Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Ballots sent

2007-12-02 Thread Baris Cicek
Hi Damien; 

You could have used [EMAIL PROTECTED] That mailing list is
much more appropriate for your request. 

Since there're bunch of unreceived ballot request every election, I'm
sending new ballots at the start of second week as a second run. There
is no easy way to send a single ballot that's why waiting most tickets
is better way. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Baris Cicek

On Sun, 2007-12-02 at 10:35 +0100, Damien Sandras wrote:
 Le lundi 26 novembre 2007 à 00:43 +0200, Baris Cicek a écrit :
  Hi all,
  We have just sent the ballots for the elections. Every member who can
  vote for the elections should have received an e-mail with instructions
  explaining how to vote.
  If you have not received your ballot, please first verify that you are
  eligible to vote by looking at the list of voters and that your e-mail
  address in this list is still valid:
  If you are not on this list and think you should be, please send an
  e-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] explaining your situation.
  If you are on this list and if you have not received your ballot, then
  you can ask us to send you a new ballot by sending an e-mail to
 I have not received my ballot. I have received all other mails but not
 the ballot itself. Perhaps it has been accidentally deleted or tagged as
 I have sent an e-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] last Monday and I have not
 received any answer except the ticket number.
 Given the deadline to vote, can somebody accelerate the process so that
 I receive a new ballot in order to be able to vote ?

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Re: Money spending, questions for the candidates

2007-12-02 Thread Vincent Untz

Sorry, I'll reply briefly because my free time is limited today. I hope
it will be understandable :-)

Le vendredi 30 novembre 2007, à 02:51 +0100, Philip Van Hoof a écrit :
 Hi there,
 The questions:
 o. Given that the Foundation of GNOME has plenty of money, will you if
elected vote to spend this money on important projects?

Hrm. I wouldn't say we have a lot of money, but well, let's answer your
questions :-)

Being mostly interested in mobile targets and GNOME Mobile, I could
certainly come up with some projects that might both increase
deployment of our GNOME technologies on mobile devices and increase
the amount of contributors.
Both reasons are, I think, part of the reason why our Foundation
 - Development on language bindings, like a binding generator for
   for example Android and other mobile targets (plenty of our
   components don't require Gtk+ yet could run on this target)
 - Funding development on development tools (like the new Anjuta)
 - Development on a WinCE port of Gtk+
 - Development on a P.I.P.S. (Symbian with POSIX) port of Gtk+
 - Improve the existing Win32 target of Gtk+

We can do it, but it costs a lot and I'm not sure that's the best way to
use our money. If we get some funding for those things, then that'd be
great. If you really want this to happen, you can help by looking for
funds. Note that having a business development person could help here

 - Employ a maintainer and/or additional developers for Gtk+'s

This has been discussed this year (there's a thread on gtk-devel-list
and there was a discussion at GUADEC). The consensus was that it was not
the best way to help GTK+.

 - Pay people to travel to schools and universities to educate 
   students about GNOME (serious educating, not just doing cheap

I don't think that's the right way to do it. The right way is to work
with people teaching there. We've started doing this this year, but it
needs more help to get results. Volunteers are welcome, contacts in
universities are welcome.

 - ... (for making these decisions we need people who'll make real
   and hard decisions)
 o. What is your opinion on an examination that could carry the title:
GNOME Mobile certified software developer exam

I've no strong opinion, so yes, why not. But then, why GNOME Mobile
and not GNOME. Also, related to this, I'd more interested in seeing a
GNOME Certification to certify applications (we've talked about this a
few years ago already).

Again, we need a group of people to dive into this and see what should
be done to make this happen.

 o. How are you planning to help the GNOME community overcome the fact
that we have relatively few technical leadership?

Can you elaborate on this?

- By waiting for the integration our softwares to turn into
  something that looks a lot like that O.S. called CHA-OS?
- By letting companies like Nokia, Novell, ... set our goals?
  I think this is what's happening right now. Might be fine imo.

I'd love to have more details on all this. How are they setting our
goals? Isn't their goals our goals too anyway? etc.

