5.0-RC3 /etc/rc.d/ipfw natd start-up script bug -- was: 5.0-RC1/etc/rc.d/ipfw script and NAT

2003-01-13 Thread Aaron D. Gifford
Is there any chance of getting the fix suggested in PR-47024 in 5.0 before release? Looks like a similar script bug with natd start-up was fixed in 4.x-STABLE back in Feb. of 2002 -- See the CVS logs for /etc/rc.network, in particular, cjc's log entries for revision 1.124 (MAIN) and revision

5.0-RC1 /etc/rc.d/ipfw script and NAT

2002-12-17 Thread Aaron D. Gifford
Hi, There's trouble in the /etc/rc.d/ipfw script in how it changes things versus the 4.7 /etc/rc.network script when it comes to NAT in certain configurations. For example, on my home gateway box, rc.conf contains: # Network address translation: natd_enable=YES natd_interface=