perl from with XF4 port

2002-12-17 Thread Long, Scott
I just did a fresh install of RC1+ onto my workstation machine and proceeded to build X. A previous package install had installed the perl package. Unfortunately, during the build of the X fonts, it stopped and said that /usr/X11R6/bin/mkhtmlindex could not be found. Sure enough the file was

RE: Can't install RC1 due to acpi crash

2002-12-10 Thread Long, Scott
I decided to re-install RC1 with some changes that might make getting core dumps easier. Now I get the acpi crash (previously reported) before I can get a good start on the install. Wouldn't it be a good idea to set up the ISOs to not use acpi so that acpi bugs don't block installation?

RE: console problem

2002-12-04 Thread Long, Scott
This problem and the general 'console freeze' problem, and possibly even the 'floppy doesn't work anymore' problem should be fixed. The problem was with the ahc and ahd drivers corrupting the callout list used to trigger timeouts in the kernel. Scott -Original Message- From: Holm

RE: console problem

2002-12-03 Thread Long, Scott
It's not the fact that I have an extra, unused on-board video (checked). Also, when the video output stops, the console still works fine for input (keyboard never stops working normally). Also, I can successfully start X just fine. It's just the vty's output that is stopped (all

RE: console problem

2002-12-02 Thread Long, Scott
On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 10:40:21AM -0800, Manfred Antar wrote: There don't seem to be any hung processes. I can use X, and I can also ssh into the box, so it's the console only. Can't switch to different vty's, and the one i'm on is frozen, no response to any keys. Same here

RE: Is RAIDframe currently usable?

2002-11-17 Thread Long, Scott
Hi, Yesterday I installed a jpsnap (FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT-20021115-JPSNAP i386), and tried to setup a RAID0 config with two disks. raidctl -C goes fine, so does -I and -iv. Then fdisk'ed and disklabelled. But when I tried to newfs the newly created partition I

RE: cdrtools doesn't build on -current (pkg_add -r segfault)

2002-10-18 Thread Long, Scott
On Fri, 18 Oct 2002, Scott Long wrote: [...] **Warning, rant** The ports collection is one of the crown jewels of FreeBSD. Unfortunately, even as more ports committers are added, more and more ports break or become harder to build. On top of that, pkg_add has become close to

RE: kthread.9 out of date

2002-10-18 Thread Long, Scott
I have just discovered the hard way that the kthread.9 manual page is slightly out of date. Having never done man page work before, I've attached a diff of the proposed change and if someone could give this a once-over and fix and/or commit it, that'd rock. Thanks. =) Thanks. I knew

RE: [ GEOM tests ] disklabel warnings and vinum drives lost

2002-10-04 Thread Long, Scott
Terry Lambert wrote: Emiel Kollof wrote: * Peter Wemm ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote: vinum is so much unbelievable stuff in it. Consider this stuff: sys/dev/vinum/vinumio.c: [ ... ] This crud has *got* to be taken out and shot, then reworked to do it properly.

RE: aic7890/91 controller

2002-10-02 Thread Long, Scott
The aic 7890/91 is a dual 160 MB controller. No, the 7890/91 is 80MB/s max. Adaptec's documentation expliciely states that the bus speed is the rate of the _slowest_ device on the channel. No it does not. Did you try placing the cd on the B channel or

RE: aic7xxx kernel build failure...

2002-09-02 Thread Long, Scott
Is anyone else seeing something similar to the following? I'm able to build world, but can't get this kernel build to budge. I've not seen this error before so I'm a tad lost as to where to poke next. -sc This is the third report of this that I've seen, and I'm completely baffled. How

RE: GCC 3.2

2002-08-15 Thread Long, Scott
Hi, Are any plans to move to GCC 3.2 in current? Since it is just an ABI change it should work, without changing anything. It would give us a stable, multivendor ABI to work off of for the next line of 5.x releases. Just a thought. Jesse Gross Yes, moving to gcc32 is highly

RE: GCC 3.2

2002-08-15 Thread Long, Scott
Yes, moving to gcc32 is highly desirable for -current, otherwise we will be stuck at gcc311 for the entire life of FreeBSD 5.x. The important question to ask is, who will do the dirty work? Moving to GCC 3.2 will do us no good. The lifetime of the 3.2 release will be pretty short

TCP broken on IPv6 enabled kernels?

2002-07-26 Thread Long, Scott
All, I just cvsuped and built a new kernel and world last night, updating from a 2 week old -current that was working fine. Now, TCP seems broken. After I open and close a single TCP session, any further TCP opens result in either a failure (connection refused) or a system deadlock. ICMP

RE: Is pcm broken?

2002-07-01 Thread Long, Scott
Looks like someone broke AC97 rate measurement in -CURRENT -STABLE measures AC97 rate well (about 55900). Current gives about 41000... Hardware is Compaq EXD C600 (-STABLE) and Compaq iPAQ C700 (-CURRENT) Both are i815 equipped with SoundMAX AC97 codec... Sincerely, Maxim M.

Recent issues with current

2002-06-26 Thread Long, Scott
All, I just wanted to bring to light several issues that I'm seeing now. I installed a new laptop with the 20020620 current snapshot from, then proceeded to bring it up the date (as of last night). After building and installing world and kernel from these updated

RE: dd if=/dev/acd0c of=/tmp/fbsd.raw gives dd: /dev/acd0c: Invalid argument

2002-05-06 Thread Long, Scott
It does for me to with 2048 as the block size. I won't say what block size I was using. Thanks, I wasn't even thinking block size. Yes, the block size is checked by the driver, so that it knows whether to rip the disk in raw 2352 byte sectors. dd defaults to 512 bytes, which the driver

RE: DRM in the sys/ tree: looking for testers

2002-04-18 Thread Long, Scott
Could people test this in-kernel DRM and tell me how it works for them? Works fine for me on a Matrox G400 with the standard Mesa apps, Linux Unreal Tournament, and a custom build of Quake2 for FreeBSD. Good work! Scott To Unsubscribe: send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with unsubscribe

RE: pcm / mic

2002-04-18 Thread Long, Scott
Hi, i cant record from /dev/dsp with the record device 'mic'. Is there support for the microphone input? What sound card are you using? Scott To Unsubscribe: send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with unsubscribe freebsd-current in the body of the message

RE: How to mount UDF file system?

2001-11-14 Thread Long, Scott
This is not possible yet under FreeBSD. I have a UDF work-in-progress at, but it cannot do CD-RW yet. -Original Message- From: S.W.Liu [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2001 6:52 AM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: How to mount

RE: Clever! The kernel make that won't die...

2001-06-14 Thread Long, Scott
I've also seen this while making ports. If I ^C while fetch is trying to connect to the distfile site, it doesn't die. It might be that the mk.* stuff is spinning off shells and allowing them to become disconnected from terminal input somehow. -Original Message- From: Szilveszter

RE: anyone seen these outside of alpha? or on non-SMP?

2001-06-04 Thread Long, Scott
I applied Tor's patch and while it helped, I still got a panic (deallocate_dependencies: active_pagedep, which, btw, Tor's patch added) partway into a buildworld. I've resigned to disabling softupdates on my machine for now =-( -Original Message- From: Bruce A. Mah [mailto:[EMAIL

RE: Bad superblock on file systems ...

2001-05-27 Thread Long, Scott
I'll add a 'me too'. I've been doing the same workaround with success, but it's still very frustrating. I can also guarantee a softdep freelist panic about 1/4 the way into a buildworld. I can provide a trace if anyone is interested. Scott -Original Message- From: Marc G. Fournier