[Framers] Need help with List Formats in Structured

2018-07-24 Thread Nicole Rader
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Re: [Framers] SVG graphic with photograph not importing

2018-07-24 Thread Lin Sims
All our graphics are numbered so that they can be easily found and reused, which is why even screenshots with no other modifications go into a Visio format and are then saved as both Visio and SVG. The ability to search for text is an additional reason to save as SVG, although at my current job we

Re: [Framers] [WTF ramemaker] cTUVus documentation

2018-07-24 Thread Robert Lauriston
cTUVus satisfies both US and Canadian requirements, and Canadian standards always require French, so my guess is that without French you'd be out of compliance. If you don't have Canadian customers or plan to get any, maybe your company should be getting US-only UL 61010-1 certification instead?

Re: [Framers] SVG graphic with photograph not importing

2018-07-24 Thread David Artman
In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with saving a raster graphic (photo, screen shot) with vector-art (callout lines, boxes, text) as an SVG file (or PDF, or EPS). In fact, it is probably the *best practice* both for localization (translate the text in the SVG) and for

Re: [Framers] [EXTERNAL] cTUVus documentation

2018-07-24 Thread Flummerfelt, Robert (CONTR)
I remember writing an information manual for an international company; the approach was to write the initial document in U.S. English, then add a section named Safety Information, immediately following the TOC. The safety information section began with U.S. English verbiage, then repeated in

[Framers] cTUVus documentation

2018-07-24 Thread Art Campbell
My company just got cTUVus certification for North America. My regulatory guy is telling me we need to include French warning/caution/danger text as well as include some French text translation in our doc set. We have no Canadian customers, and none in the pipeline, so our doc would not be