Announcing GNOME Board elections 2009

2009-05-15 Thread Lionel Dricot
Oyez, oyez, oyez dear GNOME foundation members!

As you should know, the GNOME foundation is run by a board of 7
directors known as The Board(1). After 18 months of active duty, it's
now time to refresh either the blood or our confidence. Which means :

*GNOME Board Elections 2009*
(full calendar available lower in this message)

May 22th : deadline to apply as a candidate
May 22th-25th : send your questions for the candidates
June 3rd-17th : Voting period
July 3rd : old and new board meet at GUADEC

Do you want to be empowered by the community? Do you like the smell of
burnoutized brain in the morning? Do you want to be part of the board
that will achieve ultimate GNOME world domination? Then you can be a
candidate too!


Every GNOME foundation member listed on the website (2). If you are not
listed, you have until the 1st of June to contact the membership
committee (4). If you receive a mail to ask you to renew your two years
membership, you also have until the 1st of June to reply.


Voting is done by email. Voters will receive complete instructions on
June 3rd. If you have not received anything on June 5th, contact the
membership committee (4).

You have until June 17th to cast your vote according to the instructions
you will receive.


You are a potential candidate. Don't be afraid : you don't have to be a
planet.gnome troll-hem-rockstar or to have a 28 karma on bugzilla. Being
a foundation member is the proof that you showed significant implication
in the GNOME project. And the worst thing that could happen to you is
not being elected. Not a big risk : nothing to loose and a lot to win.
Remember that every GNOME rockstar that worked in the board was a  shy
candidate before being elected.(3)

Being a candidate is really simple : send an email to the membership
committee (4) before May 22th. Buying them a beer might help too.


Between May 22th and May 25th, any voter can send his questions to the
candidates. Send them to the membership committee (4). On May 25th, the
committee will select the most relevant non-duplicates questions and
send them to all candidates.


The old, white haired board will meet the fresh gang at GUADEC on July
3rd. They will party all night and then... I guess you have to be there
to know.

(all deadlines are 23:59 UTC/18:59 EST)

 May 2009
 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
 1  2
  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
 10 11 12 13 14(15)16   Announcement and list of candidates open (15th)
 17 18 19 20 21(22)23   applications closed (22th)
start collecting questions (22th)
 24(25)26(27)28 29 30   list of candidates closed, questions to be sent
to the candidates chosen (25th)
 31 questions emailed to all candidates (27th)

June 2009
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
   (1) 2 (3) 4  5  6membership renewals closed (1st)
instructions to vote are sent (3rd)
 7  8  9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16(17)18(19)20votes must be returned (17th)
preliminary results announced (19th)
21 22 23 24 25(26)27challenges to the results closed (26th)
28 29 30

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
  1  2 (3) 4Board meeting at GUADEC with the new and
old boards (3rd)
 5  6  7  8  9 10 11
12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 31

In case of a tie, there's another round of votes starting on June 19th
and ending on June 26th.


Don't hesitate to ask the membership committee (4) if you have any
question or any doubt (did we said that we like beer?)

Democratically yours,

The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

(1) see for more infos
(4) send your email to

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Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Call for Questions

2009-05-26 Thread Lionel Dricot

 Traditionally, the questions are collection from interested parties
 and, an individual from the Membership and Elections Committee posts
 it in public so as to allow the candidates to frame responses and,

 A wiki page could form the basis of a collection, sorting, sifting and
 finalizing of questions I guess.

 Right; I didn't mean to second-guess the elections team (who have done
 a great job as usual) but just to suggest an alternative that has
 worked for other groups.

I believe that a wiki page is a lot more efficient.

Please post your questions here :

1) Read existing questions and complete/rephrase them instead of just
adding a new question.

2) Each question should have an unique number (positive integer in the
arab notation, for the sake of simplicity). If a question has subquestion,
use a), b),…

3) Don't change the number of a question, even if you delete a previous

Unfortunatly, it looks like my network doesn't want me to access
live.gnome anymore. I was in the process of creating the page but cannot
save it so please start without me and copy/paste those rules on it.

(reading it, I see that my mail sounds a bit autoritative which is not
intended as it'i more a proposition to make the job of everybody easier)

Thanks, :-)

Lionel (lazyman from the membership-committee)

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Re: Questions for the candidates - let's start the discussion(s)

2009-05-28 Thread Lionel Dricot
Another possibility is that you start replying to the questions you want
to reply on your candidate wiki page.

That way, you can answer one question at once, take the time you want,
proofread the day after, etc.

 Hi Dave,

 On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 8:16 AM, Dave Neary wrote:

 Wasn't there a plan to choose the 10 best out of all the questions? I
 imagine answering 24 questions will take a lot of time.

 Yes, I understand it is a big, time consuming list. The reasoning for
 sending it this way is that in last elections the membership committee
 sent 10 questions, and then many people started new threads sending
 their own questions which is more confusing than having a single list.

 Of course that we can pick 10 questions and re-send only those. It was
 not my intention to cause too much of a burden to our candidates. I
 just think that, as you can see here[1] , people really like to see
 their own questions answered.





 Dave Neary
 GNOME Foundation member

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Re: Questions for the candidates

2009-06-03 Thread Lionel Dricot

 I'd like to add an optional tenth question:

 10. If the foundation built a bike shed,

An european or an african one ?

 what color would you paint the

Red… no… blue… argh !

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Re: Supporting GTK+

2009-08-05 Thread Lionel Dricot
Could we imagine to fix the confusing gtk page pointing to this list
once for all?

Who is the webmaster of that page?


