RE: FrameMaker 9 Crashing

2011-06-06 Thread Jeff Coatsworth
With a 64 bit Win7 system, I'd be looking at adding more RAM to start with. 4GB is pretty small on a Win7 system. Secondly, I'd be sending the crash logs to Adobe and talking with Support. They might have some suggestions. From:

RE: FrameMaker 9 Crashing

2011-06-06 Thread Alison Craig
I get this crash occasionally as well (FM9 all patched, W7 Ultimate, 6 Gb RAM) It comes and goes with no discernable pattern. Usually it goes away after a few crashes and FM9 restarts. I haven't dealt with it as I am currently trying to track down other, more urgent system issues. - and keep up

Re: FrameMaker 9 crashing in Windows 7

2011-01-28 Thread Debra Laroche
Hi Karen, If I understand your situation correctly, I've had those problems myself. I found if I set a tab using the ruler instead of opening the paragraph designer and setting it there, this created a problem with the paragraph designer not letting me move through the pages. And that behaviour

Re: FrameMaker 9 Crashing and Unusable

2010-04-21 Thread Joseph Lorenzini
Hi Gurpreet, I was on Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended version 9.3.2. Not that it matters. IT ended up reformatting my computer. Sincerely, Joe On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 11:05 PM, Gurpreet Virdi wrote: Hi Joseph, Can you please also share the version of Adobe Acrobat