Re: Changes in Membership Committee

2010-03-23 Thread Lucas Rocha
Thanks for the great work Bruno! --lucasr 2010/3/23 Bruno Boaventura Hello! It was a pleasure for me hold the chairman position of Membership Committee in the last two years. Recently we had a meeting to resolve some issues. One of these things were to elect

Resigning from the Board

2010-02-17 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi all, I've been thinking a lot about what to do about my participation on GNOME Foundation's Board of Directors in face of the fact that my wife and I are expecting our first baby in February. After careful consideration, I decided to resign. I want to be fully focused on my family (especially

Code of Conduct and Foundation membership (Summary)

2009-12-14 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi all, It's quite obvious that the original thread ended up branching into several separate topics. I thought it would be useful to summarize some of the key points on each topic in an attempt to bring a more practical perspective to the whole discussion. This is not an official message from

Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

2009-11-25 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi all, The Board has recently received some complaints from members of the community about certain the inappropriate behaviors. In the context of GNOME Foundation, it's really hard to argue about how we expect our members to behave if there is no official guidelines that members are supposed to

Re: Meeting Minutes Published - October 29, 2009

2009-11-25 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi, 2009/11/24 Vincent Untz Le mardi 24 novembre 2009, à 23:53 +0100, Andy Wingo a écrit : Hi Brian, Thanks for the detailed and readable notes! On Fri 13 Nov 2009 22:27, Brian Cameron writes: Minutes for Meeting of October 29th, 2009 [...]      

Re: GNOME leadership [was Re: So what do people *except* me want from the foundation?]

2009-06-08 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi, 2009/6/8 Luis Villa 2009/6/5 Luis Villa At any rate, I agree completely that we need some strong leaders to develop in GNOME. But the Foundation is not the place for it. I think the right question is 'why have leaders not come from other sources?

Re: What do you think of the foundation?

2009-06-02 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi Dave, 2009/6/2 Dave Neary Hi, john palmieri wrote: I'm of the same mind here.  There are a number of people who I don't like to read on blogs and whatnot but I would rather us as a community figure out productive ways of dealing with it as opposed to lording our own

New Affiliation

2008-04-23 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi all, As you probably know, I left Nokia in the end of March. I now work for LiTL (, a startup company developing a consumer product that involves hardware, software, and online services. I'm the only Board member affiliated to this company so no issues here. Thanks, --lucasr

GNOME @ Google Summer of Code 2008

2008-03-04 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi all, As you probably know, Google is organizing one more edition of their Summer of Code (GSoC) program. More information about the program can be found here: GNOME has participated in all GSoC editions as a mentoring organization with some nice results in

GNOME Outreach Program: Accessibility - List of tasks published!

2008-03-01 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi all, For those interested in participating in the GNOME Outreach Program: Accessibility, you probably want to have a look at the list of tasks that has just been published in the program's website: So, now what? Read the program rules very

GNOME Foundation Meeting Minutes :: 2nd January 2008

2008-01-17 Thread Lucas Rocha
GNOME Foundation Meeting Minutes :: 2nd January 2008 Members of current board and previous attending. Present * Behdad Esfahbod * Anne Oestergard * John Palmieri * Vincent Untz * Jeff Waugh * Brian Cameron * Lucas Rocha Missing * Quim Gil * Glynn Foster

Re: two questions for candidates

2007-11-26 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi, 2007/11/26, Richard Stallman [EMAIL PROTECTED]: 1. Would you change anything in the GNOME Foundation statement about OOXML? I would change the date it was released. :-) I think the most serious problem about GNOME Foundation participation on ECMA TC45-M was that it wasn't properly

Re: A question to candidates

2007-11-23 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi, 2007/11/23, Vincent Untz [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Le vendredi 23 novembre 2007, à 14:42 +0100, Murray Cumming a écrit : On Fri, 2007-11-23 at 01:18 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote: [snip] Taking too much time to decide: it sometimes happen that we wait for a meeting or for another event to

Re: A question to candidates

2007-11-23 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi Dave, I did send these to the membership committee, but voting's nearly open, and I think they're important, so I guess I'll just ask... Ok. The foundation's role is essentially to facilitate the enthusiasm of the GNOME project, as Andrew Cowie blogged earlier [1]. This consists of two

Re: GNOME Foundation Elections 2007. Let's start the debate!

2007-11-20 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi, 2007/11/19, Bruno Boaventura [EMAIL PROTECTED]: With the final list of candidates announced, it's time to submit questions about the GNOME Foundation and GNOME Project to this years prospective Board of Directors. The list, a summary of each candidate's statement and a link to each

Annual Report Kickoff

2007-09-18 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi all, It's time to start working on our 2007 annual report! Last year we had a very nice report. So, let's make it even better this year! I've created a wiki page to organize the work: Any kind of contribution is welcome! There are

Re: Git vs SVN (was: Can we improve things?)

2007-09-10 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi all, Could you please move this discussion to d-d-l and/or gnome-infrastructure? This mailing list is definitely not the place to discuss SCM in GNOME. Thanks, --lucasr 2007/9/10, Olav Vitters [EMAIL PROTECTED]: On Mon, Sep 10, 2007 at 08:29:35AM +0300, Kalle Vahlman wrote: 2007/9/8,

Re: Git vs SVN (was: Can we improve things?)

2007-09-10 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hi, I hate to do this but... again... please move this discussion to a more appropriate mailing list like d-d-l or gnome-infrastructure. Thanks, --lucasr 2007/9/11, Sanford Armstrong [EMAIL PROTECTED]: On 9/8/07, Jeff Waugh [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: quote who=Sanford Armstrong I simply

Re: GNOME Foundation Board Meeting Minutes :: 7/6/07

2007-06-14 Thread Lucas Rocha
, let's try to solve them in the best possible way in our own boundaries. IMO, merging with KDE will bring more problems than solving from the communities point of view. Specially on defining the agenda. Just my 0,2 cents. --lucasr 2007/6/11, Lucas Rocha [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi, 4) GNOME

Minutes of SoC meeting - 2007/Mar/06

2007-03-06 Thread Lucas Rocha
Berkom Olav Vitters Ryan Lortie Lucas Rocha Christian Kellner Mads Chr. Olesen (Other inactive attendees were there too) 1) Actions from previous meeting * ACTION: Vincent to talk with sysadmins about getting a sandbox repository or main repository access for students (DONE) Vincent

Re: Board Meeting Minutes :: 15th February 2007

2007-02-20 Thread Lucas Rocha
Hei, Membership Committee Baris had worked on renewals, but his laptop was recently stolen so he has to start again. There's a membership committee meeting next week where this will be discussed, along with other topics (like membership applications taking a long time to be