Re: About panic: bufwrite: buffer is not busy???

2011-02-16 Thread Andrew Boyer
Moving this to -current and -stable and following up... Something is broken with coredumps on stable/8 amd64. I tried a vanilla 8.2-RC3 and yesterday's csup of stable/8; neither can dump a core with 'sysctl debug.kdb.panic=1'. For the 8.2-RC3 / amd64 / GENERIC install, I used the memstick

Re: HEADS UP: Merge of binutils 2.17

2011-02-16 Thread Dimitry Andric
On 2011-01-07 21:57, Dimitry Andric wrote: For some time, I have been working on importing a newer version of binutils into -current. This updates our quite ancient 2.15 version to the last version available under GPLv2, 2.17.50. The binutils 2.17 project branch has been cooking for quite