Re: [fossil-users] Documentation requests

2018-03-02 Thread Svyatoslav Mishyn
(Mon, 26 Feb 17:57) Richard Hipp: > On 2/26/18, Thomas Levine <> wrote: > > In the case of the fossil web server setup, for example, I envision > > an almost patronizing tutorial on alternative web server configuration > > options, the concept of proxy servers, installation of

Re: [fossil-users] Minor Issues with Fossil 2.5

2018-03-02 Thread Florian Balmer
It's not at all that I think I'm the expert you've summoned in your last post on this thread. As you've been running your own high-traffic "althttpd" server for many years, maybe you should explain the Internet to us. I was doing some (limited) research about RFCs, recommendations from the Apache