Le mercredi 05 août 2009 à 16:51 -0400, Pierre-Luc Beaudoin a écrit :
 On Tue, 2009-08-04 at 23:15 -0700, Bo Yang wrote:
  Recently I’m working on GTK/DirectFB, and I found a coding mistake (I
  think) at gdk/directfb/gdkgeometry-directfb.c:249.
  When dx or dy is negative, the destination point is calculated wrong.
  Directly use coordinates in dest_extents is just fine.
 Such emails would be more appropriate on, or
 Also consider raising a bug on
 foundation-list mailing list

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Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

2009-11-25 Thread Lionel Dricot

I believe that this discussion is becoming far too bloated.

How often do we have to deal with offended people? What energy will we
spend to deal with each case on a case by case basis? Answer is A.

How much energy will we spend to try to design a law/rule that might fit
every use case and will be discussed each time we have a case? Answer is B.

I expect A  B by at least one order of magnitude.

What is exactly the problem here? Sometimes some people are offended by
the content of planet GNOME? OK, it has always be the case but it's a
problem. A rare one but still a problem.
What effect will have deciding of rules, CoC or punishment on that
particular problem? I don't see how it could have an effect.

There will still be offending stuff from time to time on pgo. This was
never a problem in the past as it was handled on a case by case basis.
Anyway, there are always people offended by everything.

When you have to type a command once a year, you don't start developing a
framework that will handle every possible situation. (it has already been
done, it's called J2EE)



On Wed, 25 Nov 2009 09:36:41 -0700, Stormy Peters
 On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 9:29 AM, Mukund Sivaraman wrote:

 I think this is taking it too far. The Code of Conduct being
 presented as a set of guidelines is OK, but it is not wise to make it
 policy.  The GNOME project is not a sect, to control what I can and
 cannot say/do in public.

 We are talking about GNOME hosted platforms. Planet GNOME,
 blogs.gnome.organd the GNOME mailing lists are all forums we host and
 I think we can (and
 do) expect a certain standard of conduct on them. For example, if
 started spamming the Foundation list, we would block them.
 (Public does not mean you can do whatever you want. In most public
 there are laws you have to follow.)
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Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

2009-11-25 Thread Lionel Dricot

On Wed, 25 Nov 2009 18:03:47 +0100, Dave Neary wrote:
 Lionel Dricot wrote:
 How often do we have to deal with offended people? What energy will we
 spend to deal with each case on a case by case basis? Answer is A.
 How much energy will we spend to try to design a law/rule that might
 every use case and will be discussed each time we have a case? Answer
 I expect A  B by at least one order of magnitude.
 You forget how much energy is lost forever to the community because
 good people walk away after an unpleasant experience?
 It is telling that the main reason departing editors give when signing
 off Wikipedia is: Wikipedia is becoming a more hostile environment,
 contends Mr. Ortega, a project manager at Libresoft, a research group at
 the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. Many people are getting
 burnt out when they have to debate about the contents of certain
 articles again and again.
 They have concrete measurements of participation, we don't. So we don't
 know how many developers are inactive now, and were formerly active, or
 why they left. But we certainly have anecdotal evidence of people who
 have publicly left because they could no longer work in the GNOME
 environment. I can give you 10 names off the top of my head.
 You don't think that's a problem?

I had exactly the same problem with wikipedia :

And you know what? The problem is that there is too much rules. So people
feel empowered and don't think anymore about the situation, they stick to
the rule. The more you add rules, the more you will increase hostility
against newcomers.

Do you think that many people were turned out of the GNOME community
because of an hostile experience? I don't think so.  (I might be wrong, I
just never met anybody that has a bad experience).

Wikipedia is probably the project with the most rules and you see what

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Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

2009-11-25 Thread Lionel Dricot
Hi Dave,

I thought that those members evolved naturally. Life is changing, so are
interests and priorities. I was a proud Ubuntu member myself before
coming to GNOME. Not because of the Ubuntu community (au contraire) but
because my interests have changed.

It has to be added that, sometimes, some people are very rude themselves
and seem to think that everyone is rude with themselves (it's only a
natural reaction). Sometime, the lack of motivation make you angry and,
as a consequence, you overreact to everything. The hostility of the
community is rarely a cause, it's more a consequence (when it is not
only a bad perception of a vocal minority).

But if you are right and that even some of the names you are giving (all
brilliants people) were turned away because of the hostility of the
community, I'll agree with you that we really have to solve this
problem. (my opinion is of course short-sighted by my lack of experience
in this field)


PS : that's bring an interesting point. Is keeping a relatively hostile
community kind of a darwinian selection that allow the community to
replace older people, famous for their achievement 5 years ago but now
less motivated, more conservative, by fresh blood with new ideas?
(that's of course a joke, I don't say that we must keep this kind of
community at all!)

Le mercredi 25 novembre 2009 à 18:49 +0100, Dave Neary a écrit :
 Lionel Dricot wrote:
  Do you think that many people were turned out of the GNOME community
  because of an hostile experience? I don't think so.  (I might be wrong, I
  just never met anybody that has a bad experience).
 Some names of good contributors who have drifted away from GNOME, at
 least partly because of the tone of discourse:
 Dave Camp
 Seth Nickell
 Alex Graveley
 Telsa Gwynne
 Jacob Berkmann
 Ross Golder
 Daniel Veillard
 Joe Shaw
 Jorge Castro
 Another bunch of people who are still around the free software world,
 but who no longer consider themselves GNOME community members - I can't
 speak to their motivations, of course:
 Nat Friedman
 Miguel de Icaza
 Glynn Foster
 Jeff Waugh
 Jody Goldberg
 Bill Hanneman
 Malcolm Tredinnick
 Mark McLoughlin
 George Lebl
 Some of these people are still members of the foundation, but none of
 them have been seen around for a long while.
 Acceptable collateral damage for having unfettered freedom of speech?

