Re: gcc Themes

1999-09-19 Thread Valters Vingolds
It wouldn't help you anyway - some places are Win32 specific (marked as notes 'to be crossplatform') so no fair running it under *nix. besides, bitmaps that got downloaded in CVS (ui/themes/default) are somewhat corrupted - won't load. anyone with similar results? also, GetErrorString()

Re: Themes: features request

1999-09-23 Thread Valters Vingolds
some comments At 16:32 9/21/99 -0700, Robert Kaye wrote: 3. textcontrol should have means of specifying font used That's not very easy to do. Consider that themes are cross platform -- how do you specify the fonts for all platforms? What if the font is not available on that machine? well,

gdbm trouble after last checkout

1999-09-23 Thread Valters Vingolds
Usually, when I start freeamp, it would give me 'assertion error' which I could ignore (not finding good metadatabase) but not now - it would trap in freeamp.exe. The problem lies in initialization routine of musicbrowser and database: Database:: constructor calls gdbm_open for m_dbase, a call

theme.ui (cvs 28.09 code) visualization problems

1999-09-28 Thread Valters Vingolds
(I use Win98,VoodooBanshee clone, 1280x1024 video) Basically, no visualization there. NO ANY. I looked and saw that MaskBlitRect has reverted to some code that does not use that MaskBlt that only works on NT, but still, not a thing visible. I changed my video mode to 256 color - and it helped a

Re: UI not showing up under 95/98 fixed!

1999-10-07 Thread Valters Vingolds
Yeah, right on! It just looks so much better as non-rectangular piece... At 17:54 10/5/99 -0700, you wrote: Ok, I finally fixed the UI not showing bug under 95/98. It took me about 10 hours of installing windows and then 3 hours of actual debugging to find a ONE CHARACTER BUG. Grrr. NT liked it

theme.ui architecture

1999-10-07 Thread Valters Vingolds
Robert... I was toying with UI other day, wanted to implement drag'n'drop functionality. I quickly cut'n'pasted code from freeampUI to Theme's Win32Window.h/cpp, so the window started to accept WM_DROPFILES. But then I even quicker got frustrated to death, could not figure out how to get the

volume gets lost

1999-10-07 Thread Valters Vingolds
Well, it really looks like volume is always reset to zero! (When starting to play,changing song, etc). I do win98, as usually... I offer this here patch for io/soundcard/win32/soundcardpmo.cpp == cut == 163a164,165 if(!m_iLastVolume) m_iLastVolume=GetVolume(); 196,198c198

theme.ui glitch: play button turns to 'pause' inappropriately

1999-10-08 Thread Valters Vingolds
When 'Play' is pressed, it turns to pause. If song does not play (file not found or pmo/pmi error) the button should not become 'pause' really. It should remain as 'play'. Perhaps good solution would be not to do as: [from HandleControlMessage()] if (oControlName == string("Play") eMesg ==

theme.ui: patch to accept drag-dropped mp3 files

1999-10-08 Thread Valters Vingolds
I do Win98, as usually. Here's the patch, I find it very useful for now, that theme for now lacks other ways of specifying which mp3 to play (except commandline args - but those do not even support wildcards...) I diff'd with -c so one can apply it by hand, not trusting patch.exe to do job

Re: spectrum analyser

1999-10-08 Thread Valters Vingolds
Rainplay has it. Oh, but rainplay is kinda undersupported and obsolete... but still, look how it does that. You'll need to dig around quite a bit to understand how it works, but that's about the price you pay. At 16:06 10/8/99 -0300, you wrote: hi all, does freeamp support graphical spectrum

Re: volume gets lost

1999-10-26 Thread Valters Vingolds
] - Original Message - From: Valters Vingolds [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, October 07, 1999 3:02 PM Subject: volume gets lost But then there is another problem: void SoundCardPMO::SetVolume(int32 volume) { // When we begin

BRANDING (logo button)

1999-10-31 Thread Valters Vingolds
while I think LOGO button is great idea, in my opinion it is wrong to make it to go only to BRANDING_URL site. I think skin's creator should be able to set which url his LOGO button goes - well, it's quite intuitive that it should point to his (skin's creators) webpage - for user to check for

