Re: [fpc-devel]strange unit XLIB linking error

2003-03-08 Thread Yakov Sudeikin
before trying to work with the code and do any changes but what is that mystical manual... where is that thing. Thank you, Yakov Sudeikin ___ fpc-devel maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[fpc-devel]I give up

2003-03-28 Thread Yakov Sudeikin
I give up, anyone can provide that comparch.tex in _ANY_ other format but TeX? HTML or PDF would be great. Thanks, Yakov ___ fpc-devel maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [fpc-devel]fpcmake

2003-10-12 Thread Yakov Sudeikin
Let's get rid of fpcmake. Pascal is good because you do not need this old-crap-make-utility to compile your programs! All you need is a compiler! Thanks Yakov

[fpc-devel]Some idea of joint units

2003-11-13 Thread Yakov Sudeikin
Guten morgen, The same idea that I sent to borland bug/feature website years ago and want to share with greatly respected FPC community. Let's call it reuse unit, wich can save a lot of time and space for developers and is really easy to understand. For instance you create a unit: - 8 - - - - -

Re: [fpc-devel]Re: Some idea of joint units

2003-11-15 Thread Yakov Sudeikin
How about this? uses {$i}; This would be the usage of preprocessor, which will work of course, but as the whole progressive humanity seeks the way to avoid preprocessors, it might be not wise to go like this. Yakov ___ fpc-devel maillist -

[fpc-devel]default parameters

2004-01-16 Thread Yakov Sudeikin
to help me to compile it and get it working as good as it works when compiled with delphi/kylix (console app with only system unit used) -- you will get these four new features really stable! Thanks, Yakov Sudeikin ___ fpc-devel maillist - [EMAIL

Re: [fpc-devel]Building 1.9.4 on a Windows box

2004-07-16 Thread Yakov Sudeikin
Can I get hands on that win32 binary that you finaly (hopefuly) will compile? Thanks, Yakov Hi All, Maybe its my lack of sleep or too much coffee but I just cant seem to get 1.9.4 to build. I have the 1.9.2 binary installed and it is working fine. I keep getting the error: system.pp(32,2)

Re: Re: [fpc-devel]Proposal for audo-destructors

2004-09-19 Thread Yakov Sudeikin
I would really appreciate some comments on my question about patches that would implement optional, unofficial or pluggable features. I would like very much to be able to build extensions for particular idioms. I understand that not everybody will like this possibility. The question is if core

Re: Re: [fpc-devel] TList slowness in classes

2004-12-28 Thread Yakov Sudeikin
Talking about TList slowness: In the last years TList and TStringList became slower and slower. Are there any alternatives in classes.pp? A simple TList providing only the very basics, less checks, no notifications, less virtuals, reordered IFs ... ? I think dynamic arrays are just what you