Re: OpenVPN Setup

2011-05-10 Thread Darek M
On 5/10/2011 3:55 PM, Bill Tillman wrote: I have a FreeBSD-8.2-STABLE server running OpenVPN. What I'm trying to do is to be able to access my LAN with my M$ Windows laptop using a M$ compatible client. I read the manpage and it basically sets forth examples in which there will be two (2)

Re: Does NAT require DNS (named)?

2010-04-08 Thread Darek M
Gary Dunn wrote: Continuing the saga of building a wireless access point, what is the best way to provide DNS service to the dowstream network? Seems like all I need is a simple pass-through. For that named seems like overkill. Anyone have an /etc/named/named.conf that does that? I normally

Re: SSHD/Kerberos on FreeBSD 7 STABLE

2008-11-10 Thread Darek M.
Ansar Mohammed wrote: Is sshd compiled with Kerberos support on freebsd 7.0? Yup: ldd /usr/sbin/sshd: ... = /usr/lib/ (0x28124000) = /usr/lib/ (0x2812b000) ... Otherwise, you should be able to use PAM, with

sudo, LDAP, and Kerberos

2008-11-07 Thread Darek M.
I'm setting up a centralized Kerberos/LDAP authentication system and trying to get sudo to use a) Kerberos for the password, and b) LDAP for a non-local user's group. Locally on a client system /etc/sudoers specifies %sysadmin to be able to sudo to root. I don't need to move sudoers to LDAP

Re: LDAP user authentication?

2008-02-17 Thread Darek M.
Jon Theil Nielsen wrote: I have googled for a very long time, but I haven't found any useful howto on this issue. Well, there is but that seems to be a bit confusing an not up-to-date. I guess it

Re: Integrating Postfix + Amavisd-new + Clamav + DSpam + DBmail

2007-07-18 Thread Darek M
Tek Bahadur Limbu wrote: Since I am very new to database terminology, how scalable is a database in terms of the data storage size. I mean suppose, we have 2 users each with a quota of 1 GB. What will eventually happen if they all used up their quotas. That will be about 20 TB in size!!

FreeBSD 6.X and postfix/postmap - corrupt maps

2006-08-15 Thread Darek M
Hi there, I am unable to use the 'postmap' program under 6.0- or 6.1-RELEASE. Instead of building a valid hash map, it puts in various data from what appears to be my /etc/master.passwd file, complete with crypted password. I believe that this is some type of a library issue. I'm doing

Re: Low-cost, FreeBSD-compatible notebook

2006-08-09 Thread Darek M
John Kimble wrote: Hello everyone. I am looking into buying a cheap notebook computer (sub $800, the cheaper the better). I have been playing around with FreeBSD for the last few months and have decided to make it my sole OS, so I really want a notebook that's as FreeBSD-compatible as

Re: nologin: Attempted login by root on UNKNOWN

2006-07-18 Thread Darek M
doug wrote: On Tue, 18 Jul 2006, Tuc at T-B-O-H wrote: Hi, All of a sudden today I'm getting : nologin: Attempted login by root on UNKNOWN on a server... Its happening QUITE a bit : Jul 18 13:16:01 asgard nologin: Attempted login by root on UNKNOWN Jul 18 13:16:01 asgard kernel:

Re: nologin: Attempted login by root on UNKNOWN

2006-07-18 Thread Darek M
Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET wrote: Jul 18 14:21:02 asgard nologin: Attempted login by root on UNKNOWN Jul 18 14:21:02 asgard kernel: Jul 18 14:21:02 asgard nologin: Attempted login by root on UNKNOWN I'm not sure who/what/where to start looking. Ideas? Hey Darek, Good to hear

Updating system's natd config from natd.conf

2006-07-14 Thread Darek M
Hi there, What is the procedure to make active changes made to /etc/natd.conf? Sometimes, restarting the natd process with an HUP drops my connection. Other times the restart didn't seem to make any difference. The only way I've ever updated natd rules was to restart the server and never

Re: usernames with uppercase

2004-01-20 Thread Darek M
Spades wrote: Hi, I tried to add a username ie. Bryan, but FreeBSD doesn't allow me to do so. It gives me illegal username error. Any idea how to go about adding usernames like 'Bryan-admin' etc. Please help. Thanks.. Bryan ___ [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: A while ago you posted about qmail

2004-01-17 Thread Darek M
Roland Giesler wrote: Hi all, I've installed qmail but for some or other reason I cannot log on to the pop3 service. I keeps saying authorisation failed. readproctitle reports: # ps -aux | grep readproc root 130 0.0 0.0 860 72 con- SWed05PM 2:07.15 readproctitle service errors: