Re: 9.0 bsdinstall usage

2011-09-23 Thread Nathan Whitehorn

On 09/23/11 04:09, Fbsd8 wrote:

I have installed 9.0 bata2 from cd and the net. In both cases after the
completion of the install and rebooting, the bsdinstall scripts still
remain on the new installed system. If I interpret the code logic
correctly, bsdinstall can ONLY be used for an original install. It's not
intended by design to be used any other time, unlike sysinstall. I think
the auto script should have code added to remove all traces of the
bsdinstall environment at the conclusion of the install. This way
bsdinstall fulfills the original design goals and guarantees no one can
exec it by accident and kill there running system.

It's quite useful after install time for installing new systems (e.g. 
jails). It also uses approximately zero disk space.

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Re: 9.0 bata2 keymap

2011-09-17 Thread Nathan Whitehorn

On 09/15/11 14:57, Fbsd8 wrote:

Out of the 9 USA maps only us.iso.acc.kbd worked somewhat.
The keyboard 9 key block above the arrow keys don't function.
Issuing the man cmd_name command doe's display the man page,
but the {Page up, Page down keys } don't work.
Also when using the ee edit command the {delete, Page up, Page down
keys } don't work. This does not happen in any of the previous releases.

Further more, localization of the keyboard should not be forced on the
user during the install process. This BSDinstall option should be
disabled or removed.

You can press Cancel there, which will cancel keymap selection and 
keep the default. The utility being invoked is just kbdmap(1), and any 
changes to it need to go there.

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Re: 9.0 bata2 keymap

2011-09-17 Thread Nathan Whitehorn

On 09/17/11 10:04, Adrian Chadd wrote:

.. maybe name that button skip then?

The button is provided by kbdmap, as is the entire screen. We could add 
an installer mode to kbdmap that names it skip instead of cancel, of 
course. I'm traveling for another 2 weeks and won't have time to do 
that, however.

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Re: Heavy I/O blocks FreeBSD box for several seconds

2011-07-06 Thread Nathan Whitehorn

On 07/06/11 13:00, Steve Kargl wrote:

On Wed, Jul 06, 2011 at 05:05:41PM +, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

In, Steve Kargl w

I periodically ran the same type test in the 2008 post over the
last three years.  Nothing has changed.  I even set up an account
on one node in my cluster for jeffr to use.  He was too busy to
investigate at that time.

Isn't this just the lemming-syncer hurling every dirty block over
the cliff at the same time ?

I don't know the answer.  Of course, having no experience in
processing scheduling, I don't understand the question either ;-)

AFAICT, it is a cpu affinity issue.  If I launch n+1 MPI images
on a system with n cpus/cores, then 2 (and sometimes 3) images
are stuck on a cpu and those 2 (or 3) images ping-pong on that
cpu.  I recall trying to use renice(8) to force some load
balancing, but vaguely remember that it did not help.

I've seen exactly this problem with multi-threaded math libraries, as 
well. Using parallel GotoBLAS on FreeBSD gives terrible performance 
because the threads keep migrating between CPUs, causing frequent cache 

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Re: dialog(1) changed in RELENG_9 (was RE: [UPDATE] host-setup(1): a dialog(1)-based utility for configuring FreeBSD)

2011-04-22 Thread Nathan Whitehorn

On 04/22/11 11:50, Devin Teske wrote:

-Original Message-
From: Alexander Best []
Sent: Friday, April 22, 2011 8:42 AM
To: Devin Teske
Cc:;; 'Teske,
Subject: Re: [UPDATE] host-setup(1): a dialog(1)-based utility for configuring

On Fri Apr 22 11, Devin Teske wrote:

-Original Message-
From: Alexander Best []
Sent: Friday, April 22, 2011 7:55 AM
To: Devin Teske
Teske, Devin
Subject: Re: [UPDATE] host-setup(1): a dialog(1)-based utility for
configuring FreeBSD

On Thu Apr 21 11, Devin Teske wrote:

Hi List Members!

I'm proud to announce the first update to my host-setup utility (a
dialog(1)-based host configurator for FreeBSD). The following

have been


- fixed bug where /etc/resolv.conf would be created with 0600


- fixed bug when switching from one default gateway to NO default


- fixed typo in the title of netmask prompt and ifconfig options
- fixed bug that prevented entry of netmask if no netmask is

You can get the updated version here:

otaku% sudo ./host-setup.txt
User cancelled.
otaku% echo $?

Can you provide me with the output of uname -spr?

FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT amd64

I haven't yet had a chance to pull that one down and install it yet. Hopefully
you can help me out with this one here.

It's working fine for me on FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE i386.

Where you're bombing out is line 2403:
[ $retval -eq 0 ] || die User cancelled.

Functionally, that is testing the return status of dialog(1) for the
initial menu. See if you can execute this (a rough approximation of
the initial

dialog --clear --title foo --hline bar --menu abc 17 55 9 1 a 2 b 3 c
4 d 5 e X x 2  /tmp/

doesn't work. :(

Bummer! We'll have to fix that.

otaku% echo $?
otaku% cat /tmp/

Error: Unknown option --hline.
Use --help to list options.

Aha! I think I remember seeing in the list a thread related to swapping out
dialog(1) for something new. This must be it.


taku% whereis dialog
dialog: /usr/bin/dialog /usr/share/man/en.ISO8859-15/man1/dialog.1.gz

otaku% /usr/bin/dialog
cdialog (ComeOn Dialog!) version 1.1-20100428 Copyright 2000-2007,2008 Thomas
E. Dickey This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There

is NO


I can't recall as I don't have the thread in front of me, but why was dialog(1)
replaced with cdialog? licensing? performance?

I guess I could code my script to support this new dialog(1), but... can you see
if the below works (I removed the --hline option):

dialog --clear --title foo --menu abc 17 55 9 1 a 2 b 3 c 4 d 5 e X x 2

If that succeeds, then I can modify my script to not use `--hline' on RELENG_9
and higher (referencing `sysctl -n kern.osreldate` for example).


A menu should appear. Select an item and then execute for me:

echo $?

If the above doesn't work, then I suspect that your dialog(1) is not
working properly. I'd then go and try this as a sanity check:

cd /usr/share/examples/dialog

otaku% cd /usr/share/examples/dialog
cd: no such file or directory: /usr/share/examples/dialog

Really? I would have thought that the examples in that directory (which are
merely shell scripts) would have been recoded for cdialog rather than altogether
removed. Maybe there was licensing issues there too. Was there?

sh menubox
echo $?

The result in both cases (as long as you actually select a menu item)
should be 0.

Also... (just as a sanity check for me) your /bin/sh is not a symlink
to bash is it?

otaku% file /bin/sh
/bin/sh: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (FreeBSD), dynamically
linked (uses shared libs), for FreeBSD 9.0 (900034), stripped

Cool. Though I'm still disappointed that my beloved dialog(1) has gone missing
(rather, replaced with something doesn't accept the same arguments and/or
options)(which is the problem that we're experiencing here).

Is there anybody familiar with the changing-out dialog(1) that can bring me up
to speed with reasoning and specifics for RELENG_9? Also, might it be prudent --
before cutting 9_0_RELEASE -- to add the fact that dialog(1) no longer accepts
`--hline' to the UPGRADING and/or ERRATA documents?

It's almost entirely compatible, but I apologize for the breakage you 
experienced. The reasons it was replaced it were that it (a) has a 
better libdialog API, (b) has a better license (LGPL instead of GPL), 
(c) is maintained, and (d) supports 8-bit character sets. If there is 
some specific feature you are interested in (--hline for instance), I'd 
suggest writing to Thomas Dickey, the maintainer.