this is the screen after hittin enter: (viz ) -- PSPad

Re: Indentation and autoreplace [76004]

2021-06-07 Tema obsahu idefix2
No, I use soft tabs I was away for a few days, sorry for not answering earlier. I'll try the latest version and give feedback afterwards. -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: show matching brackets inside strings [76250]

2021-07-02 Tema obsahu idefix2
Not absolutely perfect is still (much) better than nothing. I know that if you want to have a perfect solution (for regex), that would be very complicated, and not woth the effort. Not every string is a regex... It would still be helpful if you could match opening and closing brackets of all

Edit files in compare window [76262]

2021-07-03 Tema obsahu idefix2
It would be great if it was possible to directly edit files in compare window. While there are external tools which allow this, it is not possible to use easily and directly such tools when comparing the current file in editor with the latest disk version. P.S.: I know that programming that

show matching brackets inside strings [76241]

2021-07-01 Tema obsahu idefix2
In my programs, I make extensive use of regular expressions. These are string constants most of the time, very often with MANY nested parentheses, and it would very helpful, if for parentheses inside a string the matching counterpart would be highlighted in the same way as outside a string, maybe

Re: Search and replace history [75429]

2021-04-24 Tema obsahu idefix2
pspad: 1. I can do it. In case combobox drop will be dropped down and you will move down/up, you will see immediatelly settings. But in my opinion it won't help, cause drop down list hides most of the dialog. It's up

Re: Another wishlist, [74629]

2021-01-28 Tema obsahu idefix2
"Mouse wheel in text diff window" That is a misunderstanding, I am not speaking of the text diff window. In that window, the two sides are synchronized, that is ok. I am speaking of "window - vertical split". This mode is very useful for seeing two different places of the same file at the same

Re: Another wishlist, [74631]

2021-01-28 Tema obsahu idefix2
"Intelligent autocomplete will be available in next build" :) Thank you! -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Another wishlist, [74630]

2021-01-28 Tema obsahu idefix2
"Autocomplete I wasn't able to simulate it " I think it must have something to do with AHK formatting. I also was not able to reproduce the problem with other file types. I could not include my autohotkey.def file here, I get the error message: Please shorten your messages, the body is too

A few minor problems [75042]

2021-03-25 Tema obsahu idefix2
Again with autoreplace 1. This is a screenshot after I have added the semicolumn in line 688: [img][/ img] This only happens when I insert add a semicolumn at the beginning of a word. A semicolumn alone does not open the

Re: A few minor problems [75072]

2021-03-29 Tema obsahu idefix2
The main monitor is the left one, the second is to the right. Both have a resolution of 1920*1280. The address range of both screens together is 3840*1280. -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: A few minor problems [75140]

2021-04-01 Tema obsahu idefix2
Yes I can confirm that this issue is solved. Alas no parentheses in autoreplace, so I had to go back to the previous version. -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: A few minor problems [75171]

2021-04-05 Tema obsahu idefix2
Ah, thank you! I had looked for that option, but still have overseen it. -- PSPad freeware editor

Autocomplete [74914]

2021-03-13 Tema obsahu idefix2
Autocomplete - removed brackets Very sad. Just turned off check for updates. :-( -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Autocomplete [74918]

2021-03-13 Tema obsahu idefix2
No objections against optional. But I would not trade the version with parentheses against any update that has not this option :-) Were there other user too, who did not like it? -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Autocomplete [74946]

2021-03-17 Tema obsahu idefix2
Great, thank you -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Search and replace history [75273]

2021-04-12 Tema obsahu idefix2
Ah, thank you. Its incredible, everythings there, if you know where to find it :) -- PSPad freeware editor

Re: Search and replace history [75376]

2021-04-20 Tema obsahu idefix2
:-)) If you don't expect to find something, it's more difficult to find. I still have two suggestione regarding search and replace: 1. When clicking on a "profile" entry or scrolling through the profile drop down box, the corresponding data could be automatically loaded on the search form, so

Search and replace history [75249]

2021-04-11 Tema obsahu idefix2
It would be nice if PSPad could keep a real history of the searches and raplaces that were made. Currently, in the drop down box, only the search text is shown and can be selected, but I must set all other parameters manually (case, whole word, regex, whole text etc). Most of the times, when you

Re: Please remove the silly autocomplete for parentheses [74738]

2021-02-16 Tema obsahu idefix2
"PS: Please remove the auto-completion for parentheses. I personally wrote 2 parentheses faster than scrolling through an autocomplete window." That is fine for you, but if you are so quick in writing, why do you need autocomplete at all? Why don't you turn it off? Parentheses in autocomplete

Tab instead of spaces [76456]

2021-08-13 Tema obsahu idefix2
Hi I have configured PSPad to insert spaces in the text when I enter tab. That is the way I need it 99.9% of the time. However, there are exceptions when I want to insert a tab character to the text. Is that possible without changing temporarily the PSPad configuration and changing it back

Freeze highlighting [76321]

2021-07-14 Tema obsahu idefix2
That is a thing that would have been helpful to me very often already: When I mark a word, every occurrence of this word in the whole text is highlighted. That is great. But it would be even better if it was possible to freeze (and of course unfreeze) this highlighting, so that even if that word

Re: Edit files in compare window [76441]

2021-08-09 Tema obsahu idefix2
Programmer here. Everything is possible. It must be programmed... Normally, I use Total Commander for comparing files. There I can enter edit mode and copy lines from one window to the other. That is very comfortable. But I can't easily use Total Commander when I want to compare the file that I

Rearrange file type dropdown [76408]

2021-08-02 Tema obsahu idefix2
When I start a new file, the first thing I see is a dropdown list with file types from which I have to choose one. Most of the time, I use 3 file types: Text, Pascal and autohotkey. Text is the first entry in the list, Pascal somewhere in the middle and autohotkey at the very end of the list, so

Hilighting marked text does not work correctly [76817]

2021-11-15 Tema obsahu idefix2
(viz ) I have marked the word "rewards". In orange, several occurrences are shown in orange, but not all. In the screenshot, I have highlighted with the yellow marker the occurences of the word which have not been highlighted by pspad --