  Note that, however, our users sometimes get confused by this:
o. People thinking that Miguel De Icaza, Novell and GNOME are one
   entity. (I love your work Miguel, don't get me wrong. A lot of
   GNOME people do)
o. Too late announcing of GNOME developers joining the OOXML
   discussions (I think it's great that we are among the people
   defining this, don't get me wrong. But our technical
   leadership, the one that we lack, should have made our
   position clear to the audience (our users) before getting
   Slashdotted by the religious ones in the land of freesoftware.

This is not really about technical leadership, but about how GNOME is
seen from the outside. Having one really strong leader would help fix
those issues, but fixing our communication is also a reasonable way to
achieve this. And it's probably easier :-)

How to fix our communication is an interesting topic. I have no magical
answer for this, and I'd welcome input. We can of course communicate
better (the foundation blog Jeff created can help). We can make people
known to the outside, so that the GNOME = Miguel feeling disappears
(GNOME Journal interview, etc.). Also, the website rework can play a big
role here. I can see the Foundation coordinating all this, but I it's
not a topic that is 100% Foundation: it's really about the whole

(and everybody can help, I know, I'm repeating this every now and then)

 I think that we are having quite a handicap by this, and that we
 should do something about it. This year.
 How will you do that? What is your strategy?
 Notes on my mind:
  o. Technical leadership != one person dictatorship, we can work with

Re: two questions for candidates

2007-12-02 Thread Luis Villa
On Nov 30, 2007 3:56 PM, Luis Villa [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
  If people are going to be looking at licenses, I would very
  much like to discuss the FDL v2, and our usage of the FDL in
  general.  There are some troublesome parts whose implications
  for GNOME aren't clear to me.

 My immediate gut instinct on this one is 'we're stuck with it whether
 we like it or not', but you know more about the copyright ownership of
 the docs than I do.

Something else to look at, BTW, would be that FDL 2 will apparently be
CC-SA compatible (not clear if that is 'FSF one way compatible' or
'actual two-way compatible', but wikipedia seems to think two-way
compatible), and that may be something we want to look at, since that
appears to be the fastest growing license commons on the non-code side
of the world.

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Re: On Boston Summit organization and delegation [was Re: A question to candidates]

2007-12-02 Thread Behdad Esfahbod
On Sun, 2007-12-02 at 14:53 +0100, Kjartan Maraas wrote:
  Just a note... I can probably find some good space at the University of 
  Toronto (Canada) if it was ever required. It is generally easier for 
  folks in some countries (like China, and Russia) to get visas to come 
  here, and it is a cheap flight for Bostonians.  There is a Red Hat 
  office here, not sure about other GNOMEy elements.
 Sounds like a great idea to me. Do we have any numbers showing how many
 non US attendants were there at the previous Boston summits?

Don't think so.  But I'm all in favor of Boston Summit in Toronto too.


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 Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
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Re: A question to candidates

2007-12-02 Thread Richard Stallman
I think it would add value to spend more on marketing and on
evangelical community building opportunities.  For example, Windows
and MacOS have flashy Welcome to the desktop presentations.
Perhaps it is time for the GNOME community to find ways to better
advertise itself.

It would also be an opportunity to talk about freedom.  This is a
dimension where we have a superiority which Windows and MacOS don't
even try to match; but not everyone is aware that the dimension even
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Re: Question to candidates: what about next ODF?

2007-12-02 Thread Jeff Waugh
quote who=Richard Stallman

 I don't recall that any candidate explicily rejected supporting the free
 software movement by means other than improving the attractiveness and
 success of GNOME.  But several candidates answered in a way that seemed to
 pointedly imply a rejection of any such form of support for the community.

I answered about the success of GNOME, mostly because I didn't read what you
now raise as the point of your original question.

- Jeff

-- 2008: Melbourne, Australia
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   without doing gets you academic sterility, and doing without learning
is all too often the way things are done in proprietary software. -
Raph Levien
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Re: two questions for candidates

2007-12-02 Thread Richard Stallman
If people are going to be looking at licenses, I would very
much like to discuss the FDL v2, and our usage of the FDL in
general.  There are some troublesome parts whose implications
for GNOME aren't clear to me.

Would you like to pick someone to discuss this with the FSF?

Also, I'm not certain how the copyleft nature of the FDL will
impact the dynamic-collection-of-pages nature of Mallard.

That someone could discuss this too.  It is not too late for us
to change the text of the next FDL version, so please don't wait.
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