Re: [Framers] wash via mif?

2019-01-13 Thread Reng Winfried
Hi Lin, I copied and pasted the dll and restarted FrameMaker, but I do not get any MIF wash menu item. Is there anything else what I have to do? Update maker.ini or something like this? Best regards Winfried -Original Message- From: Framers On Behalf Of Lin Sims Sent: Friday,

Re: [Framers] Any feedback on FM Publish Tools in 19?

2019-01-13 Thread Caroline Tabach
I have been using publish to make HTML5 help for some time. It is customizable, and results are nice. The instructions in the Frame user guide itself are not enough to get the best results. Help from experienced users both here and on Adobe forum is both essential and invaluable, and you can do