RE: png graphic: insufficient memory to import file.....

2007-04-11 Thread Combs, Richard
Art Campbell wrote: Then, specific to .PNGs, open it an set the bit depth to 8 bits; if it's 24 you may have other problems. Actually, that's a bad idea. There is remarkably little size difference between 24-bit and 8-bit PNGs. And the latter have an annoying disadvantage when imported into

RE: Another missing fonts question

2007-04-18 Thread Combs, Richard
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I inherited some documentation, and I get an error message The Frutiger-Black Font is not available. Does anyone know where I can download that font for free or does anyone know anything about that font. I am using FM 7.2 unstructured. The original Frutiger

RE: Table title alignment oddity

2007-04-18 Thread Combs, Richard
Linda G. Gallagher wrote: The tables are all anchored to paragraphs that are in the main text area, not in the side head area. Are you sure? Really? Double-check this in Paragraph Designer's Pagination tab. Are the anchor pgfs all set to In Column? It's not enough that they _be_ in the

RE: Looking for a documentation portal example

2007-04-18 Thread Combs, Richard
Michael Müller-Hillebrand A company with a lot of modules (software or hardware) nowadays usually has a website where all the latest PDF files are available for download. But, wouldn't it be desirable to have all that information in HTML format: better navigation options, more efficient


2007-04-30 Thread Combs, Richard
Michael Zaichenko wrote: Thanks Chris, this seems to be a one way road: number into letter. How about the other way around. I need to know what ascii or hex number a certain letter is. I have a far too sophisticated script that loops through characters and assigns them codes and

RE: Frames within Frames Question

2007-05-01 Thread Combs, Richard
James Monaco wrote: We have books with different text frames for left and right master pages (in order to leave more space in the gutter than on the outside). When you insert a graphics frame for an illustration it references the page, not the text frame. The result is that if the

RE: Kozuko Gothic font

2007-05-14 Thread Combs, Richard
Susan Modlin wrote: This is a weird one. Frame is under the impression that I have 16 Kozuko Gothic and Mincho fonts installed. They show up in the para designer and fonts lists. Windows, on the other hand, has never heard of them -- they're not in my fonts folder or anywhere else on

RE: FrameScript - give a script to a colleague

2007-05-17 Thread Combs, Richard
Stephen O'Brien wrote: I have FrameScript and want to share a script with a colleague. Does that person also have to have FrameScript (i.e., buy a 2nd license) on his computer? Only if he wants to _run_ the script. :-) Richard -- Richard G. Combs Senior Technical Writer Polycom,

RE: Webworks Std - Html output naming

2007-05-23 Thread Combs, Richard
Elisabeth SABOT wrote: Thanks a mil for the tips. It works great! However, I went through the online help (Getting Started, User Guide and Template Reference are the only parts provided) and I browsed the program files on my system but couldn't find any mention of a Style Designer nor

RE: Webworks Std - Html output naming

2007-05-23 Thread Combs, Richard
Elisabeth SABOT wrote: It seems that you all use WWP Pro? Or the native Frame XML output maybe? (I'm not very familiar with XML and stuff so I didn't go much further than creating a structured document in FrameMaker based on one of the templates provided.) I've used WWP Pro and Mif2Go

RE: Tracing the Graphic Lineage

2007-05-30 Thread Combs, Richard
Pinkham, Jim wrote: If one has a figure at c:\docs\manuals\widgets\bigredwidget.eps, is there a ready way to determine what FM manuals are importing bigredwidget.eps by reference? Art's on the right track, but I strongly recommend you generate an _Index_ of References, not a List. The

RE: First Time Framer!

2007-05-30 Thread Combs, Richard
Steve Rickaby wrote: A benevolent God would give us FrameMaker 9 with InD's typographical engine. Are you listening, Adobe? Hmm, that's an interesting religion you're positing. ;-) And, indulge my curmudgeonliness for a moment: Does the tech writing profession really need more excuses

RE: Getting something ignored during spell checking

2007-05-30 Thread Combs, Richard
rebecca officer wrote: If you replace the space before the .xml (etc) with a non-breaking space, then the spellchecker ignores it. The non-breaking spaces drop the quality of your layout a little, but for a developer guide I'd guess that wouldn't really be a problem. I think any of the

RE: FM layout causing inconsistency when printing a PDF?

