Cross-reference to a string that retains the conditional text attributes (markings) of the linked-to string

2013-10-08 Thread Barry.Meislin
Greetings, Working in unstructured FM10: 1. I would like to link to a string that includes conditional text and have that link show the conditional text attributes (e.g., color and overline/underline, etc.) in the linked-to string. Note: In my experience, a cross-reference to a string that

Adding a TOC to a book causes FM to crash

2014-04-22 Thread Barry.Meislin
Greetings, I have two questions: In a specific directory, adding a TOC file to an existing book always causes FM to crash so that the book cannot be updated with the TOC file. (Note: Adding non-TOC files to the book works fine.) Does anyone have any experience with this phenomenon? Also, I

[Framers] Compare functionality no longer works (Message shown is: "Could not create the summary document")

2018-01-29 Thread Barry.Meislin
Greetings, After years of using the FM Compare function to create both Summary files and CMP files, my PC no longer allows this. Instead of generating the Summary and CMP files, I get the following message: "Could not create the summary document. Close some documents or increase FM's memory

[Framers] FM10-to-FM2017 upgrades (on Windows 10))

2018-08-14 Thread Barry.Meislin
Greetings, We are considering upgrading from FM10 to FM2017 (on Windows 10 OS). It would be, of course, a considerable expense so we would like to know if there are any serious or prominent issues that one should be aware of in advance if, in fact, we decide to go through with it. Is there a

[Framers] Frame19 screen (Windows 10, 64-bit) blanks out every so often and then returns

2019-02-07 Thread Barry.Meislin
Greetings, Every so often, Frame19, which we've just installed (64-bit, Windows 10 Enterprise) blanks out and then returns to the screen. It's as if something is causing the screen to "refresh". Note that if we're using a book file, the *.fm files disappear and reappear; however the book file

[Framers] Initial table footnote that is itself a cross-reference to the footnote text

2019-05-30 Thread Barry.Meislin
Greetings, In FM (all versions) I can create a table footnote (e.g., 1) and then add, separately (in a different place), a cross-reference to that footnote (i.e., to 1) such that, in FM and in the generated PDF, the cross-reference to that footnote will jump to the text (of footnote 1). In the

[Framers] In FM 2019, the "Update Book" function "dies" in the middle of a long book

2020-01-09 Thread Barry.Meislin
Hi, I have a particularly long book (about 30 files, 1200 pages total, non-structured FM) that "dies" in the middle (towards the first third, actually) of the update (book generation). I update other books successfully---all the time. It's just this one book that has been causing me

Re: [Framers] Framers Digest, Vol 170, Issue 8

2020-05-16 Thread Barry.Meislin
Hi Winfried, Thanks very much for your suggestion. Will try it. Best wishes! -Original Message- From: Framers [] On Behalf Of Sent: Friday, May 15, 2020 11:02 PM To: framers

[Framers] Problem with searching for a specific condition when using condition "expressions"

2020-05-06 Thread Barry.Meislin
Greetings, Working in a book, I have a condition (let's call it "XYZ") set as "shown" in a (book-wide) condition expression. I imported the expression (containing many other "equations" besides showing "XYZ") to all the files in a book. Some (but not all) of the files in the book have text

[Framers] X-ref issue: FM links that work in the FM file but don't work in the PDF file that is generated from it

2020-05-14 Thread Barry.Meislin
Greetings, A cross-reference problem has cropped up in FM-to-PDF generation. Links that work in an FM file (i.e., when you double click on a link, clicking the resulting "Go to Source" button jumps you to the correct source) do NOT always work when the file is converted to PDF. This means that to

Re: [Framers] FM19-to-PDF generation results in a PDF that is double the size the second time I generate it from identical FM files.

2020-06-23 Thread Barry.Meislin
Yes, the FM files were resaved before the PDF was regenerated the second time. Thanks for your response. -Original Message- From: Framers On Behalf Of Peter Gold Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2020 7:26 PM To: An email list for people using Adobe FrameMaker software. Subject: Re: [Framers]

[Framers] FM19-to-PDF generation results in a PDF that is double the size the second time I generate it from identical FM files.

2020-06-23 Thread Barry.Meislin
Greetings, I've encountered an aggravating phenomenon that I need a fix for: The second time I create a PDF from the same FM19 book, the PDF comes out at about twice the size as the first time I do it. Details: Using FM19, I create a PDF by printing a book to a PS file and then distilling the PS