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Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

2009-12-09 Thread Lionel Dricot

I don't agree at all with the current direction of the discussion. For me,
pgo is about people.

Yes, I'm interested to learn that Nat will soon get married. Yes, I'm
interested to hear about Mandriva on Frédéric's posts because I don't use
it at all but at least I keep an eye on it thanks to his blog. Even the
mono-bashism of Miguel is sometimes interesting : it allows me to know what
is happening when I want to know. I like to practise my Dutch by reading
Reinout's post and to see if UTF-8 works correctly when seeing Indian's

I'm happy to meet a fellow GNOME developer at FOSDEM and saying : So, you
like Karaté/Running/Vegan Cooking ?.

I know some planets that choose to have a code of conduct about what
should be posted or not (like planet Ubuntu-f or They
all ended by not selecting the people on a quality basis but selecting
posts that respect the subject of the planet. It results in very-low
quality planet, not interesting and, more importantly, without any soul,
any spirit.

Planet.gnome has a spirit. There's something (called it soul if you
want). Don't break it. Remember planet.climate-change joke? That was huge
and enjoyable.

My solution is the following : 

- Each GNOME member should be able to add his feed to pgo. He might want
to change his feed whenever he wants to take a more specialized one or not.

- Each year, a mail is sent to those member asking if they want to stay on
pgo and if they consider themselves still on-topic.

But don't clean whiter than white. There's always off-topic stuffs or
stuff you don't want to read. Just don't read them. Richard don't want to
read stuffs about Mono? I understand, it's his choice and I respect it.
He's not forced to read them. GNOME is about people. Sometimes, people are
doing other stuffs than free software coding (aren't you?). When I'm at
work, I often talk with co-worker about sports, about what I will eat
tonight. When I go to #gnome-hackers, often the discussion is completely
off-topic. Last night, on #gtg, I discussed about chocolates with someone
arguing that there's good chocolate in Italy (can you believe that?). It
was fun. I'm in GNOME because it's fun. GNOME is fun. PGO is fun.

Please, please, please, keep the fun. World is collapsing? It's doing that
for 2.000.000 years already! So, keep the fun…


On Wed, 09 Dec 2009 14:27:43 +0100, Frederic Crozat
 Le 08/12/2009 16:08, sankarshan a écrit :
 2009/12/8 Pierre-Luc
 On Tue, 2009-12-08 at 03:23 -0500, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
 But I find it interesting to know, say, what Miguel is up to these
 days. I don't think it's just me...

 I don't believe Frederic was pointing at Miguel.  There are people who
 have left the Gnome community working on products that don't use any
 Gnome technology posting blog post/ads for said product on PGO.

 [0] Unless specific names are pointed out to the Board or, on this
 list, the shadow boxing will be more harmful
 So, let's start (this is list done quickly by me and I haven't contacted

 anybody from it), as basis:
 - Robert Love
 - Christopher Blizzard
 - Miguel De Icaza
 - Nat Friedman
 - Daniel Veillard
 - Edd Dumbill
 - Glynn Foster
 - James Henstridge
 - Jeff Waugh
 - Mark McLoughlin
 - Scott James Remnant
 [1] How does one define that they have left the GNOME community ?
 this list is based on people either no longer blogging at all or not 
 blogging about GNOME and not being active in GNOME. I don't have any 
 problem about people who blogs about non-political oriented things in 
 their life, as long as GNOME is one of those things...
 I'm not even sure I should still be on Planet GNOME (even if I'm release

 team member), since most of my posts aren't about GNOME but about the 
 distribution I work on. And I sometime feels those posts could be seen 
 as propaganda for my distribution.
 Regarding what bedhad said, nothing prevent people to read those people 
 blog outside Planet GNOME (like Planet Mono or anything else).
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Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

2009-12-11 Thread Lionel Dricot

On Fri, 11 Dec 2009 10:12:16 -0500, Richard Stallman wrote:

 GNOME is not connected with the anti-hunting movement; there's no
 reason it should have any position on the question.  But GNOME is part

Is GNOME part of any anti-proprietary software movement?

I don't think so and I've never seen it like that. If it's the case, then
GNOME should reject contribution from any contributor that work with or for
proprietary software. We should also be sure that any GNOME technology is
definitely not possible to use within a proprietary software.

 of the GNU Project, and it ought to support the free software
 movement.  The most minimal support for the free software movement is
 to refrain from going directly against it; that is, to avoid
 presenting proprietary software as legitimate.

Supporting something was never meant as fighting something else. *Never*

That's maybe your may of supporting free software but it's not mine,
meaning neither yours or mine is the official vision of GNOME. And it's
definitely not *THE* way of supporting free software.

 I think Planet GNOME should have a rule to this effect.  There are
 many ways to implement such a rule, of which block the whole blog is
 about the toughest one we might consider.  I'd suggest rather to try a
 mild approach; I'm sure that can do the job.

As I said earlier, I think that the less rules, the better. But it seems
that we have different goals. I don't believe that planet.gnome should be
planet.anti-proprietary-software. I think it should be the planet of the
people involved in the GNOME project, punt on de lijn.
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Re: Vote to fork Gnome.

2009-12-15 Thread Lionel Dricot

If we summarize the whole thread without the emotional heat and the
sensationalism, we are currently discussing :

- Should planet GNOME speak about GNOME only or should it be about
GNOME contributors.
side question : should we change the rules to remove old contributors ?

