Re: mksnap_ffs, snapshot issues, again

2003-08-19 Thread Branko F. Gracnar
The behaviour of filesystem activity stalling during snapshot creation is intentional, but 30 minutes to snapshot an empty FS is not. Is there disk activity during this time? It's not clear from your mail whether bg fsck is in operation during this time. If so, that's probably the cause, since

Re: 5.1-R acl problem (again)

2003-08-14 Thread Branko F. Gracnar
Thanks for quick and very informative answer. You're right about getfacl -d (i used linux + acl patch before, where default acls are displayed without any arguments and i didn't read getfacl man page). Thanks alot again. But there is one thing, i don't understand. if i issue the following

Re: 5.1 setfacl problem

2003-07-20 Thread Branko F. Gracnar
specify what POSIX.1e considers an incomplete ACL and rejects. Try using: setfacl -dm u::rwx,g::rx,o::rx,u:some_user:rwx,m:rwx test_directory # setfacl -dm u::rwx,g::rx,o:rx,g:some_group:rwx,m:rwx test_directory setfacl: acl_from_text() failed: Invalid argument ... Brane

Re: ufs2 snapshots in 5.1 still broken

2003-07-19 Thread Branko F. Gracnar
I'm not use what you mean. The suspension of I/O during creation of a snapshot is the intended behaviour, but it doesn't take long. For example, df -h /dev/x 813G 7.1G 741G 1%/export df -i /dev/853004856 7422014 777342454 1% 328978 1480728120% /export ~330k