Re: FreeBSD and hardware??

2008-11-18 Thread en0f
Guys, stephen jackson wrote: I have read briefly on FreeBSD and it seems to be the winner on speed and stability versus Linux and of course MS Windows. [ ... ] Can we play cool with each other? If someone likes/has to use Gnu/Linux over FreeBSD or for that matter any other operating system,

Re: Funny slogans to put on tshirts

2008-11-01 Thread en0f
Chad Perrin wrote: On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 08:44:57PM +1030, en0f wrote: Redd Vinylene wrote: Hello guys, It's my friend's birthday tomorrow. I was thinking I'd make him a tshirt with some funny slogan on it or something. Preferably something UNIX related. But I'm all outta ideas. Perhaps

Re: Funny slogans to put on tshirts

2008-10-31 Thread en0f
there buddy. + silent * that scruffy beard... those suspenders... that smug expression... + silent * you're one of those condescending unix computer users! + here's a nickel, kid. get yourself a better computer. :P) -- en0f ___ freebsd-questions

Re: Script-friendly (parseble) ps(1) output?

2008-10-30 Thread en0f
was implemented in Linux using JDK1.5 and a day came when our app had to run on FreeBSD =:-P). I still remember we had a heck of time trying to find a solution! This could probably help some poor little bugger searching for solution in the future. -- en0f

Re: DHCP and MAC addresses

2008-10-27 Thread en0f
Linux. It is a combined DNS/DHCP server that works well on small private networks. I don't know if it runs on BSD. Same here. I've used it on DebianUbuntu without any problem on home network and as Bob mentioned it talks both DNS and DHCP. -- en0f

Re: restrict gnome desktop user.

2008-10-25 Thread en0f
/ | |___ .bashrc |___ .sig chrooted /home/chroot/johndoe/ | |__ bin/ |__ usr/ -- en0f ___ mailing list

Re: root | su

2008-10-24 Thread en0f
Jos Chrispijn wrote: Is there a way of stopping root from su'ing to another user? what kind of question is this? -- en0f ___ mailing list To unsubscribe

Re: man -t odd page size

2008-10-23 Thread en0f
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