2007-05-31 Thread Combs, Richard
Rene Stephenson wrote: OK, so an advisory notice of sorts (ReadMe file, popup, etc.) looks like our only option... I have Acro 7, and in the Print dialog, Page Scaling defaults to Fit to Printer Margins. My default HP printer has unprintable margins of, IIRC, about .22 inches on the

RE: List of imported graphics

2007-06-01 Thread Combs, Richard
Van Boening, Tammy wrote: just taking up space. How do I go about generating a list of what graphics are actually used where in the book. (I obviously want to compare this list to the actual directory contents and nuke those from the directory that don't appear on the list.) To

RE: Cross-reference break after sorting Table - Frame 7.2

2007-06-04 Thread Combs, Richard
David Spreadbury wrote: Is this a new problem or has someone experienced this and I missed the fix/workaround. I have a 50 page table of Acronyms and Glossary Terms with cross-references between cells. The cross-references work fine until I sort the table, then they are all

RE: FM crashes on print book to file (surprise! No?)

2007-06-04 Thread Combs, Richard
Bodvar Bjorgvinsson wrote: I am using the Distiller 7 that came with FM. I also have installed Acrbat 6 pro. The odd thing though is that it seems that FM can see the old joboptions, but Distiller 7 can only see the ones that reside in its own default folder. In case Dov Isaacs isn't

RE: Imported SVG files Get Clipped

2007-06-07 Thread Combs, Richard
Randall C. Reed wrote: We have a curious problem: We are bringing in a 700-page addition to our document from another source, complete with graphics. The master page and variable conversions went smoothly. But, when we attempted to import and re-link the hundreds of graphics, we've run

RE: Pasting a link to excel 2007

2007-06-13 Thread Combs, Richard
Paul Grigg wrote: Just something we've noticed: if, in FM, you Edit paste special paste link to a table in an excel 2003, the table appears in FrameMaker, but when the file is printed, either to a physical printer or to distiller, the table turns into a black stub. Anyone else noticed

RE: system variables inside a user variable?

2007-06-13 Thread Combs, Richard
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is it possible to put building blocks inside a user variable? Ideally I'd like to create a variable named CurrentYear that contains only the $year building block. For reasons unknown, I'd like to do this without modifying or using the existing current date,

RE: Change bars in Framemaker

2007-06-15 Thread Combs, Richard
David Bills wrote: Also, the compare document feature mentioned in a previous e-mail doesn't do a good job identifying changes in tables or graphics. It also introduces conditional text to the document, which adds a layer of complexity to the document. It's a useful tool, but probably

RE: missing fonts

2007-06-18 Thread Combs, Richard
Jon Harvey wrote: I'm getting a missing font error in various docs. Is there a way to determine in a large FM doc what fonts are missing and where FM is looking for them? I'm using FM 7.2 on Windows. I'd like to find the culprit text and solve the problem. The missing font message tells

RE: Graphics that are too large

2007-06-18 Thread Combs, Richard
Judie Vegh wrote: As a follow up to this, would it be possible if I wanted text to expand across both columns at the bottom of the page? Say, instead of adding in a graphic to explain my steps, I'd like to add in a text box with some information relevant to the text/steps that are in

RE: Need some FM tips

2007-06-19 Thread Combs, Richard
David Shaked (Wernick) wrote: Can I ask the list members for some tips on various FM techniques? I am using FM 7.2. Most of these questions (except #6) are about techniques that are easy to use in Word, and I haven't yet found an FM equivalent. 1. Navigation techniques. Are there

RE: On-screen count of changes?

