[fossil-users] Zenburn color theme for Fossil

2011-10-18 Thread Rolf Meinecke
Hi everybody, I'm new to the list. I'm a casual Fossil user. I use it to keep my dotfiles in sync between my different machines and to have a (wiki) place where I keep my small collection of unix and shell twists I don't want to forget. As a fan of the Zenburn color theme I tweaked one of the

Re: [fossil-users] Zenburn color theme for Fossil

2011-10-19 Thread Rolf Meinecke
Hi! Am 19.10.2011 um 03:10 schrieb Christopher Berardi: I think it would be a great idea to have some kind of repository where fossil users could share things like color schemes (or possibly extensions some day). Something along the lines of gnome-look.org. Wouldn't it be sufficient to run