Re: [Frameworks] European cinemas who program and project 16mm films ??

2012-01-20 Thread luis ?
Xcentric In Barcelona, Spain Luis Macías 2012/1/20 Carl Lee Hi Alain -- I'm sure there are others, but in Berlin, Germany there's Arsenal: Also, I don't think they have their own venue

[Frameworks] opaque black film 16mm

2012-02-06 Thread luis ?
Hello Frameworks, opaque black film need 16mm. Movie not to miss the light. We need a single perf. Do you know any place to get next to Spain? Greetings! Luis Macías 629709266

Re: [Frameworks] Intermittent Motion: a call for proposals

2012-02-08 Thread luis ?
Hello Eric Steward, I'm Luis Macías from Barcelona, I'm righting to you to your personal email. Greetings Luis 2012/2/8 eric stewart Hey Josh, Just touching base about the screening I'm programing Intermittent

[Frameworks] Lab in SAN FRANCISCO

2012-03-16 Thread luis ?
Hi Frameworks, I need to process-developet super8 and 16mm reversal film in San Francisco next week. Recomendation of a lab there? Whant to send it by private mail. Thanks!! Luis Macías - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I'm

[Frameworks] Home Movies programe

2012-03-27 Thread luis ?
Hi Frameworks! I'm preparing a programm about Found Footage using home movies. For example Cécile Fontaine, Laboratorium (spain), Pat O'neil, Su Frederich... Any other suggestion? Filmmakers, films, texts?? Thanks! Luis Macías 629709266

[Frameworks] VITAFILM

2012-09-23 Thread luis ?
Hello Frameworks, can someone tell me where to buy VITAFILM? Any other suggestions to combat the effect of vinegar in the movies? Thanks! Luis Macías ___ FrameWorks mailing list https://mailman

[Frameworks] Video with strobo light: URGENT QUESTION!!!

2012-10-28 Thread luis ?
that combines interlace fields and may then view the image as it is, but I do not know how I can do it! Anybody can help me? I found this in the tutorial of Final Cut 7.0.3: Greetings! Luis Macías 0034 629709266 SKYPE: Luis-maci

[Frameworks] Black Film Leader in NY

2012-12-01 Thread luis ?
Hi Frameworks! I'm travelling soon to N.Y... and need to buy black film leader and transparent film in 16mm... Who knows where??? Thanks! Luis Macías ___ FrameWorks mailing list https://mailman

[Frameworks] 3d Glasses in NYC

2012-12-09 Thread luis ?
HI frameworks, Does someone know where I can buy 3D glasses in NYC? Thanks!! Luis Macías ___ FrameWorks mailing list

Re: [Frameworks] Black Film Leader in NY

2012-12-10 Thread luis ?
Thanks!!! El lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012, nicky.hamlyn escribió: Yes. Ok for negative cutting. Sent from Samsung Mobile luis ? javascript:_e({}, 'cvml', ''); wrote: Is this film totelly opaque?? KODAK Black Opaque Acetate Leader KODAK

Re: [Frameworks] Where to buy 16mm 100ft spools and cans

2013-01-03 Thread luis ?
In Spain it is impossible, I talked to a friend of Kodak and tells me no stock! Best! Luis Macías 2013/1/3 Veronica Ibarra Hi again, I posted earlier about needing urgently to get hold of 16mm stock. In case we need to buy it in 400s

[Frameworks] Transfer video to 16mm film

2013-06-20 Thread luis ?
HI Frameworks, Somewhere recommend to transfer video to 16mm film? Thanks Luis Macías ___ FrameWorks mailing list

[Frameworks] ARTIST RESIDENCE in Barcelona

2013-08-12 Thread luis ?
and 3 min walk to the beach!! Interested please contact us: Luis Macías: Adriana Vila: Best Regards Luis Macías ___ FrameWorks mailing list FrameWorks

[Frameworks] UCLA Film Television Archive

2013-10-20 Thread luis ?
Hey Frameworks... If will need contact with anything from UCLA Film Television Archive. I wanted a film footage from UCLA. Please send it to me off list. Thanks!!! Luis Macías ___ FrameWorks mailing list https

Re: [Frameworks] UCLA Film Television Archive

2013-10-20 Thread luis ?
Ok Adam..Thanks! Luis Luis Macías tfn: 0034 629709266 Vzla: 0412 025 1688 Skype: Luis-maci 2013/10/20 Adam Hyman So you are looking for the commercial licensing

[Frameworks] 35mm Gate for JFK Optical Printer

2013-11-06 Thread luis ?
Hi Frameworks, I'm looking for a 35mm Gate for a JFK Optical Printer... Anyone know where i can find one? Best Luis Macías ___ FrameWorks mailing list

Re: [Frameworks] 35mm Gate for JFK Optical Printer

2013-11-07 Thread luis ?
Wow!! Thanks...all! The web of JK Camera is not working now... George Sherman i will contact next week whit you out of the mail list...and send you some pictures... best to all L. Luis Macías tfn: 0034 629709266 Vzla: 0412 025 1688 Skype: Luis-maci

Re: [Frameworks] 35mm Gate for JFK Optical Printer

2013-11-29 Thread luis ?
Adapter Sistem for digitalicer with the Optical Printer… Thanks/best Luis Macías Luis Macías 629709266 Skype: Luis-maci 2013/11/7 luis ? Wow!! Thanks...all! The web