2007-06-22 Thread Combs, Richard
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: So--while working in FrameMaker 7.0p579 (XP) I thought that I was entering words into the Find field of the Find/Change dialog, while trying to read something elsewhere. But my fingers were hitting the wrong keys and when I looked up there was a prompt box

RE: deleting color definitions

2007-06-25 Thread Combs, Richard
Jon Harvey wrote: I have a few dozen FM documents that each have at least 100 color definitions that I would love to delete. Is there a way to delete them all at once for a given document? Better yet, delete them at the book level? I've tried saving the doc as a MIF file and opening it

RE: FM issue resolved, problem weith WebWorks

2007-07-13 Thread Combs, Richard
Garnier Garnier wrote: I could right align the numbered list in FM and they seem perfect in the PDFs. The problem is that the generated html output does not give the required result. The single digit in the WebWorks output still appears to be left aligned due to which the

RE: Slightly OT: A happy announcement

2007-07-13 Thread Combs, Richard
Diane Gaskill wrote: As some of you might remember, a few weeks ago, I posted some messages to the list regarding my company's research into changing from Word to either ArborText or Structured FM. I received several excellent responses to my questions and created a 4-page spreadsheet

RE: Text Inset?

2007-07-19 Thread Combs, Richard
J. Paul Kent wrote: I've never used a text inset before, but I may be up against it. snip When I select Word text, I see in the Paste Special options: Embedded MS Word Object and Linked MS Word Object. Would one of these start me down the right track? No. That's the Object Linking and

RE: Converted Word file grows enormously

2007-07-26 Thread Combs, Richard
O'Laoghaire Micheal wrote: Art, Thanks for replying. There is merit in what you say but I have converted quite a number of documents with embedded graphics without encountering this problem. There is sonething unique about this document but I have not been able to figure it out. If

RE: Special Marker dialog box has disappeared

2007-07-25 Thread Combs, Richard
Dennis Davideit wrote: A couple week ago, my Marker dialog box suddenly disappeared. That is, when I click Special Marker, the Marker dialog box does not appear. The other dialogs in the Special menu display correctly (Anchored Frame, Cross Reference, etc). You probably inadvertently

RE: Missing leader lines in TOC

2007-08-01 Thread Combs, Richard
karyn hunt wrote: We have a TOC that has always worked fine in the past. We just added a new paragraph tag to the template that won't pick up the leader lines in the way other, similar paragraph tags do. We're searching for a solution. snip Now, when we run the TOC, all the other

RE: Side heads and master pages

2007-08-02 Thread Combs, Richard
Leah Smaller wrote: To acheive something more compact, I applied my IndexRight and IndexLeft master pages (no side heads, 2 columns, 1 text flow). Now this looks really great, gives me exactly what I want, and fits exactly onto 2 pages. The problem is these that 2 pages have side

RE: How to delete trailing spaces in one go?

2007-08-03 Thread Combs, Richard
Bodvar Bjorgvinsson wrote: I thought I had seen in this list a discussion on how to remove trailing spaces that so often come with Word documents that are either imported into FrameMaker or opened by FrameMaker (by conversion). I have a plethora of these and the closest I have got is

RE: List of Tables, List of Figures

2007-08-09 Thread Combs, Richard
Molly Keegan wrote: I'm trying to set up my two lists so that the figure number appears in front of the figure title (same with tables). I can't find a user variable for figure number or table number. Am I missing something? Can I create one myself? Assuming you're using autonumbered

RE: FM8: Renaming a para format throughout a book?

2007-08-16 Thread Combs, Richard
John Sgammato In FM8, is there a convenient way to rename a paragraph format throughout a book? For example, I want to rename Heading 1 to Heading1. I can do it in one chapter, but importing the file across the book simply adds the new format, while leaving the other in place. I

RE: Combining side-heads and full-span paras in the same document

2007-08-20 Thread Combs, Richard
Steve Rickaby wrote: When I try the first method, it fails to work despite everything appearing to be correct. I think this is because the sidehead property is a property of the flow [which I seem to remember reading here recently], so that even though the full-span master pages have

RE: Single MIF for FrameMaker book

2007-08-24 Thread Combs, Richard
Rick Quatro wrote: I have a MIF question. I have a book file where the client wants a single MIF file for the entire book. My first thought was to combine the book components into a single FM file and save the result as MIF. The problem is different master pages applied to different