Which can be translated as : Should we keep Planet GNOME as it is or make
it a GNOME only news feed?.

That's all. There's nothing else to see.

Richard, as a GNOME member, suggested that we forbid any mention of
proprietary software on planet GNOME. It looks like this suggestion will
not be followed as there's not enough support for it.

Philip, as a GNOME member, suggested that GNOME should quit GNU. It looks
like it was more a reaction to Richard's message. Anyway, it was out of the
context of this thread. It looks like his suggestion will not be followed
as there's no support for it.

There was other noise but it's mostly irrelevant to the original subject
and/or are emotional reactions to the two suggestions cited above (I
include my own replies in this category). Links given by Dave are only
sensationalism that are almost as relevant to the subject that an article
of The Sun is about general relativity in the LHC.

If you intend to post on this thread, re-read your answer before posting
and ask yourself : do I answer Should we keep Planet GNOME as it is or
make it a GNOME only news feed?. If not, please refrain from posting. Even
if it's very interesting. 

There's nothing bad about having strong feelings and emotional reactions.
We all have that. But now, it's time to stop the emotional flow and put
some rational thinking in the game.

Thanks in advance in behalf on my inbox,


On Tue, 15 Dec 2009 10:14:16 +0100, Dave Neary wrote:
 Handy Gandy wrote:
 I know that I have no credibility to make such suggestions
 Good of you to realise that.
 That's 2 new misinformed members mailing the members list this morning.
  In case people wonder where these people are coming from, we have been
 slashdotted, and Varghesed, since this thread broke on Friday:
 Thom on OSNews picked it up:
 and at some stage the story became GNOME decides to split from GNU:
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FOSDEM booth

2010-02-03 Thread Lionel Dricot

Hello Gnome-lovers,

This week-end is the FOSDEM weekend in Bruxelles.

We have a GNOME booth in main hall which is organized by Bertrand Rousseau
(Getting Things GNOME developer but not foundation member yet).

He's currently looking for some volunteer to man the booth during some
parts of the FOSDEM. We ask you to register there . Putting a cross doesn't mean
that you have to stay the whole time but only that, if you leave the booth
(to attend a talk for example) you must find someone to replace you during
your absence.

We need at least two crosses in every row so please join us.

There's no need to be a foundation member to man the booth. The main job
is to sell t-shirts, answer questions about GNOME and be friendly. This is
a really cool job as it allows to take a more active part in the FOSDEM and
time generally flies quickly !

Thanks for your collaboration,


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Re: FOSDEM Report

2010-02-28 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le samedi 27 février 2010 à 16:29 +0200, Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) a écrit :
 On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 4:23 PM, Vincent Untz wrote:
   Hi Vincent,
  The GNOME presence at FOSDEM this year was quite good, and I believe
  things went (surprisingly ;-)) smoothly:
 Thanks for the nice summary. :)

Thanks a lot Vincent, and thanks everyone who was involved in the booth.
I was unable to help on Sunday being sick. (reason below)

   + the beer event on Saturday evening was a good place to catch up with
GNOME friends.
While that event is always awesome due to many GNOME developers
 socializing but I couldn't help notice that there is always some
 people missing in there. Whenever I've asked the missing people, they
 complain about Claustrophobic atmosphere of the bar we do this. So
 just one suggestion: Could we please do it some other place next year?

Yes please. Can we do that in a smoking free environment. I was sick on
Sunday then got a sinusitis that took me off for 10 days partly due to
the smoke. (which is *very* bad for me, especially when I'm tired)



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Question for the candidates : money !

2010-06-01 Thread Lionel Dricot
Hi my dear candidates,

I've a question about GNOME business model and sustanability. As we have
seen with the fundrising to hire a sysadmin, money is often a blocking
point. The current business model seems to be donations.

Do you think that donations are good ? Good enough ? Do you plan to work
on this business model ? Do you have any proposals ?


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Re: Candidacy: Lionel Dricot

2011-05-22 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le dimanche 22 mai 2011 à 22:23 +0200, Olav Vitters a écrit :
 On Sun, May 22, 2011 at 11:00:45AM +0200, Lionel Dricot wrote:
  I want to achieve to make obvious to anybody that all the GNOME
  technologies (including GTK+) are technologies adapted to a commercial
  product and that high quality commercial support exist for them. I hope
  this will help GNOME to become a flourishing market and a source of job
  opportunities for many hackers. 
 Just wondering: Do you think there is something lacking in the current
 board? Or is running for the board more about that having a contact in
 the board is better to ensure the current state (option for commercial
 support + importance of small companies) is more obvious?

At Lanedo, we have been surprised a few times by people who were
thinking that there was no commercial support available for GTK+. We
have heard of companies switching to Qt because Qt was guaranteed by a

Things like that clearly show a lack of communication and a problem of

Is it the GNOME foundation job to address this kind of issue? I think

My opinion is that the GNOME foundation could be a good place to develop
even more the business ecosystem around GNOME, that there is a market
and that there is a lack of communication regarding the existing
companies. If you want support for GNOME related technologies, there's
no easy place to go to have an idea on the current situation. Thus,
people jump to the conclusion: there's no commercial support for GNOME

Is the current board doing its job wrong? Not at all! It was simply not
part of the board mission. A lot of board members come from big
companies that *use* GNOME. They never promised to work for small GNOME
companies. It is not really in their interest.

