RE: Heads Up: default NFS server changing to the new one

2011-06-13 Thread Chris Forgeron
From: Rick Macklem Well, I doubt you'll find much difference performance wise. An NFS server can be looked as a protocol translator, converting the NFS RPCs into VFS/VOP calls. Performance is largely defined by how well the network stack and/or file system perform. When you set up a server,

RE: Heads Up: default NFS server changing to the new one

2011-06-03 Thread Chris Forgeron
BTW, I've been pounding on the new NFS server with a few test VM's from my ESX cluster for the last 2 weeks, 24/7. Everything looks solid, no panics, no errors, no corruption. Memory usage is staying stable, so I haven't found any leaks. I'm using IOMETER to move a few TB of randomized data a

GENERIC kernconf file suggestion

2011-03-09 Thread Chris Forgeron
Hi, I was just caught with a kernel that wouldn't compile when I added USB double-bulk pipes (device udbp). A quick google search found that I needed to add options NETGRAPH to the kernel file. No biggie, but I see this has been catching people since 2005

RE: missing files in readdir(3) on NFS export of ZFS volume (since v28?)

2011-03-08 Thread Chris Forgeron
Interesting - I'm having the same problem, but I thought it was due to some tweaking I was doing to NFS to force it into async mode from a ESX mount, and to remove the last of giant_lock. Now that someone else is having the same problem, maybe it's not my tweaks. I've found that if I create a

RE: HEADS UP: ZFSv28 is in!

2011-02-27 Thread Chris Forgeron
Yay! Thanks for all of your work on ZFS. I was just about to inquire about when this was going to happen. I've been having great success with v28 in the Dec 12 2010 version, other than my minor complaints about imports and speed. Concerning speed, I've been running further speed tests this

RE: My ZFS v28 Testing Experience

2011-01-24 Thread Chris Forgeron
to work on. -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Chris Forgeron Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2011 3:09 PM To: Pawel Jakub Dawidek Cc:; Subject: RE: My ZFS v28

RE: My ZFS v28 Testing Experience

2011-01-22 Thread Chris Forgeron
Before we go any further could you please confirm that you commented out this line in sys/modules/zfs/Makefile: CFLAGS+=-DDEBUG=1 This turns all kind of ZFS debugging and slows it down a lot, but for the correctness testing is invaluable. This will be turned off once we import ZFS into

My ZFS v28 Testing Experience

2011-01-12 Thread Chris Forgeron
I've been testing out the v28 patch code for a month now, and I've yet to report any real issues other than what is mentioned below. I'll detail some of the things I've tested, hopefully the stability of v28 in FreeBSD will convince others to give it a try so the final release of v28 will be

RE: Next ZFSv28 patchset ready for testing.

2010-12-15 Thread Chris Forgeron
I've installed and complied it on 9-Current 2010.12.12, looks to be running fine. I've imported a v15 6 disk raidz that was created under 8.1-Stable, and so far it's passing all tests. I'll be doing some serious Send/Receive testing in the next few days, so I'll see if I can break it. I'll