RE: Trouble with paragraph tags in TOC

2007-08-24 Thread Combs, Richard
Jon Harvey wrote: I have several headings that I'm using to generate a TOC: Heading1, Heading2, Heading3, Chapter.number, Appendix.number. When I generate the book, all the headings appear in the TOC file's reference page. However, content that uses the Chapter.number and

RE: FM to Word conversion

2007-08-28 Thread Combs, Richard
Martin Simon wrote: Sorry, this questions seems taboo however, I am interested in converting a FM book to an MS Word doc. The FAQ didn't say much. I converted my book to HTML then pasted into a blank Word doc. There is a lot of clean-up necessary. Do you have any other ideas? I do not

RE: FM to Word conversion

2007-08-28 Thread Combs, Richard
Martin Simon wrote: I did not see all of those options since I was trying to convert the book file. My choices were limited to fm, mif,pdf,htm, and xml. Ah, so that's why you went the HTML route. :-) Remember, in FM, all the content is in the .fm files. The .book file just contains

RE: Print-out of Structured View window?

2007-08-31 Thread Combs, Richard
Lin Surasky wrote: And SnagIt captures the image just fine, as I imagined it would, but does anyone know how to tell it to maintain the original text size and use more than one page if necessary??? The print is so small it's just lines. You're sending the screen capture directly to the

RE: Sticky Cursor - horiz. and vert.

2007-09-07 Thread Combs, Richard
Richard Doll wrote: Beginning yesterday in the afternoon when an object was selected for movement, its trajectory to the intended position was stuttered/bounced in about 6pt increments. The objects involves are: Frame created rules and shapes, Table cell boundaries, and Graphic (.tif

RE: Numbering steams and flows

2007-09-12 Thread Combs, Richard
Steve Rickaby wrote: I am forced to mix 1-column and 2-column layouts. I cannot use tables, as the existing 1-c material that must go into 2-c already contains tables. As we know from previous discussions here, the column layout is a flow property rather than a page property, so I

RE: Table Cell Alignment

2007-09-12 Thread Combs, Richard
Lin Surasky wrote: You know, I realized this after I sent the message off. But I substituted Xs for the asterisks and it doesn't change things. The Xs/asterisks are literally touching the top rule of the table cell. Touching the top rule? Something's wrong there! You said earlier that

RE: Broken xrefs

2007-09-14 Thread Combs, Richard
Fred Ridder wrote: FrameMaker only knows to update generated files that have the same base filename as the book plus the relevant generated file suffix (e.g. ...TOC, ...LOF, ...IX). If the names of the existing generated files don't follow the pattern, FrameMaker will generate

RE: Adobe Unveils Technical Communication Suite

2007-09-25 Thread Combs, Richard
Bill Swallow wrote: Doesn't seem like much of an integration, and certainly isn't single-sourcing given you can't round-trip the RH content back to FM. It's a repurposing solution. If round-tripping were a prerequisite for single-sourcing, then using Acrobat Distiller and Webworks

RE: Adobe Unveils Technical Communication Suite

2007-09-25 Thread Combs, Richard
Bill Swallow wrote: FM+RH is still repurposing content from FM into RH then out to whatever output you choose, and unless I'm missing something, if you make changes in RH to your content, you can't repurpose the content back to FM. That's true *if* you make changes in RH to your content

RE: Adobe Unveils Technical Communication Suite

2007-09-26 Thread Combs, Richard
Richard Levine wrote: I cannot really say that round-tripping is what I am looking for. What I would really like to see a fully integrated authoring environment that integrates multi-channel output with a powerful editor that overcomes FrameMaker's many limitations, thus obviating the

RE: Structured Frame Primer

2007-10-04 Thread Combs, Richard
Neeraj Jain wrote: Hi Steve, I want to learn structured FM. Can you please provide a specific link within from where I can study the same? I browsed scriptorium but found paid resources only. Please help me in learning. Steve said, I used the Scriptorium

RE: Bad Autonumbers

2007-10-04 Thread Combs, Richard
Randall C. Reed wrote: I cannot get a work package number autonumber to work properly in the files at the beginning of the book. P:000n+ just returns 0001. I've gone into the document menu on both the book and individual files and set the Page numbering feature to Continue. But the

RE: Times Font - fixed in FM 8.0?

