Why doesn't cons25 have cs in termcap info?

2008-06-20 Thread Kitche
Since some ports actually need cs(change_scroll_region) to run for example tmux is one. I believe tmux does not change the term correctly which could be the issue as well. But according to the author the term needs cs to even run. I m just wondering why cons25 is missing this from it's termcap,

Re: portmaster argument question

2008-06-09 Thread Kitche
Hi, just noticed that I need to update a whole bunch of ports due to gettext issue, I am used to portmaster and henceforth exec portmaster -uBdr gettext\* -x avifile to server this need. however, the update is interrupted and needed to restart, I noticed an option (-R) to allow skipping

Re: Trouble with freenx server

2008-06-03 Thread Kitche
Hello everyone; I am trying to set up a freenx server on my fbsd box. I have added users 'nx' and 'davidkarapetyan', and edited node.conf so that .xinitrc is identified as my nx session startup script. Here is the error I get when I try to connect from my windows client box: NX 203 NXSSH

Re: Internet Explorer on FreeBSD

2007-02-18 Thread Matt \Kitche\ Donovan
Kevin Downey wrote: I do a bit of web dev stuff so it would be nice to be able to see the page in IE. A website I use for work uses ActiveX. I hate dual booting. What is the best(easiest) way to run ie on freebsd? Not sure if it works on frebsd but you can try ie4linux.

Re: Complete environment on top of /compat/linux

2007-02-09 Thread Matt \Kitche\ Donovan
Pietro Cerutti wrote: Hi list, I'm starting off a new job where I'll be forced to work in a GNU/Linux environment, and I thought that maybe there exists some way to just chroot in /compat/linux and have a complete GNU/Linux environment at disposal, without the need for a dual booting setup. Any