Re: LDAP NIS replacement

2000-03-14 Thread Yann Ramin
18 8C 90 4C DF F0 4B DF 35 1F 69 A1 33 C7 BC To Unsubscribe: send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with "unsubscribe freebsd-hackers" in the body of the message -- ---- Yann Ramin [EMAIL PROTECTED] Atru

Cisco Port Grouping w/FreeBSD

2000-05-17 Thread Yann Ramin
force the switch to 100/full on the port, the Intel PRO 100/B card will run at 100/half, since it assumes the switch is a non-autonegotiating hub. Use auto select on both sides works very well. Yann -- Yann Ramin

Funny Network Transit Delays

2000-05-12 Thread Yann Ramin
yst 2924XL switches. If I use a plain vanilla 10Base hub I get a cool 620KB/s. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this? Yann -- ---- Yann Ramin [EMAIL PROTECTED] Atrus Trivalie Productions www.atrustriva

Large UIDs (65536)

2000-06-09 Thread Yann Ramin
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has considered allowing larger UIDs (unsigned long) on a FreeBSD system? What would this require changing? From what I can tell, the code is typedefed so if you go recompile everything, you should be ok. Am I missing anything here? Yann To Unsubscribe:

Re: Large UIDs (65536)

2000-06-10 Thread Yann Ramin
Good point :) I just got a little freaked by these friendly warning messages from pwd_mkdb: "/etc/pw.Z26392" 15 lines, 319 characters chpass: updating the database... pwd_mkdb: 14 recommended max uid value (65535) chpass: done I know the many UNIXes still have a cap at 65535 (is