2007-10-04 Thread Combs, Richard
Brad Simmons wrote: Has Adobe finally gotten around to fixing that blasted Times Font problem? You know, the one where FrameMaker looks in vain for the Times font, and it will tell you that you don't have it - even when it's on your PC? There's never been a Times Font bug that I'm aware

RE: Bad Autonumbers

2007-10-04 Thread Combs, Richard
Fred Ridder wrote: But if you set the properties to Continue, it *is* possible to reset a specific paragraph numbering series by formatting a paragraph with an autonumber formula that explicitly sets the appropriate counter elements in the series definition to the desired values. Of

RE: Why am I losing page and column breaks?

2007-10-04 Thread Combs, Richard
Natalie Bircher wrote: Does anyone know why I would lose page and column breaks? Kinda depends on how they were created (it never hurts to describe the situation in a bit more detail, including software version, etc.). IIRC, there's a Page Break menu item (I don't have it because I've

RE: Why am I losing page and column breaks?

2007-10-04 Thread Combs, Richard
Natalie Bircher wrote: Stuart!! Where do you get off busting my chops? You apparently need more help than the others that have answered my question with the information I gave. I didn't need to give them my OS or FM version to answer this question. Your tone is arrogant and

RE: Spelling dictionary

2007-10-08 Thread Combs, Richard
Whites wrote: How does one embed a non-breaking blank space in the site dictionary? I'd like to add Red Hat with space and also prevent it breaking at the end of the line. My brief poking around in the manual did not make my any wiser. Any solution appreciated. I don't know of a

RE: text inset + cross-references to different files?

2007-10-08 Thread Combs, Richard
Lise Bible wrote: I was able to find information in FrameMaker Help about To insert a cross-reference to a paragraph in a text inset but it seems like that's talking about inserting a cross-reference *elsewhere in the file* to a paragraph contained *within the text inset*, and what I

RE: Changing text styles

2007-10-10 Thread Combs, Richard
Scott White wrote: I remember doing this once before but can find the reference in the book; how can I change a unique string of text from regular type to bold within a document. I would like to find every reference of lets say ABC Company, Inc. and change it to bold with a replace

RE: Changing text styles

2007-10-10 Thread Combs, Richard
Scott White wrote: I would like to find every reference of lets say ABC Company, Inc. and change it to bold with a replace function of some sort. I should have also mentioned that a better long-term solution might be to create a CompanyName variable defined as boldABC Company, Inc. That

RE: Sorry for the bandwidth, but is the Frameusers site functioning?

2007-10-18 Thread Combs, Richard
Van Boening, Tammy wrote: I have been trying in vain to unsubscribe from the framers list and tech-whirl list for several days now as I am leaving this gig and will soon have a new email address; however, no luck. No matter what I do, whenever I log in, I either get timed out or when I

RE: radical revamping of techpubs

2007-10-19 Thread Combs, Richard
Ron Miller wrote: In my view, the only reason Windows has dominated personal computing is because Microsoft bullied hardware company into selling its products. I don't think this popular myth stands up to scrutiny. Microsoft's bullying wasn't primarily to get people to *use* Windows, it

RE: First on market (was RE: radical revamping of techpubs)

2007-10-19 Thread Combs, Richard
Technical Writer wrote: Many, especially in business, would argue the opposite; the first mover advantage is huge. Case in point, the business strategy of Sony. Sony is a good company with solid products, but their track record on innovations sucks. They brought us, among others, Beta

RE: radical revamping of techpubs

2007-10-22 Thread Combs, Richard
Technical Writer wrote: but otherwise not particularly useful. To believe that a secondary industry is necessary to assure an acceptable level of quality in production is impoverished. Quality goods can be produced by motivated, competent workers without a QA overseer. And later: Yes.