It would have been easy to criticize, to say loudly that the board
should improve the situation without moving a single finger. But I think
that, if you want something to happen, you have to make it yourself. I
think that the GNOME companies should be represented on the board
permanently. That's why I took the decision to stand for election.

So, the answer is yes, something is currently lacking on the board but
no, it's not the board fault.

Did I answer your question?


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Re: Candidacy: Lionel Dricot

2011-05-23 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le dimanche 22 mai 2011 à 23:44 -0400, Richard Stallman a écrit :
 At Lanedo, we have been surprised a few times by people who were
 thinking that there was no commercial support available for GTK+.
 It would make good sense for GNOME to have a list of commercial
 service providers.  It should have stated rules of good conduct
 and list anyone who agrees to the rules.

That's indeed something I have in mind. The difficulty is to find the
balance between information and advertising but we will definitely work
on it :-)

 The FSF's service list rules say that the service provider must not
 make an unsollicted offer, to people contacting it through the list,
 of service on any proprietary software.

That would anyway be a bit silly. If someone want support for Firefox
and he receives offer about Opera, he would not be interested anyway.

But it might make sense to state that rule explicitly.

I will have a look to see how things are handled on the FSF side, thanks
for the idea.


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Re: Candidacy: Ryan Lortie

2011-05-24 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le dimanche 22 mai 2011 à 20:00 -0400, Ryan Lortie a écrit :
 name:  Ryan Lortie
 nick:  desrt
 affiliation:   Codethink Limited
 I am announcing my intention to run as a candidate in the upcoming
 election for the board of directors.


Isn't your candidacy just a attempt to gain power in order to organize
the next GUADEC in Canada?

Lionel, canadians-with-hidden-agenda hunter

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Re: Candidacy: Lionel Dricot

2011-05-25 Thread Lionel Dricot
Hi Bastien et al,

I'm sorry for the late reply but I wanted to take the time to clarify my

Having an honest experience in the proprietary software world, I
observed that having official support was a requirement for any
technological choices.

As such, choosing a product from a given company was always seen as a
safe choice. Companies feel more safe when there is this official
support available and pay a lot of money for that.

One huge problem of free software in the commercial world is that people
think that there's no support for it. Richard pointed out that the FSF
maintain a list of commercial providers, and I think that this is the
reason: to show that Free Software is a good product with commercial

As Martyn said, we have at least one record of one company switching
away from GTK+ because of the lack of perceived support.

I believe that it should be part of the work of the foundation to
promote GNOME and every GNOME technology as a viable, high-quality,
commercially supported solution.

This seems to be confirmed by this quotes on the
main page:

The Foundation will act as an official voice for the GNOME project,
providing a means of communication with the press and with commercial
and noncommercial organizations interested in GNOME software.

Improving the promotion of GNOME as a commercial solution will led to
more people looking support for GNOME and more money invested in the
GNOME economy in general.

In the end, a lot of features, bugfixes or even new products are in fact
paid by customers which benefit to the whole community. I could give you
some examples that I'm currently witnessing but I don't want to use this
thread as an advertising channel.

I believe that there are a lot of potential customers waiting around the
corner. There is way more than Nokia. A lot of small companies want to
use GNOME technologies for a niche product and need some kind of
support. Improving the GNOME market would mean the creation of new GNOME
companies, it would means allowing some GNOME hackers to be paid full
time instead of doing a Windows IT job during their 9-17 shift. As a
result, the quality of GNOME will also be improved.

Improving the situation would be a benefit for everybody.

But improving the situation is not only about adding a webpage. It's
really about adding a new paradigm to the GNOME foundation. The GNOME
foundation should act as the owner of a commercially supported product. 
This is of course huge and I don't think it would be achievable in one
year. But, if elected, I would like to achieve at least the first steps
in that direction. 

Le lundi 23 mai 2011 à 12:02 +0100, Bastien Nocera a écrit :
 Definitely, in fact, that's exactly what I discussed with Martyn on
 foundation-list a couple of weeks ago.

I hope I convinced you that it was not only about a webpage.
  But think that the communication about commercial support is only the
  tip of the iceberg, that there is often small issues or
 What sort of problems do you expect to see? I'm pretty unclear on what
 small issues or misunderstanding you would see.

Bad wording from my parts. Let's state it this way: the GNOME foundation
is currently acting as a the owner of a Free Software product. Which is
fine but, IMHO, could be better. 

I believe that the GNOME foundation should act more as the owner of a
commercial grade free software product. The fact that it's free software
and that there are multiple companies is a strength :
+ more competitive market (cheaper price for the customer)
+ no vendor lock-in
+ more flexible solutions

None of those strengths are particularly visible. On the opposite,
people think that their is no support at all.

   It is not only about having a page that list the
  commercial support companies. It's more about a deep collaboration
  between the foundation and the companies that live from GNOME.
 I personally don't think that the Foundation needs to be involved in
 setting this up. Rubber-stamping this, certainly, but I don't think that
 those companies that offer services need the Board to be involved to
 make changes to the GNOME website.

I hope that I explained it better this time.
  And for such deep collaboration to be optimal, the board is the best
- isn't the Advisory Board, and not the Board, the group where the
  GNOME companies (and others, obviously) should be represented?
  I think that the board should represent the community. As I said in my
  previous mail, I believe that the community is mainly composed of
  independents, big companies with GNOME products and small companies with
  GNOME services. Thus, I believe that the board should be a fair mix of
  people from those different backgrounds. I especially happy to see the
  candidacy of Diego, Ryan and Andre regarding that.
 I would argue that the Board doesn't need to match the represention of
 the community, but needs to represent the 

Re: [question to candidates] GNOME OS

2011-05-25 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le mercredi 25 mai 2011 à 08:24 +0200, Frederic Peters a écrit :
 Hello all,
 GNOME OS has been mentioned and questioned repeatedly in recent
 discussions on desktop-devel-list, about its definition itself[1],
 and the changing (or not?) role of the GNOME project with regards
 to distributions (based or not on the Linux kernel).
 What are your thougths on this?[2] Do you think this is a foundation
 job to answer those questions? If not, is this a responsibility of the
 release team? Or something that is best left unanswered, as pieces are
 put into positions by different persons?