(to robert) win32 patch for tooltip support

1999-10-31 Thread Valters Vingolds
I created a defect #191 in Bugzilla, attached the patch. Please see if you can accept it. Here's the scoop: Code is pretty much re-used from old FreeampUI. Just that it is MindMeld compliant (tooltips get updated when themes change) and that callback queries control tooltip, not comes up with

Re: BRANDING (logo button)

1999-10-31 Thread Valters Vingolds
for in 'About' already. :) elrod Valters Vingolds wrote: while I think LOGO button is great idea, in my opinion it is wrong to make it to go only to BRANDING_URL site. I think skin's creator should be able to set which url his LOGO button goes - well, it's quite intuitive that it should

Bugzilla feature #198

1999-10-31 Thread Valters Vingolds
(support TGZ instead of .FAT theme fomat, diff is for Beta2 source archive) I created an attach in Bugzilla's bug #198 (go look it up if you care) to change inner flat-format of FAT to TAR. And, for some reason it compresses better than previously...Btw, for some reason GZIP'd TAR is more

Re: (to robert) win32 patch for tooltip support

1999-10-31 Thread Valters Vingolds
At 17:39 10/31/99 -0800, Robert wrote: There is something that bothers me. (Added defect into bugzilla #195) Multi-control Desc strings are actually manipulated by player behind that creator's back. They are? How? Well, meaning those Repeat for example: [HandleControlMessage() from

freeamp on linux - few comments

1999-11-16 Thread Valters Vingolds
I have it running for about 24h now, continally playing on song (looped) - hasn't crashed yet. I am very satisfied that it's rather solid! Wonder if win32 version works that well too... earlier versions would die somewhere in night... looking like deadlocked. quirks I have found but haven't had

Re: freeamp on linux - few comments

1999-01-16 Thread Valters Vingolds
On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Mayhem Chaos Coordinator wrote: Magically 'Playlist' button does not functions (OK, that's because apparently code responsible for firing CMD_PlaylistUI (or?) was for some reason removed from FreeAmpTheme.cpp huh? Maybe in process of implementing 'Files'

bug: tooltip support not working after changing theme

2000-02-27 Thread Valters Vingolds
problem: maybe you have noticed that tooltip support goes dead after you switch themes. (after you change to another theme, tooltips won't display). resolution: that happens because for some reason in Win32Window::CreateTooltips() is this code: if (m_bMindMeldInProgress) return;

those coca cola themes

2000-02-27 Thread Valters Vingolds
hmm, it's nice to see how freeamp gets accepted more and more! however, what do you say about that coca cola theme 'licence agreement'? 1) they are referring to .fat as "mp3 skin" ... huh?! 2) forbiding to "reverse assemble, reverse compile and otherwise attempt to create source code" - that

Re: New developer - CD Player or ripper

2000-05-07 Thread Valters Vingolds
Have you looked at CDex effort? (The best CD ripper there is, and open source!) It's home page is At 15:15 4/22/00 -0700, you wrote: I am interested in helping out with the efforts to create a CD Player and a CD Ripper. I would like to know who I should talk to. I would like to

RE: errors like this:

2000-05-29 Thread Valters Vingolds
The whole thing goes like this: Set Freeamp as active project when you first compile. Then, if you feel like hacking the freeamp ui (the user interface) you set freeampui as active project and freeamp.exe as executable to run. If you feel like hacking other part of freeamp, set that other part

Re: Queueing Behavior

2000-05-31 Thread Valters Vingolds
Does drag-n-drop of file in musicbrowser from my music tree view to playlist view work yet? Should be equivalent of doubleclicking on song. Somehow I find it very intuitive to use drag-n-drop, but I was a bit annoyed when it didn't work. Now I have a question for you guys... since we are

diet-freeamp target

2000-06-06 Thread Valters Vingolds
I think it would be very nice if someone created a freeamp target that has all the extra dependencies removed (as,no httpinput, no plugins, no cd input, no musicbrowser - only the mp3 player itself). So, a new developer would be able to compile it a lot faster and maybe not get the perception

Re: Request for testing.

2000-09-27 Thread Valters Vingolds
Hello Chris, Wednesday, September 27, 2000, 17:47:04, you wrote: CK My changes to Metadata to use the HashStore for string storage CK are far enough along to start thinking about getting someone else CK to help test it. (sorry, haven't looked at it or compiled freeamp lately somehow - it's too

Re[2]: Request for testing.