RE: PDF contradiction?

2007-10-23 Thread Combs, Richard
Tammy Van Boening wrote: ... According to all the hulla-bulloo about this 8.0 release, I can enable commenting rights in a PDF so that my Adobe Reader users can participate in shared reviews of the PDF. So, I followed the instructions to the T provided in the Adobe Acrobat Online Help

RE: Questions on viewing conditional text

2007-10-30 Thread Combs, Richard
Brad Simmons had two conditional text questions: First Question: Is there any way I can specify that the colors are viewed on the screen only, and not in the final outputted document? In the Show/Hide Conditional Text dialog, uncheck Show Condition Indicators. Or, at the book level, select

RE: Can HTML Help Display in Other Languages (like Russian)?

2007-10-30 Thread Combs, Richard
Kelly McDaniel wrote: The brethren and cistern, you mean. I don't think you really mean cistern. Richard -- Richard G. Combs Senior Technical Writer Polycom, Inc. richardDOTcombs AT polycomDOTcom 303-223-5111 -- rgcombs AT gmailDOTcom 303-777-0436 --

RE: Upgrade Anger to Tech Comm Suite.

2007-11-06 Thread Combs, Richard
Kenneth C. Benson wrote: I'm not sure the suites are that good a deal. I like to upgrade certain programs (Indesign and Framemaker) every release. But with other programs I don't feel like I need the latest release all the time. So when I go to upgrade, I don't want to pay to upgrade

RE: LOM question, kind of

2007-11-07 Thread Combs, Richard
Bill Swallow wrote: Is there a way to create a list of images copied into document? We can create a list of images imported by reference easily enough. Well, the latter consists of the path and name of the referenced files. For embedded images, FM doesn't have that information, so the

RE: Possible Frame6+SGML Issue only MIF to Native and OLE graphics

2007-11-07 Thread Combs, Richard
Dan Vint wrote: As these files are saved back to Native (via FrameScript) I'm getting the following error/warning from Frame: SnagIt.jpg This has occurred on 4 different books, not sure if they have been all Frame 6 or not, but this last one is 6. One of the books we couldn't track

RE: Help with Running Headers

2007-11-13 Thread Combs, Richard
David Kuhn wrote: I tried to insert a Running Header 5, just changing the definition that exists from $paratext[H1_Heading1] to $paratext[Part]. There is already a Part paragraph format defined, but it exists only in the Part document type, not the Chapter document type. But when I

RE: Help with Running Headers

2007-11-13 Thread Combs, Richard
Art Campbell wrote: Actually, you can set the contents of $volnum to hold user-specified text, which is the method I was thinking of using... Then just plug it in either to the user variable, or into the header. slap_forehead /Of course! David mentioned needing both the part number and

RE: Putting line drawings in a frame doc

2007-11-14 Thread Combs, Richard
Theresa de Valence wrote: One of my techniques for quickly conveying an idea is to use a small line drawing (lines, boxes, circles and text). I have been doing these drawings in Frame for many years, having never developed any greater flexability with any other drawing software.

RE: Tracing the Lineage of Text Insets

2007-11-14 Thread Combs, Richard
Pinkham, Jim wrote: Unfortunately, I came to a screeching halt on the Update Book run to fill in the LOR when FM said couldn't update this book because it contains no openable nongenerated files. This is guesswork, but I'm thinking this book refers to one of the component sub-books of

RE: FM weirdness

2007-12-04 Thread Combs, Richard
Kelly McDaniel wrote: Linda, Thanks, no, I haven't changed emphasis nor deleted it. It's still in the catalog...Kelly. -Original Message- From: Linda G. Gallagher [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2007 10:05 AM To: Kelly McDaniel; 'Framers' Subject: RE: FM

RE: Problems importing Illustrator files take two

2007-12-06 Thread Combs, Richard
MARC CREAGHAN wrote: Here is a second stab at my current challenge. I want to import some Illustrator document with transparencies and they are leaving some unsightly black splotches behind. Is there a preferred format for importing vector graphics? Should I be using eps or tiff or can