Hi Fred,

I've seen a lot of discussion around that but it was more feelings
than rational thinking.

Decisions should be based on facts. Example: how many GNOME users are
*not* using Linux? How many GNOME contributors are *not* using Linux?
What would be the advantages and disadvantages of switching to Linux

I haven't seen a rational discussion about those facts yet, so bringing
it to the board seems a bit early yet.

Anyway, I think that the board should not take a decision. What would
happens if the board take a given decision and that a substantial part
of the key contributors disagree with that? I personally don't feel
qualified enough to take such an important decision, even if I'm
elected :-)

In my opinion, the board should intervene in such technical debate only
if the community want it or if the board consider that the debate is
harming the community. (that looks a bit extreme).

In that case, I would advocate for the board to keep a mediator role.
The board will try to analyse what are the different alternatives, what
they implies and who the key people are and how to reconcile them. 

The board should remain neutral but, if needed, it could decide to call
for a referendum (this is not a prerogative of the board, any foundation
member can call for a referendum if 10% of the members agree with that).

Anyway, I'm a strong believer in meritocracy. Those who do the job will
choose. The board is not the one doing the job here but could definitely
act as a mediator.

I hope I was not too long ;-) 


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Re: Candidacy: Lionel Dricot

2011-05-25 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le lundi 23 mai 2011 à 08:45 -0500, Paul Cutler a écrit :
 On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 8:22 AM, Martyn Russell wrote:
  Given the board represent the foundation at the highest level, why shouldn't
  they be (more?) involved in commercialisation of GNOME?
 Just a quick note, but I believe the Board supports all of these
 ideas.  But none of these tasks require the Board's intervention - the
 community could get all of this done if they chose to (just as the
 Board could too).  There is nothing stopping a community member from
 proposing this (probably best on the Marketing list) and getting it
 done.  I think these are all fantastic ideas.  I think having a Board
 member who owns this could help push it a bit more, but there is
 absolutely no reason we can't be working on this right now.

Hi Paul,

I think that nearly everything can be done without being on the board.
This argument could be given to nearly any proposal.

Supporting the GNOME ecosystem is not only a one-time job like doing a
webpage. It's a day-to-day job which might involves building some kind
of infrastructure (like a commercial support oriented mailing-list,
seminars during GUADEC, commercial cooperative promotions, etc).

All of this *could* be done without being on the board. But if it was so
easy, why would a board be needed at all? And what would be the
legitimacy of those initiatives?

If I'm elected, this would be a clear signal from the community that the
foundation should go the way  I propose it. That's why I really want to
insist that I don't want to represent Lanedo bul all GNOME companies and


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Re: Candidacy: Lionel Dricot

2011-05-25 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le mercredi 25 mai 2011 à 14:34 +0100, Bastien Nocera a écrit :
 On Wed, 2011-05-25 at 15:19 +0200, Lionel Dricot wrote:


 Could you explain what concrete plans you have? Are you thinking that
 the GNOME Foundation should take care of distributing bids from
 customers to its ecosystem?
 You seem to have a set plan, but we don't know any of the details for
 it, which makes it a bit hard to judge.

I have a lot of ideas. Some are well defined, others are just sparks
that need to grow ;-)

Examples includes: common mailing-list for commercial support providers,
seminars during summit, helping entrepreneurs to launch their GNOME
startup (with advices, contacts with investors, potential customers),
coordinating some cooperative event/happenings like commercial
advertising. There's a lot that could be done.

But, before deciding to stand for election, I took the time to talk with
some board members. They all said that being on the board is a
difficult, time-consuming job.

If I'm elected, it will be my first year on the board and I need to

I don't want to sound arrogant or too optimistic. I want to keep in mind
small achievable objectives. One of them is the webpage. But I hope that
this webpage will only be a start for more other things, that could be
carried upon by futur board members.


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Re: Fwd: Question for the canditates

2011-05-25 Thread Lionel Dricot

 1) As GNOME has matured the number of officially supported language
 bindings has decreased. The quality and availability of various
 language communities own bindings has varied wildly to say the least.
 How would you work to improve this situation?

I agree with all the other candidates so far. This board cannot do the
work and should not do the technical work anyway.

But, as others pointed out, the foundation can organize hackfests or
support any initiative that would promote a particular binding.

 2) What are your own feelings on supporting fairly new languages and
 standards like Go and Perl 6?

If someone is willing to maintain it, this is wonderful.

I believe that, to keep a very high quality binding, you either need a
very motivated team or some commercial interests. As long as a binding
is used commercially, some companies can be paid to support that
particular binding and I think it's really good.

That's why I think the foundation should encourage and promote
commercial support through GNOME companies.

Well, I will stop here, else I will repeat what I said in my previous
mails :-)


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Re: Questions for all board candidates

2011-05-26 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le jeudi 26 mai 2011 à 05:43 -0700, Jeff Schroeder a écrit :
 1.) For incumbents, have you missed any meetings? What is your % of
 missed vs attended meetings and why? For new challengers, how much
 time can you dedicate to working on the board each week? How do you
 plan on spending that time?

