Re: SSH from host to jail

2003-07-27 Thread Jon Disnard
Pat Lashley wrote: I'm trying to set up some jails in a 5.1R system. I've pretty much copied a setup that was working fine in 4.8; but on 5.1 I can't seem to SSH from the host system into one of its jails. It acts like the packets just aren't getting through. I would really appreciate it if

Re: File system deadlock. GBDE(4) and/or MD(4) related.

2003-07-24 Thread Jon Disnard
Poul-Henning Kamp wrote: In message [EMAIL PROTECTED], Pawel Jakub Dawidek writ es: # touch /mnt/test.file You are probably missing: dd if=/dev/null of=/mnt/test.file bs=1m count=512 # mdconfig -a -t vnode -f /mnt/test.file -s 512M -u 1 What you have found has nothing to do with GBDE, I

Re: Annoucning DragonFly BSD!

2003-07-19 Thread Jon Disnard
Matthew Dillon wrote: snip A Packaging system is a very important piece of any distribution. Our goal will be to create a packaging system that, via VFS 'environments', causes any particular package to see only the dependancies that it depends on, and the proper version of said

Re: Bug filing broken?

2003-07-13 Thread Jon Disnard
You might try to investigate the issue first. Try;, and see if any red flags appear in the MX record section, or in another area that might affect mail. Its a common technique to reject mail from domains that do not follow the RFC specs. Also, you might try to send

Re: [current] hostap+wi

2003-07-05 Thread Jon Disnard
Ruslan Ermilov wrote: On Sat, Jul 05, 2003 at 04:48:09PM -0400, David Gilbert wrote: [...] The hostap machine is 4.8-STABLE and the client is 5.1-RELEASE. One nice thing about the hostap is that bridge(4) works with wi(4) that is in hostap mode. Does anybody know if only Intersil cards have the

Re: nss_ldap

2003-06-27 Thread Jon Disnard
Wasn't there a patch floating around to build a dynamic world with the placment of libc et'al in /lib ??? I'd actually like to try that patch for building a tiny fbsd image for my net4501. Thanks in advance, -Jon Disnard Dan Nelson wrote: In the last episode (Jun 27), Andrey Nepomnyaschih