RE: How do I turn off the link

2007-12-13 Thread Combs, Richard
Huntley Eshenroder wrote: No, cannot remove the link with the full Acrobat package. In fact, after removing all links, it is still active. This is for Acrobat 7 -- might be different in other versions; Adobe keeps rearranging the menus. 1) Select Edit Preferences. 2) In the Categories

RE: How do I turn off the link

2007-12-13 Thread Combs, Richard
Huntley Eshenroder wrote: Penelope and Richard hit the nail on the head as to the cause. Doesn't look as though there is a good solution. I don't understand. Turning off Automatically detect URLs from text _is_ a good solution. Any hyperlinks you want in the PDF should be properly created

RE: Hypertext links in Acrobat 8 documents generated from FrameMaker 8

2007-12-18 Thread Combs, Richard
Austin Meredith wrote: I've recently upgraded to FM8 and Acrobat8 and now the new links in the Acrobat documents I am generating won't function. I suspect I must have had some option set in my old Acrobat7 that I have forgotten to set in my new Acrobat8, because the links I used to

RE: Unavailable fonts issue

2008-01-03 Thread Combs, Richard
Diane Schaefer wrote: If you copy and paste non-Frame, non-HTML information into your (unstructured, 7.2) Frame document, the information is copied into a text frame. In my documents, and perhaps in yours, the font specified is Times New Roman, which isn't in my font repertoire. Hence

RE: different page numbering for the same files

2008-01-07 Thread Combs, Richard
Leah Smaller wrote: I have 2 books where book 1 uses files 1 - 10 and book 2 uses some of the same files (let's say files 5 - 7). I want to set up the books (files) so that in book 1 all the pages are numbered consecutively, starting from page 1 in file 1. Thus the first page in file

RE: overlapping text frames

2008-01-15 Thread Combs, Richard
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Need some help regarding overlapping text frames. Document has them--lots of them. Result: can not move around on the pages that are overlapping. Very problematic for editing. How do I correct this problem. It's not clear what you're asking. Do you need

RE: overlapping text frames

2008-01-15 Thread Combs, Richard
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have a document that contains multiple pages with overlapping text frames. Such pages can not be edited in their current state. How do I remove the overlaps so that these pages can be edited? The pages can not be deleted as there is no source other than the

RE: Alphabetizing a generated list of Figures or Tables

2008-01-23 Thread Combs, Richard
Pete Rourke wrote: I started from the book addList of Figures using the paragraph tag, Caption, but I have not figured out how to put this into the reference page (like what the standard index does) to do the alphabetical sorting. If you want alphabetical, you need an index.

RE: Alphabetizing a generated list of Figures or Tables

2008-01-23 Thread Combs, Richard
Frank Stearns wrote: (This entire process could be scripted, of course.) Or, you could use IXgen to do this in just a few moments. You can create markers from specific para tags, such as those used for the captions; and you can create markers of whatever type you wanted (including

RE: List of linked graphic file locations

2008-01-29 Thread Combs, Richard
J. Paul Kent wrote: Just before a recent deadline, I had to cobble together a bunch of content from disparate locations. I'm going to need to archive my source files soon and it occurs to me that locating all of the graphics is going to be tricky. Nope, if they're really _linked_

RE: Search for empty paragraphs

2008-01-31 Thread Combs, Richard
Pat Christenson wrote: ^\p ^$ but they only find paragraphs that have table or frame anchors in them. Don't know those. I learned that \P finds the start of a pgf and \p finds the end, so to find empty pgfs, I use: \P\p HTH! Richard -- Richard G. Combs Senior Technical Writer

RE: keep with next para

2008-02-06 Thread Combs, Richard
Stuart Rogers wrote: Graeme R Forbes wrote: I have a proof consisting in a sequence of lines across a page, each a paragraph, and each line separated from the next by a shallow anchored frame that contains a separator line. Each line/para is set to keep with the next one since

RE: Automatic linking?