[Frameworks] Contact with Paolo Cherchi Usai

2013-12-09 Thread luis ?
Hello Frameworkers, Anyone have a good contact for Michael? Send it my way off list. Many thanks! Luis Macías ___ FrameWorks mailing list

[Frameworks] 9´5mm in B/W

2013-12-10 Thread luis ?
I need buy and procesed B/W film in 9´5mm for a new proyect I Know film color reversal in UK...but no in B/W.. Also, would anyone have a film stock recommendation for shooting in 9´5mm B/W? Is posible buy in Europe? is posible in USA? Thanks all! Luis Macías

[Frameworks] Print to Color Positive Acetate 35mm

2014-02-03 Thread luis ?
Hi, i need a lab for print a copy in positive acetate color 35mm from a negative color 35mm. I need a copy from 10 minutes same sugestion? Thanks! Luis Macías

Re: [Frameworks] Print to Color Positive Acetate 35mm

2014-02-03 Thread luis ?
I shoot in 35mm motion picture film 35mm in negative with Vision3 200t I need a print in 35mm positive color in suport of ACETATE. It is long 10 min... Thanks... Luis Macías 2014-02-03 Scott Dorsey This is 35mm motion picture film? Any lab should be able to do

[Frameworks] Transfer To HD/2K

2014-02-12 Thread luis ?
Hi Frameworks, I have finished a short film in 35mm, and I would like to transfer to HD or scann to 2K ... Any recomendation...2k or HD? Any good and cheap profesional or independent Lab? I live/work in spain... Thanks! Best

Re: [Frameworks] Installation works that incorporate hand-painted film

2014-02-26 Thread luis ?
In Spain... Esperanza Collado, Oriol sanchez, Miguel Mariño and Luis Macías/Adriana Vila Best 2014-02-26 16:14 GMT+01:00 Kelly Gallagher Oh also this 16mm

[Frameworks] Shoting in 65mm/70mm

2014-03-05 Thread luis ?
in this format - Rent a film cameras of 65mm in Europe, where? - Rent a IMAX Camera: Where? - Other economical possibilites...( shoot with photo cameras: Hasselblda + chasis 70mm ) Some sugestion? Some experience with this format? best!! Luis Macías

Re: [Frameworks] Shoting in 65mm/70mm

2014-03-06 Thread luis ?
exploring the Hassalblad´s possibilities, and others suggestions... Best! Luis Macías 2014-03-05 21:10 GMT+01:00 Francisco Torres iwerks - 70mm 8perf/15 perf

[Frameworks] 35mm Film processing in Europe

2014-04-11 Thread luis ?
Hi frameworks, i need developing a film short in* 35mm B/W...* We are looking for a Film Laboratory in Europe. In Image Film, Spain is imposible now... ANDEC FILMTECHNICK is a posibility...Other suggestions?? All the best - Luis Macías *

Re: [Frameworks] 35mm Film processing in Europe

2014-04-11 Thread luis ?
Hi Nick...yes, i will want print a copy positive (copy of work) for editing in a steenbeck... The next process, i need print a sound negative and print copy with sound... which one do you recommend? Hagefilm, Jonghe, Prestech, Andec... Thanks... - Luis Macías 629709266 Skype

[Frameworks] From Venezuela traveling to Washington.

2014-07-31 Thread luis ?
Hi frameworks! from Venezuela traveling to Washington. At this moment we're working on a documentary project about a great exponent of afrovenezuelan music and cocoa farmer: BelénPalacios. The director of this project (adriana vila) and me (luis macias) will be traveling to Washington DC

Re: [Frameworks] 25mm Lens EIKI 16mm projector

2016-10-18 Thread luis ?
Hi Pip and Warren, thanks but I need it for a long time...I need to buy one! Best Luis - Luis Macías ​​ *​ <> <>* * <http://www.crate

[Frameworks] 25mm Lens EIKI 16mm projector

2016-10-16 Thread luis ?
Dears colleagues, I´m looking for a 25mm lens for 16mm Eiki Projectors. I have one but I need other like this for a double screen project. Someone knows where I can find it? I could buy it or change for a 35-60mm zoom for EIKI or B Best Luis Macías ​​ *​ <h

[Frameworks] OPTICAL PRINTER JK 104 ( Need help to repair it)

2017-01-01 Thread luis ?
and doesn't seam to be that)... We would need the *circuit map* of the JK104 … Could anybody help us with it? Thanks a lot, Best - Luis Macías ​​ *​ <> <>* *http://cr

[Frameworks] Help with a 16mm Steenbeck St901 Type

2018-01-22 Thread luis ?
( stil ​l​ attached) Anybody out there have one of these and can help us??!! Thanks in advance ​Crater-Lab Luis Macias​ ___ FrameWorks mailing list

Re: [Frameworks] Documentaries within/with a group subject and participatory filmmaker(s)

2018-07-10 Thread luis ?
25Cines/seg (2017) Luis Macías El mar., 10 jul. 2018 a las 20:17, Jeff Kreines () escribió: > Demon Lover Diary, by Joel DeMott. > > Jeff Kreines > Kinetta > > > > Sent from iPhone. > > On Jul 10, 2018, at 12:22 PM, Sonya Mladenov

Re: [Frameworks] Braun Nizo repair in Europe

2018-12-15 Thread luis ?
Hi Esperanza, Can you try here... All the best Luis El 15 dic. 2018 10:37, "Esperanza Collado" escribió: Good morning, Does anyone know any reliable repair service for Braun Nizo cameras? I've heard of a Frenchman specializing in these cameras but he