I don't think that the time spent is a good measurement. I prefer to use

We all know people that spend 80h/week at work, saying all the time that
they are busy and, in the end, don't achieve anything (or annoy those
who want to achieve something).

On the other hand, I know some people who always look relax and you
never see them actually working (or rarely). But they have an amazing
track of achievements.

If elected, I will have the chance that working on the foundation will
be compatible with my job. I don't plan to count the hours, I will
concentrate on getting things done.

 2.) Other open source / free software projects run their meetings in
 the open via IRC (such as Fedora's FESCO I believe). Would you
 consider that, and if not, what about recording how board members vote
 on a given topic. This includes +1 / -1 / abstains and perhaps give a
 small comment on any -1 or abstain. In my opinion, as an open
 foundation, the transparency of the board is absolutely critical
 _where possible_. Leaders should always set the example for members.

Board members are elected representatives. They don't take decision for
themselves, they are the voice of the people who voted for them. As
such, I believe that any formal vote/decision of board members should be
made public.

If some opacity is required, it should be well defined and for a given
time. Or at least, it should be justified.


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Re: Candidates question: Contributor agreement

2011-05-26 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le jeudi 26 mai 2011 à 10:50 -0400, Ryan Lortie a écrit :
 External dependencies are one thing, but I feel very strongly that any
 sort of legal agreement as a precondition to participate in the
 development of software that is considered part of the GNOME project is
 completely unacceptable.

That sums up my feeling and I don't see anything to add.


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Re: Two Questions for the Board Candidates

2011-05-27 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le jeudi 26 mai 2011 à 10:38 -0700, Lefty a écrit :
 First: Since the issue of divisive attitude[s] such as Richard
 sometimes seems to [promote?] when he talks about 'GNU/Linux' came
 up, I'd be interested to know what, if anything, candidates for the
 Board propose to do to address the ongoing waste of time and energy in
 the community over trivia like Linux versus GNU/Linux, free
 versus open source, and the like. This extends to things like
 litmus tests on mailing lists derailing discussions into
 observations about which email clients or operating systems
 participants might be using at the time they post, for example.
 Attempts to divide the community and delegitimize individuals and
 their viewpoints are common, and becoming increasingly so in the past
 few years. Bad feelings have driven many away from the level of
 involvement in the community they've previously had. Do candidates see
 this as a problem? Do they have any proposals for addressing it?

If I'm elected, I will ensure that the GNOME foundation sell popcorn and
maybe some VIP seats for those who want to watch such fights. This will
be a fun way to raise funds. :-)

 Second: Do candidates have any view as to how the disastrous attempts
 at engagement by GNOME with the mobile space might be improved on? The
 GNOME Mobile and Embedded Initiative went nowhere, and arguably
 handed the mobile device space to Google and Android by forfeit. Since
 that time, there have been various attempts to get community-based,
 mainstream open source onto mobile devices, all of which have pretty
 much died. The sole remaining effort seems to be MeeGo, and GNOME has
 no apparent direct involvement there.
 Do candidates have any thoughts on the future of GNOME with respect to
 the mobile space? It's the fastest-growing portion of the general
 computing device market, and the main platform choices are proprietary
 or as good as. One of the issues raised by Canonical with respect to
 the GNOME 3 shell for Ubuntu was that it wasn't felt to be as
 appropriate for tablets and the like as Unity...

You raise a very good point. The GNOME Mobile initiative isn't exactly
what I would call a success. I think that the reasons are:
- Lack of product (There was no way to simply download GNOME mobile and
start developing for it)
- Lack of market vision (who was behind GNOME mobile? Was there any
support for it? Who was the intended customers?)

I have some background in the automotive industry and I can say that
GNOME mobile was seriously considered by some car makers but was not
adopted because of those two points.

I think that this is part of my broader vision to address that. By
involving more the GNOME companies, it will promote GNOME as a more
professional platform. I also secretly hope to improve the collaboration
between all the GNOME companies. This could help to address the
aforementioned issues.

I'm definitely seeing huge opportunities for a well defined GNOME mobile
platform and I believe that the board should support that.


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Re: Questions for candidates - board processes significance

2011-05-30 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le lundi 30 mai 2011 à 16:11 +0200, Dave Neary a écrit :
 Hi all,
 I was away last week travelling, so I'm coming late to the election 
 campaign. I have almost decided who I would like to vote for, but there 
 are still a few things which are important to me when considering a 
 prospective board member.
 1. If elected, will you seek a named position 
 (chairman/treasurer/secretary) on the board? If so, why?

I think that those position might better fit to people with some
experience. If I'm elected, it would be my first year on the board, I
prefer to stay modest.

 2. Board meetings are minuted, and these minutes are published 
 regularly. However, the board also increasingly makes decisions on 
 board-list with the Apache +1/0/-1 convention. Would you support the 
 minuting of these votes, including recording any -1 votes?

Yes, by default. But the board should keep the ability to make secret
votes when needed.

 3. I think financial transparency is important. If you plan on applying 
 for the treasurer position, what changes (if any) would you propose for 
 the budgeting process? How often would you publish financial reports for 
 the foundation? Are you happy with the level of transparency in the 
 board's finances now?

I will honest: I don't feel I have enough experience with handling the
finances right now. 

But I believe that, in the Internet era, transparence should be
immediate. There should ideally be a way for any GNOME member to check
the current financial situation and the expected planning. No need for a
fine-grained transparency (foundation will give 100$ to Alice for Guadec
and 200$ to Bob) but a more high level vision: foundation will give 300$
for 2 participants.