2008-02-07 Thread Combs, Richard
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a way to accomplish (Structured FM 7.2 under XP) the following? Q. question Choices A- [Item] + Autonumbering B- [Item] + Autonumbering C- [Item] + Autonumbering D- [Item] + Autonumbering Answer: A If the right Answer changes to C, for

RE: PDF email links

2008-02-08 Thread Combs, Richard
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I had thought that Framemaker supported hypertext markers that allow tyou to create links for PDFs which launch a new email in the email application and prepopulate the address and subject line. Art replied: Highlight your link text. Special Hypertext To to

RE: Track Changes Added inconsistencies?

2008-02-12 Thread Combs, Richard
Brad Simmons wrote: The past several times that I've regenerated my FrameMaker 8.0 book (originally created in 7.2) I've gotten the following message: Show/Hide setting for FM8_TRACK_CHANGES_ADDED is inconsistent What does this mean? I've never seen a track changing feature, nor

RE: future of FrameMaker

2008-02-14 Thread Combs, Richard
Jakob Fix wrote: I would like to know if anybody has some reliable first-hand information about the future of FrameMaker. I have recently You know, this question was worth serious consideration the first dozen or so times it came up. It was mildly amusing the next dozen or so. Now -- after

RE: FM abruptly closes with no save

2008-02-14 Thread Combs, Richard
Brewster, Christopher C wrote: I think the memory issue is indeed the cause for this. I did my process again and saved after each insertion. No problems occurred. But I think software should handle a memory issue much more gracefully than simply closing without saving-such as warning

RE: future of FrameMaker

2008-02-15 Thread Combs, Richard
maxwell.hoffmann wrote: (I've read the other replies to this post also.) Like Bernard A., I too am at the annual FrameMaker Chautauqua. (A great venue for new info and easy access to experts; I highly recommend it!) I attended the 2005 Chautauqua and thought it was well worth my

RE: Cross References:using text that is not that linked to

2008-02-19 Thread Combs, Richard
Carrie Baker wrote: Can I create a cross reference to somewhere, when the text that appears in the cross reference is something that I type in, and not the text that appears in Heading 2 (i.e. will say xy statistics, even though the header it jumps to is called Displaying xy statistics)?

RE: style following inset

2008-02-21 Thread Combs, Richard
Mollye Barrett wrote: I'm working with an unstructured document set that uses text insets. When insets are imported into the target document, the empty paragraph tag following the inset automatically becomes a repeat of the first style in the previous inset. So, if the inset starts

RE: style following inset

2008-02-21 Thread Combs, Richard
Rene Stephenson We have the same problem and have heard it's just a bug w/ FM 7.2 unstructured insets. Our solution is to use Silicon Prairie's Paragraph Tools to Remove Paragraph Overrides immediately before generating the book for our output formats. It's not a bug specific to 7.2,

RE: Index colum-page breaks

2008-02-29 Thread Combs, Richard
Pete Rourke wrote: On a generated index, I have a two column spread alphabetically. My problem is trying to find the right combination of 'keep with', Widow/Orphan lines, Format to keep it from leaving the Group Titles IX paragraph with its Index line at the bottom of a column or

RE: Index colum-page breaks

2008-02-29 Thread Combs, Richard
Pete Rourke wrote: I went through each index header letter, and they were all the Group Titles IX, but I did do the update all. This partially fixed my problem. It took care of all but one letter - O which with its index line is on one page, and the content is on the next. The column

RE: PDFMark Bookmarks

2008-02-29 Thread Combs, Richard
William Abernathy wrote: My last attempt at getting this answered resulted in zero responses. I will assume that it was because my post was not a model of concision or clarity. So I'll try it again, hitting the highlights. When inserting PDFMark bookmarks to other PDF documents, is

RE: PDFMark Bookmarks

2008-02-29 Thread Combs, Richard
Minor clarification. I said: Where are you putting the PostScript code frame? I'm purely guessing, but I'd put it on the first body page of the doc, I should have said the first body page of the first file in the book. The point is to locate it ahead of all the other bookmark sources in

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