Re: 3D graphic cards

2003-07-10 Thread Dag-Erling Smørgrav
Julian St. [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: is there any list that provides information about what graphic cards on FreeBSD have supported 3D acceleration? (I need only X-Video support in particular, but it seems tied to 3D acceleration). Radeon-based cards (up

Re: what is the suggested way to do void * arithmetic ?

2003-07-10 Thread Luigi Rizzo
On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 03:42:04AM -0700, Terry Lambert wrote: Luigi Rizzo wrote: in several places in ipfw2.c i have to move pointers across structures of variable length (lists of ipfw2 instructions returned by the getsockopt()), and i use the following type of code: void

Re: [acpi-jp 2393] Re: Updated ec-burst.diff patch

2003-07-10 Thread M. Warner Losh
In message: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Nate Lawson [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: : Please send me your patch for reseting USB on resume. I will test it and : commit it. Acutally, I have some generic resume stuff in the pipeline, so please run it by me too. Too many drivers do too many bogus