Re: kernel hangs with SMP/Hyperthreading

2003-10-30 Thread supraexpress
Interrupting the normal boot sequence as suggested below has not worked in the past for this problem. Inserting debug statements in the source code (as noted in a PR, but I can't remember which one) in the while (read_intr_count(8) 6) loop showed that the count value started at 0 and never

rsh commands to 5.1-CURRENT being rejected

2003-09-14 Thread supraexpress
Sep 14 17:46:52 local7.notice target logger: TCP_Wrappers ALLOW: source/target,rshd,974,[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sep 14 17:46:52 target inetd[974]: connection from source, service rshd (tcp) Sep 14 17:46:52 target rshd[974]: [EMAIL PROTECTED] as root: permission denied

Re: rsh commands to 5.1-CURRENT being rejected

2003-09-14 Thread supraexpress
Yes - rsh target, after enabling login/rlogind ;), gives me a shell on target. Even after enabling login/rlogind, rsh target command still fails as outlined below. On 14 Sep, David Rhodus wrote: On Sunday, September 14, 2003, at 07:29 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sep 14 17:46:52

Re: Entropy harvesting: interrupts ethernet point_to_point

2003-09-04 Thread supraexpress
I have never had a problem with sysctl -a on any desktop system that I have had (Dell, Gateway, custom). On 4 Sep, Mark Murray wrote: Doug Barton writes: I've seen this problem on my compaq evo n610c as well, but didn't realize it was affecting other hardware as well. I tried to stir up

Spurious ACPI-1287 ... Method execution failed ... messages

2003-09-01 Thread supraexpress
With a relatively current CURRENT on an MSI 875P-Neo (MS-6758) motherboard, I see the following spurious about ACPI-1287... messages, but this does not seem to affect the system boot or anything else. Copyright (c) 1992-2003 The FreeBSD Project. Copyright (c) 1979, 1980, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1989,

Re: cvsup failing with ASSERT failed

2003-08-28 Thread supraexpress
Ummm, well, when you have a hidden ELF who keeps multiplying all of those ridiculus numbers by 10, of course! ;) It should have been 2GB - oh well. On 27 Aug, Peter Jeremy wrote: On Tue, Aug 26, 2003 at 11:02:08PM -0500, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: A couple of times, now, on both

Re: IDE DVD playback on 5.1-CURRENT

2003-08-28 Thread supraexpress
You might also want/need to change/define a local mplayer configuration ala: /home/.../.mplayer/gui.conf where you can change the runtime configuration paramaters such as: ao_driver = oss:/dev/dsp1 ao_volnorm = no ao_surround = no ao_extra_stereo = no ao_extra_stereo_coefficient = 1.00

cvsup failing with ASSERT failed

2003-08-27 Thread supraexpress
A couple of times, now, on both FBSD-5.1-CURRENT and FBSD-4.8-STABLE whilst running with 2MB of RAM, cvsup has croaked with the following error: *** *** runtime error: ***ASSERT failed ***file /usr/ports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.0/libs/m3core/src/runtime/ common/RTHeapMap.m3, line 35 ***