[fossil-users] directory structure

2015-02-10 Thread Jeff Rogers
Hi all, There aren't a lot of restrictions on where to name and locate repository files, but I was wondering what the common practices are. On the repository naming, I used to call my repositories projectname.fsl, but the auto-index mode of operation expects them to be called

[fossil-users] full-text search for tickets

2013-10-23 Thread Jeff Rogers
Hi all, I put together a quick external script to do full-text searches on tickets. It's not anything complicated, just creates a sqlite fts table and dumps all the ticket info into it, which means that it doesn't update automatically when tickets are updated. Still, I've found it useful,

Re: [fossil-users] http-proxy + https

2013-09-30 Thread Jeff Rogers
Jan Danielsson wrote: Hello, This has been brought up before, and I've been meaning to look at it, but it suddenly became a little more urgent. Last week I found myself being in a situation of not being able to clone a https repository due to an evil http proxy, and soon afterwards someone

Re: [fossil-users] Question about Source forge Fossil hosting

2013-04-06 Thread Jeff Rogers
Jan Nijtmans wrote: Jeff, this is a very useful recipe that should be documented in the fossil documentation somewhere! Tried it, and only found one obvious minor typo: ssh -t myproject,myu...@shell.sourceforge.net mailto:myu...@shell.sourceforge.netmailto:myu...@shell.sourceforge.net create

Re: [fossil-users] Question about Source forge Fossil hosting

2013-03-29 Thread Jeff Rogers
Konstantin Khomoutov wrote: On Fri, 29 Mar 2013 09:10:48 -0400 I'd like to point out this is not at all a source forge version. This is just a regular SF project created by someone -- see for yourself [1]. To my knowledge, SF does not provide Fossil hosting. SF doesn't provide it, but it's

[fossil-users] jump to UUID search box

2011-03-25 Thread Jeff Rogers
Someone had mentioned the need for a jump to uuid box in the fossil ui (if you got a uuid from somewhere other than the web ui - 'fossil annotate' for example, or just a link on a different server), so I threw together this cheap javascript hack. Put this snippet in your header (or wherever

[fossil-users] merging tickets

2011-03-02 Thread Jeff Rogers
Hi all, You can merge a single revision/delta into your current branch with -cherrypick. You can attach a single revision to a ticket by mentioning the ticket id (or a prefix of its uuid?) in the checkin comment (I think - the docs I could find weren't very clear on this). And form the

Re: [fossil-users] How should Fossil handle this merge conflict...

2010-12-13 Thread Jeff Rogers
Local edits being lost seems the wrong thing to do, even if they are recoverable with an undo action - undo doesn't always do what I expect, which is probably user error, but since undo is only one level deep st also seems that if they are not recovered immediately, they would be lost forever.

[fossil-users] backout a merge

2010-11-08 Thread Jeff Rogers
Hi all, After you merge in changes from a different branch, but before you check in the merge, is there any way to back out the merge? fossil revert undoes the changes but leaves the files edited, although with no changes. Alternately, is there a way to preview what a merge will do without

Re: [fossil-users] Hosted fossil solution

2010-07-26 Thread Jeff Rogers
Richard Hipp wrote: That said, even Fossil requires a host. So if you don't already have a host sitting around (as many people don't) I think such a service would be quite useful. It's easy enough to host a fossil repository on sourceforge, tho it doesn't interoperate with all their other

Re: [fossil-users] fossil rm ./*

2010-06-24 Thread Jeff Rogers
Kohn Bernhard wrote: Hello all, I have experienced following behavior when removing files. I open a repository. I would like to delete all files, so I use fossil rm ./* In the output of the commandline the filenames (also with subdirectories) with DELETED in front

[fossil-users] ticket notifications

2010-06-24 Thread Jeff Rogers
Hi all, Is there a way to set up the ticket system to send email notifications when a ticket is created (or changed, etc)? There doesn't appear to be any way in TH1 to run an external command (like sendmail) Alternately, is there a command-line way to list any tickets created in the past X

Re: [fossil-users] Fossil GUI for local source tree operations

2010-04-07 Thread Jeff Rogers
D. Richard Hipp wrote: I initially set out to design Fossil so that anonymous users on the open internet could commit and the permissions and signing system would be sufficient to keep out malicious content. But I quickly found that such a system is difficult to both implement and use.