2000-09-29 Thread Valters Vingolds
Hello Chris, Thursday, September 28, 2000, 02:30:27, you wrote: CK large catalogs of music. The tree helps, but when some audiofile with that's audiophile, OK ?!?! :) we are talking audiophiles here... CK alot of money rips his 1000 cds, he needs a search prompt as well. So CK it is worth

musicbrowser improvement (help request)

2001-02-21 Thread Valters Vingolds
hi. I have been thinking about one particular feature that I would like to see in musicbrowser. It's about the "My Music" tree view of the MP3. The tree is constructed of "Artist/Album/Song name" hierarchy. What I would like to do, I'd like to create second pass for to filter the mp3 db to

kde2 integration .ui

2001-02-21 Thread Valters Vingolds
Hi.. Actually, I have created some pretty rudimentary KDE2 tray .ui that sits in tray and allows user to Play/Pause and Next,Prev the songs. It's rea nice if the player is running in different desktop - the tray is common to all desktops. The ui itself runs as "secondaryUI". Of course there

Re: musicbrowser improvement (help request)

2001-02-22 Thread Valters Vingolds
d actually, changes like this might not really be worth the effort, unless we decide to do a 2.2 release instead of just starting on 3.0 as I'm hoping.. Isaac On 21-Feb-2001 Valters Vingolds wrote: hi. I have been thinking about one particular feature that I would like to see in musicbro

Re: kde2 integration .ui

2001-02-22 Thread Valters Vingolds
Isaac Richards wrote: It'd be nice to integrate this into the distribution, but I won't do that unless the build process is integrated properly -- ie, using configure, etc. nah, the plugin currently does not work that well. if I manage to get it working properly, I might push for

Re: kde2 integration .ui

2001-02-23 Thread Valters Vingolds
Isaac Richards wrote: On 23-Feb-2001 Steve Kemp wrote: Is there still plans to have a Winamp-like visualization plugin/ I remember a long time ago somebody presented code that would load simple WinAmp plugins - is that dead, or have there been updates that I've missed?

Re: musicbrowser improvement (help request)

2001-02-23 Thread Valters Vingolds
Edric Edric wrote: I did something similar. I did some work just for myself that extended the artist/album/track paradigm to let users specify all the orders they want (album/track, or artist/year/track, or I even extended it to composer/artist/album/track (absolutely necessary if you do

Re: Track numbers for MP3s

2001-03-14 Thread Valters Vingolds
On Wednesday 14 March 2001 10:11, Colin Marquardt wrote: [SKIPd] What would I use, however, to *create* ID3v2 tags? id3lib/id3v2 from sourceforge? Does it really work? A few months ago, I heard that id3lib wasn't really up to speed yet, and it seems there hasn't been a new release since

Re: TODO for a new developer

2001-03-21 Thread Valters Vingolds
By the way... There is this CORBA.ui, that, I guess, is about Gnome integration. I was wondering exactly how that works. I haven't seen anything documented about that UI component somehow. just wondering. On Saturday 17 March 2001 05:49, you wrote: Hi, I'm going to start some design work

Re: unable to compile

2001-05-01 Thread Valters Vingolds
That's musicbrains, I think. You have to update the MusicBrains client, then recompile it, and only then proceed with FreeAmp. On Tuesday 01 May 2001 21:40, you wrote: Freeamp crashes when I read the ID3 info. I'm assuming some file's ID3 tag is corrupted. So, I'm trying to build a debug

Re: Enhanced command line user interface.

2001-06-02 Thread Valters Vingolds
Hello Dave, Sunday, June 03, 2001, 2:16:16 AM, you wrote: DM I've made several enhancements to FreeAmp's command line user interface DM (freeampcmd.ui), and think that all its users would benefit from them. How do I DM go about having these changes incorporated into a formal FreeAmp release?

Re: Windows ME error already resolved

2001-06-29 Thread Valters Vingolds
hjP I am studying Freeamp and I have some questions. hjP If I find a bug report that is already resolved, how can I find the part of Freeamp source related to the bug report? hjP I tested Freeamp 2.0.8 on Windows ME before. hjP Just after exiting from freeamp, fast execution icons and