This kind of transparency requires setting up appropriate tools, which
is time-consuming. That's why I would understand having less frequent
financial reports ;-)

 4. Our relationship with a number of groups has suffered this year - and 
 one of the lesser known ones (but one I'm involvedd in) is the Libre 
 Graphics Meeting organisers (a group of people representing a couple of 
 dozen free art projects). Are you aware that the LGM organisers 
 withdrew all the funds that the GNOME Foundation was managing for them 
 this year, because they have been unhappy with the responsiveness and 
 quality of communication with the foundation over the past 2 - 3 years? 
 Do you have any thoughts on why this particular relationship degraded? 
 And will you commit to handling or delegating answers to all 
 time-critical queries which come to the board during your term?

I've heard about that but I don't know any details. I would not judge
something I don't know perfectly.

Anyway, I think that managing funds is an incredibly hard task. When
those funds are not yours, it is even harder. Maybe it is better for LGM
and GNOME foundation to be well separated? Or, on the contrary, maybe
LGM might become a GNOME event and be handled by the GNOME foundation?

I don't have the answer (not knowing the subject enough) but I believe
that situations should be very clear. Either something is part of GNOME
and it is the foundation duty to handle it, either it isn't. Having the
we-will-help-you-but-not-completely situation is a receipt for failure
and angriness.

 5. In general, as a board member communication is vital to keep people 
 outside the board informed whenever there is a delay or when extra input 
 is needed on something they're working on. For incumbents, are you happy 
 with the level of communication  reactivity in the current board? For 
 new candidates, what would you like to do to ensure that the 
 communication  reactivity of the board improves in the coming term?

This statement made me reply to your mail immediately ;-)

I think that each request to the board should be handled in a bugzilla
kind of way. That way, you know the status of the request, you always
have the full history. Not sure it is doable but to investigate.

 6. Board members are ambassadors for the foundation. I think it's 
 important that board members be social, and be nice. Are you nice?

My mother told me my whole childhood to be nice. For example, I always
say Bon appétit to everybody present in the room before eating babies
for my breakfast.


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Re: Questions for candidates - board processes significance

2011-05-30 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le lundi 30 mai 2011 à 23:28 +0800, Pockey Lam a écrit :
 On 05/30/2011 10:11 PM, Dave Neary wrote:

  6. Board members are ambassadors for the foundation. I think it's
  important that board members be social, and be nice. Are you nice?
 It should be someone else to judge if I am nice or not. Since we met 
 already I believe you got the answer :)

The few people who tried to say that Pockey was not nice are not part of
this world anymore. She is really nice!

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Re: FOSDEM stand

2011-11-29 Thread Lionel Dricot
Living not far from Brussels, the box could be sent to my place. I can
bring it on Saturday morning and take it back on Sunday afternoon.


Le mardi 29 novembre 2011 à 13:54 +0100, Olav Vitters a écrit :
 Heard that we didn't register a FOSDEM stand yet, so I did it on behalf
 of GNOME. I'll likely only be there in the afternoon.
 Not sure who normally registers the stand or is an early bird. In any
 case, if someone could reply and say the event box will be there + usual
 t-shirts and so on: would be nice :)
 I'll 99% likely will go by train, so event box for me would be a bit

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Re: FOSDEM stand

2011-11-29 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le mardi 29 novembre 2011 à 15:42 +0100, Ekaterina Gerasimova a écrit :
 On 29 November 2011 13:54, Olav Vitters wrote:
  Not sure who normally registers the stand or is an early bird. In any
  case, if someone could reply and say the event box will be there + usual
  t-shirts and so on: would be nice :)
 I have the t-shirts which were left over from the Desktop Summit. I
 won't be able to take all three boxes on the train, so it would be
 good if someone around Brussels can volunteer to receive them by post!

I volunteer for that too. No problem, my car is big enough.


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Re: FOSDEM stand

2011-12-21 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le 21/12/11 16:10, Tobias Mueller a écrit :
 Hey folks,

 On 02.12.2011 13:36, Olav Vitters wrote:
 I'll check how to send the box to you.
 It's rather easy. Update the address in the wiki: and write to

 It'd be awesome if the Box would arrive well in time so that the
 contents can be double-checked, tested and refilled.

 Bonus points if we can manage to check that we've got the following
 items ready at the FOSDEM booth:
  * Posters and Flyers for the GUADEC
  * Looong power extension cords
  * Posters
  * Loudspeakers
  * Batteries for the wireless mouse/keyboard
  * Empty CD/DVDs for burning and booting a latest image

 Lionel, Olav: Are you taking care about getting the Box to FOSDEM?

I take care of the box from my place to the FOSDEM place. If I need to
do something else, please be sure to check that with me first.

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Re: FOSDEM stand

2012-01-23 Thread Lionel Dricot
Le 23/01/12 08:58, Tobias Mueller a écrit :
 Hey folks :)

 Let me draw your attention at the wiki: It'd be awesome
 if you could add yourself to the list of people helping out at the
 FOSDEM stand. So far, it's only a couple of people willing to help.

 On 21.12.2011 16:48, Lionel Dricot wrote:
 If I need to
 do something else, please be sure to check that with me first.
 Lionel: Can you install (or update) the machines in the EventBox?

I haven't received the boxes yet. I may do that if I receive them early
enough. I assume that they are already installed and I only have to
upgrade them to the latest version. I also assume they are running
Fedora (which is, AFAIK, the closest to GNOME upstream). Should I switch
to Rawhide or do something else?
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