Re: FrameMaker has detected a problem and must quit Really?!

2013-02-16 Thread Ken Poshedly
To all,Maybe I'm wrong but the argumentative tone of all of this with regards to my question is the pits.As far as I'm concerned:1. Contact Shekhar at and discuss it with him.2. We did what he told us to do.3. No more problems (so far).OK?-- KenFrom: Kapil Verma

Re: Fm templates in public domain?

2013-02-16 Thread Robert Lauriston
Those Adobe 5.5.x templates are HORRIBLE. They reflect some fairly deep misapprehensions about FrameMaker and are badly designed and full of cruft. Here's a clean, minimalist template with no extraneous crap. It's intended as a guide to linking a FrameMaker project to RoboHelp but you can just

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2013-02-16 Thread John Pilla
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"FrameMaker has detected a problem and must quit" Really?!

2013-02-16 Thread Alan T Litchfield
Ken, I think you are wrong. The tone has not been argumentative, but several people (myself included) have merely been saying the same/ similar things. Now, if your co-worker is still experiencing problems with opening files across the network then you need to look at the local

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2013-02-16 Thread John Pilla
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