Re: [Framers] FM2019: Stopping the Save As PDF Process

2019-06-05 Thread ORAN PETERSEN
Hi Yves I have the same issue. The Save As PDF freezes at the very end, does not save the file and "locks up" Frame. Nothing seems to allow you to escape without doing a force quit of Frame with the task manager. This happened frequently to me when Frame 2019 first came out, after the first

[Framers] FrameMaker project (science journal follow-up)

2019-06-05 Thread Ken Poshedly
To all who have contacted me off-list, I'm glad to say that I'm currently in touch with one of the list-members about taking on the science journal project, but I will be back here if things change. It is good to know that there are so many of you out there willing to help out. Thanks to all,

[Framers] Fm2019: Stopping the Save as PDF process?

2019-06-05 Thread Yves Barbion
Hi group I'm still not getting used to the (much too complicated) process of having to configure the PDF settings first in FrameMaker 2019 to be able to save my file as PDF. So I create a new Fm file and, from force of habit, I just choose File > Save as PDF. The process then starts and I just