X session over LAN errors

2008-11-05 Thread Alasdair Reed
-version Searching the error messages was not very helpful, it seemed like X could give out these messages for quite a number of reasons none of the available posts seemed to fit my problem. My windows manager is xmonad-0.7_2 Any clues? Thanks in advance, Alasdair pgp2bkL415w1D.pgp

Re: updating from 6.3 to 7, mirror problems

2008-11-03 Thread alasdair
to [EMAIL PROTECTED] yeah I should have noticed the 6.3-STABLE but I did not Ok I see. How do I update from 6.3 STABLE to 7.0 STABLE ? I imagine there is a tool for that? Short of down loading the iso files and doing it from discs. Thanks for your patience!! Regards, Alasdair

Re: updating from 6.3 to 7, mirror problems

2008-11-02 Thread alasdair
I check this, any particular man page or resource? Where (or how) is my DNS likely to be broken? Thanks, Alasdair ___ freebsd-questions@freebsd.org mailing list http://lists.freebsd.org/mailman/listinfo/freebsd-questions To unsubscribe, send any mail

updating from 6.3 to 7, mirror problems

2008-10-30 Thread Alasdair Reed
downloading the iso files and burning to CD ? Thanks in advance. Regards, Alasdair pgpfDTuGVRBnc.pgp Description: PGP signature

Re: updating from 6.3 to 7, mirror problems

2008-10-30 Thread alasdair
-- Original Message -- Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 01:33:27 +1100 From: andrew clarke [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Alasdair Reed [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: freebsd-questions@freebsd.org Subject: Re: updating from 6.3 to 7, mirror problems On 6.3 you should be using /usr/sbin/freebsd-update. Can you ping

problem with freebsd-update-upgrade.tgz.asc

2008-10-23 Thread alasdair
PROTECTED] sub 2048g/A3071809 2002-08-27 Apart from the fact that the file could be dodgy (?) What could be the problem? Have I used the wrong key? I imagine the error msg would be different if that was the case. Thanks, Alasdair ___ freebsd

Open office won't open files Error: GObject-CRITICAL......

2008-09-11 Thread Alasdair Reed
is xmonad. I am running FreeBSD 6.3 . I have Googled the error message and cut down versions of it with no result. Any help most appreciated. Regards, Alasdair ___ freebsd-questions@freebsd.org mailing list http://lists.freebsd.org/mailman/listinfo

Re: Unable to access certain sites from FreeBSD 6.2 (solved)

2008-08-24 Thread alasdair
shutdown the bodgy router for a Sunday rebuild. Will post if situation reverts. Your experience put me on the right track,thanks now happily I can use FreeBSD as my main OS. Regards, Alasdair -- Original Message -- Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2008 21:30:18 +1000 From: Norberto Meijome [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: Unable to access certain sites from FreeBSD 6.2

2008-08-22 Thread alasdair
for some part of the OS to handle it without needing any tweaking. FreeBSD seems great, I am in the process of migrating from NetBSD so am quite used to configuring as necessary, does FreeBSD 7 encounter this situation? Regards, Alasdair -- Original Message -- Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 00:19:06

Re: Unable to access certain sites from FreeBSD 6.2

2008-08-21 Thread alasdair
G'day, Thanks for your reply. I realised I am not running ipfw my firewall is run from my Netggear router. So I imagine I would set the divert rule there? (If that is possible). So it would look like this Outside- Modem - Router (divert to ) - tcpmssd on Correct? Regards, Alasdair

Re: Unable to access certain sites from FreeBSD 6.2

2008-08-20 Thread alasdair
, Alasdair Regards, -- Original Message -- Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 16:51:56 +1000 From: Norberto Meijome [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: freebsd-questions@freebsd.org Subject: Re: Unable to access certain sites from FreeBSD 6.2 On Wed, 20 Aug 2008 11:55:45 +1000 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I am having

Unable to access certain sites from FreeBSD 6.2

2008-08-19 Thread alasdair
on the FreeBSD machine. resolv.conf is set up with the addresses of both my ISP's DNS servers. Below are the results of ifconfig -a and traceroute -v to one of the problem sites. Any clues? Thanks in advance, Alasdair %ifconfig -a re0: flags=8843UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST mtu 1500

Re: Simple, graphic, desktop calculator

2004-12-20 Thread Alasdair Lumsden
I don't have a FreeBSD desktop machine to hand, but on Mandrake 10.0 the KDE calculator is installed as kcalc, part of the kdeutils-kcalc package: [EMAIL PROTECTED] alasdair]$ rpm -qf /usr/bin/kcalc kdeutils-kcalc-3.2-17mdk HTH On Mon, 2004-12-20 at 14:02, edwinculp wrote: IIRC, kde had

Re: FreeBSD and MySQL - mysqld eats CPU alive

2004-08-01 Thread Alasdair Lumsden
On Sun, 2004-08-01 at 04:08, adp wrote: FreeBSD 4.4, 4.7, 4.9, 4.10 MySQL 3.x and 4.x Typical load: 50 qps With and without replication enabled. Some sites are SELECT heavy, some are INSERT heavy. For one site I think we will be moving from FreeBSD to Linux for the MySQL servers since

Vinum Raid5 Recovery Problem

2002-10-03 Thread Alasdair Lumsden
for backing up 240Gb's worth of data is rather expensive compared to how cheap disks are at the moment, and as such I only have backups of the critical data, so any help will be greatly appreciated! Many thanks. Regards, Alasdair Lumsden [EMAIL PROTECTED] Here is some additional technical