Re: libreoffice 5.x && problem with threads?

2016-02-05 Thread Damjan Jovanovic
Some threads are in accept while others are in join - could be that "close(socket) doesn't wake up threads in accept(socket)" deadlock I fixed in AOO months ago. Does that patch help: Damjan On Fri, Feb 5, 2016

libreoffice 5.x && problem with threads?

2016-02-04 Thread Matthias Apitz
Hello, I'm running r292778 amd64 and ports from SVN head (December, 20) and have the following problem with libreoffice 5.0.4 (all compiled from ports). If one starts LO, anyway with or without filename or other args, and terminates LO with Ctrl-Q or from the file menu, the GUI goes away (what