Re: WEIRD! div() broken on -CURRENT?

2002-12-27 Thread Marcin Cieslak
Andy Sparrow ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) napisa(a): Hmm, I've been running GATOS binary modules built for Linux to provide XV support for an ATI Mobility Pro LY for some time (at least 6-8 months and some 4-5 different experimental versions so far, all have worked great): Btw. GATOS compiles

Error installing 5.0-RC2 over NFS

2002-12-27 Thread Jens Rehsack
Hi, I had a mysterious problem when I try to install from the 5.0-RC2 floppies over NFS. The Loading module if_awi.ko failed message is well known as I can see :-) But when I had configured my network (xl0 inet netmask using sysinstalls mask and bring it up right

Re: CURRENT: buildworld failure: sbin/swapon

2002-12-27 Thread Kris Kennaway
On Fri, Dec 27, 2002 at 05:42:25AM +, Daniel Flickinger wrote: ...because I have been building BSD in the development track for 20+ years from BSD 2.+ for PDPs on through --and it works, _consistently_. If I don't take the build, I move the old one back in place. I don't

Re: cvs commit: src/sys/ufs/ffs ffs_vfsops.c

2002-12-27 Thread phk
In message [EMAIL PROTECTED], Poul-Henning Kamp writes: phk 2002/12/27 03:05:05 PST Modified files: sys/ufs/ffs ffs_vfsops.c Log: Use three UMA zones for FFS/UFS inodes instead of malloc space. Since inodes are currently 144 bytes, this will save 112 bytes per

sparc64 tinderbox failure

2002-12-27 Thread Mike Barcroft
-- Rebuilding the temporary build tree -- stage 1: bootstrap tools -- stage 2: cleaning up the object tree

uthread_info.c typos patch

2002-12-27 Thread Craig Rodrigues
Hi, There are a few typos in the comments for uthread_info.c -- Craig Rodrigues [EMAIL PROTECTED] Index: uthread_info.c === RCS file: /home/ncvs/src/lib/libc_r/uthread/uthread_info.c,v

Re: DP2 won't stay powered off

2002-12-27 Thread Jens Trzaska
On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 10:37:49AM -0800, Nate Lawson wrote: On Thu, 5 Dec 2002, Mathew Kanner wrote: I've noticed some odd behavior when I installed DP2 on my machine last night. When I shutdown -p now, the machine will turn itself back-on in about twenty minutes. This would be nice

xe pcmcia interface broken

2002-12-27 Thread Pawel Worach
Using an IBM ThinkPad 770 with the Intel EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100 PC Card Mobile Adapter16 is a no go in RELENG_5_0, this worked fine in 4.7-RELEASE also i had to use the OLDCARD style pcmcia driver, the new one won't work. pccard: card inserted, slot 0 xe0 at port 0x240-0x24f iomem

Re: DP2 won't stay powered off

2002-12-27 Thread Frode Nordahl
Hey, Nate Sorry about the late reply, but here is my output: hw.acpi.power_button_state: S5 hw.acpi.sleep_button_state: S1 hw.acpi.lid_switch_state: S1 hw.acpi.standby_state: S1 hw.acpi.suspend_state: S3 hw.acpi.sleep_delay: 0 hw.acpi.s4bios: 1 hw.acpi.verbose: 0 hw.acpi.cpu.max_speed: 2

Does anyone have an lge(4) supported NIC?

2002-12-27 Thread Hiten Pandya
Hi all. Sorry for cross posting, but if someone on the channel has an lge(4) supported NIC and you are willing to test some patches, can you please contact me privately? Cheers. -- Hiten Pandya [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED] To Unsubscribe: send mail

Showing the previous mixer levels when setting new ones...

2002-12-27 Thread Juli Mallett
I've often wanted the subject, so here's a small patch which does things such as: (jmallett@luna:~/mixer)10% ./mixer pcm 90 Setting the mixer pcm from 100:100 to 90:90. (jmallett@luna:~/mixer)11% ./mixer pcm 100 Setting the mixer pcm from 90:90 to 100:100. I thought about making it not change

kldunload related panic

2002-12-27 Thread Pawel Worach
During buildworld I loaded and unloaded the if_tun module and here is the result: Kernel is basically GENERIC with some drivers removed, uname: FreeBSD 5.0-RC #0: Fri Dec 27 12:40:30 GMT 2002 panic: allocbuf: buffer not busy panic messages: --- Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode

anyone using the ng_fec node?

2002-12-27 Thread Julian Elischer
I have some changes to make to this node and would like to find someone who can test them. Julian To Unsubscribe: send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with unsubscribe freebsd-current in the body of the message


2002-12-27 Thread j. ercole
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Re: i386 tinderbox failure

2002-12-27 Thread Bruce Evans
On Fri, 27 Dec 2002, Dag-Erling Smorgrav wrote: -- Rebuilding the temporary build tree -- [... 4421 lines of machine-generated spam deleted] Please fix the tinderbox so

Re: i386 tinderbox failure

2002-12-27 Thread Robert Watson
On Sat, 28 Dec 2002, Bruce Evans wrote: /local0/scratch/des/src/sys/fs/devfs/devfs_vnops.c:932: (near initialization for `devfs_specop_entries[14]') *** Error code 1 This was broken by removing a unsed definition in: % RCS file: /home/ncvs/src/sys/kern/vnode_if.src,v % Working file:

Touchpad support in -current for Sony Vaio GRX-670

2002-12-27 Thread Chuck McCrobie
Seems the 670 needs a slight addition to psm.c for its touchpad. Can this be committed? I'm using Yahoo because the mailing list doesn't like my real address. Please excuse the formatting. *** /usr/src/sys/isa/psm.c Thu Dec 12 21:35:39 2002 --- psm.c Fri Nov 29 01:49:22 2002