Re: World fail + resulting cvsup failures

1999-10-12 Thread John Polstra
mrynet# cvsup *** *** runtime error: ***Segmentation violation - possible attempt to dereference NIL ***pc = 0x2f *** Abort trap I sent a heads up about this to the list a while ago. There are people working on the kernel problem that causes it.

RE: World fail + resulting cvsup failures

1999-10-11 Thread Mike Heffner
On 11-Oct-99 FreeBSD mailing list wrote: After an attempt to build world failed early this morning after a cvsup, I can neither resolve the world problem, nor can I cvsup. World failure: === usr.bin/kdump cc -O -pipe -I/usr/src/usr.bin/kdump/../ktrace -I/usr/src/usr.bin/kdump/../..