Re: [Frameworks] making my Eiki lighter

2015-09-24 Thread graeme hogg
If you are not using sound take out the amplifier unit. Dear, I'll be traveling with 2 Eiki SSL projectors next week and want to make them as light as possible. The loudspeakers are out already, as I never use them. What else can be eliminated? Also: the manual says 11 to 15kg But mine are

Re: [Frameworks] Super 8 Sound camera

2015-09-24 Thread Jeff Kreines
No optical viewfinder! And the only interesting S8 film remaining is Tri-X reversal. Color neg is an abomination in S8 — a format that was based on reversal. Also, you can get a used Aaton or Arri SR for far less than this camera costs! This camera loses the quick-loading S8 advantage — you

[Frameworks] Super 8 Sound camera

2015-09-24 Thread ben.weinstein  Check out this camera. Pretty neat. Looks good for documentary filmmaking and or animation ___ FrameWorks mailing list

[Frameworks] Paul Sharits program at the HFA Sunday!

2015-09-24 Thread Gravely, Brittany B
Forgot to enter this one in on the Frameworks cal: INESCAPABLE ANXIETY - THE FILMS OF PAUL SHARITS: PROGRAM ONE Sunday September 27 at 7pm Wintercourse The earliest and only surviving work in Paul Sharits' filmography after a fairly successful attempt by Sharits to destroy all of his early

[Frameworks] NEW DIRECTOR NEEDED for Millennium Film Workshop

2015-09-24 Thread Lili White
Hello experimental Film World! Millennium Film Workshop is looking for a NEW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR to take us into our 50th Year. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AROUND! We welcome queries from any competent person who would be responsible for the successful leadership and

Re: [Frameworks] NEW DIRECTOR NEEDED for Millennium Film Workshop

2015-09-24 Thread Sasha Janerus
Ah! Millennium Film Workshop! A vibrant arts organization! Though a while back Kent Jones referred to it on a podcast as--and I quote--"a place that no longer exists." It's like Brigadoon or something! As far as I know, MFW board elections are a couple years overdue. The present board was elected

[Frameworks] David Domingo contact info

2015-09-24 Thread Adam Hyman
Hi all, Trying to get contact info for David Domingo, super 8mm maker in Spain. Please send me off list. Thanks! Best regards, Adam -- Adam Hyman Los Angeles Filmforum 6522 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90028