Re: UEFI Loader problems in CURRENT

2018-09-29 Thread Warner Losh
Having had a few hours to think about things, I'm starting to think that the loader may be crashing w/o any clue or traceback. I'll look into this being a possibility. In the past, this has happened because of an untested error condition and/or assuming pointers were non-NULL. It would be super

Re: UEFI Loader problems in CURRENT

2018-09-29 Thread Warner Losh
Sadly both of these bugs are thin on detail beyond it doesn't work. Makes it hard to even look into it. Warner On Sat, Sep 29, 2018, 6:00 PM Yuri wrote: > See: > > * > > * > > >

UEFI Loader problems in CURRENT

2018-09-29 Thread Yuri
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Dell latitude 7490 touchpad support?

2018-09-29 Thread Johannes Lundberg
Hi I just got a new work laptop and the touchpad does not work. Some information points to that this machine has a Microsoft precision touchpad. I can't see any USB device so I'm wondering if this is an I2C device? Do we have any driver for this? /Johannes

Re: unknown -z value: common-page-size=4096

2018-09-29 Thread Charlie Li
On 29/09/2018 07:36, Dimitry Andric wrote: > You can apply this changeset from the clang700-import branch: > > > Ah, I definitely missed this revision. I ended up working around the error by manually removing the offending bit from,

mkimg(1) creates a file in TMPDIR until no space left

2018-09-29 Thread Matthias Apitz
Hello, I'm using a copy of src/release/amd64/ to build from a complete root in /usr/local/r338641/root.r338641 (result of make installworld and installkernel to this dir) for testing purpose a memstick image and write this with dd(1) to an USB key of ~32 GByte. I'm using a copy

Resume Issue with em(4) ALPHA7

2018-09-29 Thread Pete Wright
Hello, More suspend/resume testing on my end.  This system is a desktop, so not critical for my daily workflow but wanted to flag it regardless.  The system is a Lenovo m900 with skylake and em(4) NIC.  Entering suspend works without issues, resuming seems to mostly work as well.  I.e. no

Re: unknown -z value: common-page-size=4096

2018-09-29 Thread Dimitry Andric
On 29 Sep 2018, at 04:08, Shawn Webb wrote: > > On Fri, Sep 28, 2018 at 10:01:31PM -0400, Charlie Li wrote: >> I've switched to using devel/xtoolchain-llvm70 yesterday to build amd64 >> base starting with r338990, and among other issues, ld.lld70 refuses to >> link the kernel: >> >> Building